Stars You Didn’t Know Are Transgender

Stars You Didn’t Know Are Transgender

Recently, the world’s social climate has progressed
to a point where people who identify as a different gender from which they were biologically
born have been able to openly live the way they choose to live. Living in the spotlight is already difficult,
but here are some of the stars leading the way for the transgender community. Lana and Lilly Wachowski The Wachowski siblings wrote and directed
one of the most beloved and innovative science-fiction movies of all time: The Matrix. They’re also responsible for the visually
dazzling and philosophically interesting films like Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending. A common theme in their work is identity,
which isn’t too surprising. Lana Wachowski, originally named Larry, says
she first became conscious of her true gender while attending a Catholic elementary school. She told The New Yorker, “I have a formative memory of walking through
the girls’ line and hesitating, knowing that my clothes didn’t match.” She transitioned to female while shooting
the Matrix sequels, while Lilly Wachowski, formerly Andy, came out as transgender in
2016. Ines Rau Since the ’50s, Playboy has been one of the
standards of “dude culture,” essentially telling guys the types of things they were “supposed”
to be interested in — but even Playboy can progress. In November 2017, the magazine’s “Playmate
of the Month” was a 27-year-old French model named Ines Rau, the first openly transgender
Playboy Playmate. The late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said
at the time, “It’s the right thing to do. We’re at a moment where gender roles are evolving.” Gavin Rayna Russom One of the biggest and most welcome musical
comebacks of 2017 belonged to LCD Soundsystem. Along for the ride was synth player, drummer,
and instrument builder Gavin Rayna Russom. An indie rock and electronic music veteran,
Russom came out as transgender in 2017, and is now publicly living life as a woman. She uses feminine pronouns but continues to
use her old name. Isis King There are three reasons Isis King stands out
in the history of America’s Next Top Model. She’s appeared in multiple cycles, she’s one
of the few stars to actually go on to create a successful modeling career, and she’s the
first transgender model to ever compete on the show. GLAAD president Neil Giuliano called King’s
participation an… “…unprecedented opportunity for a community
that is underrepresented on television.” Alexis Arquette One of the first prominent transgender people
on screen, actress Alexis Arquette was no stranger to the Hollywood scene. Her siblings include performers David Arquette,
Rosanna Arquette, and Oscar winner Patricia Arquette. Alexis increased trans visibility in film
and TV, most notably in her memorable role in the 1998 movie The Wedding Singer. Sadly, Arquette passed away in 2016 at age
47. Alexandra Billings Jeffrey Tambor won Emmys for playing a male
transitioning to female late in life on Amazon’s dramedy Transparent, but creator Jill Soloway
made sure to round out the cast with real trans actors playing trans characters. Alexandra Billings has a major role on the
series as a close friend to Tambor’s character, guiding her in the early stages of her new
life as a woman. A decade before Transparent, Billings made
TV history: She’s the first transgender female actress to play a transgender character on
the small screen, with her role in the 2005 made-for-TV movie Romy and Michele: In the
Beginning. Jake Zyrus In the mid-2000s, Philippines-based singer
Charice scored a bunch of hits in her country before successfully crossing over to the U.S.
market with the 2010 album Charice and a recurring role on Glee. In 2017, the singer transitioned to male and
announced it publicly by changing his social media account names from Charice to Jake Zyrus. He told USA Today, “I just didn’t think that anyone would pick
it up. But when…everyone was talking about it,
I was like, ‘I guess this is the perfect time.’ It was Pride Month.” Fallon Fox Raised as male from birth, mixed martial arts
fighter Fallon Fox underwent gender reassignment and breast augmentation surgery in Thailand
in 2006, and lived as a woman for seven years before making it into the women’s division
of the UFC. Fox’s decision to compete as a woman was controversial
— UFC commentator Joe Rogan once argued on his podcast that she was born a man and
should fight male fighters because of her “bone density.” But Fox was allowed to proceed, and quickly
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  1. So u mean to tell me u a woman with those big hands big feet and long face!!!! Lol delusional

  2. Funny how this channel will name the virtually unknown ones but not the high profile Sandra bullocks of this world. Most, if not all leading female actresses are transgendered deceivers.

