T.I. Breaks His Silence!

T.I. Breaks His Silence!

So now T.I. is still talking about the dumb comments that he made about his daughter’s virginity. Remember he was braggin’ about taking his 18-year-old daughter to the gynecologist and making sure that she’s still a virgin, and we all disagreed with that. Even Gloria Steinhem spoke out. It was a big deal, like a violation of a girl’s privacy. Anyway, so he and his wife, Tiny, went on the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett and you take a look and then we’ll discuss. From a place of truth, I began to embellish and exaggerate. And I think that a lotta people took it extremely literal. I never said I was in any exam room. That is an assumption. That is a falsity. Got it. I never said that it was being done present day, as a 18-year-old. She was 15 or 16 years old at the time. And I never said that her mother wasn’t present. (audience murmurs) First of all, I really like his blouse. (audience laughs) I did, I did. That was no shade, I did. Anyway, yeah. (audience laughs) Why not? It looks very fancy. Anyway, I personally, when I heard this story, I never thought that he was in the examination room while his daughter was akimbo