    YouTube will not allow a channel with 2 million subs to tell the whole truth about this world.

  3. 🤦🏽‍♀️ These ppl are sooo confused… What’s hilarious is the fact that they truly think they’ve changed from born a man to be a woman and from born a woman to be man is they’re true self…UMM, NO; WHEN THEY/ALL ARE CALLED TO LEAVE THIS PLACE BY GOD; YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE WHAT GOD CREATED AND MADE YOU… GOD NEVER MAKES MISTAKES, ONLY OUR FLESH OF THE BODY DOES WHICH IS CALLED sin…STAY PRAYED UP FORREAL👀💯

  4. I say let em do what they feel they need to do until we get into sports. Then, I don't think it's fair. That MMA fighter crushed a born female's skull in a match. And other women who fight her say she hits harder than any other born female fighter.

  5. If u were born a Man U will always be one. If u were born a woman u will always be one. Your DNA speaks for itself. If u can’t get a boner naturally u not a man. If u don’t get a period u not a woman

  6. Ppl should be able to live as themselves without fear if they aren’t hurting anyone by doing it. You still can’t expect everyone to agree with your choice as long as your not being harassed for it. No one will ever agree with the way anyone lives in most cases. I don’t agree with it being pushed onto our kids though. Or even with it being publicly celebrated. I agree that love is love but the sexual aspect of it has nothing to do with love. That also goes for unmarried straight couples. The difference is that we aren’t publicly celebrating unmarried straight couples and their choice to have sex with each other.

  7. Please for your safety and mental health do no go in the comments if you're trans or struggling with you identity in any way.

  8. Like u said, transgender celebrities that "most" of Us don't know…!! I wonder what their parents were like, Ya' know…?!

  9. We can see that our Country is going to Hell in a hand basket!! What gender does God see these people? No matter what they do to their bodies, their chromosomes will show their true identity!! If a person is running from the Law as one gender, can they still go to jail if they change their gender identity? So I think 🤔 that these people can still go to prison even though they have changed their bodies!!!

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  11. Cover up a lot transgender in sports. When Russian women was winning all the gold medal majority women was male. This be going on longer then you think.

  12. Why do they give attention to the transgender that are OBVIOUSLY not trying to pass for the most part 🤔 So you won't notice the ones that are hidding in plain sight!

  13. Only 2 sexes. Male & Female. God Made Adam And Eve ,Not Adam And Steve ! What your doing is A Sin In GODs Eyes ! Read your Bible you'll Understand Then !

  14. Progress into hell… this has been going on since the beginning! Do you not know that baphomet is transgender??? That the alchemist’s true identity is that of an Hermaphrodite?? Man, are we all deceived. Keep an eye out for the bone structure of male and female… learn it well… most celebrities are closet transgenders… and without the knowledge of our differences you may be deceived… it’s a transapocalypse!!! Matter of fact, go check out the yt transapocalypse now page!!! School yourself!!!

  15. Alex to Alexa to Alex Arquette A man will never be a real woman whether a wearing dress or getting a operation. He transitioned back to a man and died of AIDS! Alex was right!

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  17. 2 types of Transgenders

    1. From the womb
    2. After Birth (like this video is all about)

    Famous Hollywood celebrities are 100 percent Trans

  18. Why isn't it stated that they are blatant liars and this transgender agenda is a mental issue instead of HOW BRAVE THEY ARE….pfffft, any sane person who can't deal with the true gender they were born with is clearly mentally unstable, nothing more….do not be played and made to feel guilty for those who are following and perpetrating an evil agenda, especially when it's being forced upon us and our poor defenceless children. These mentally unstable people are deceptive liars who should of been honest from the get go….

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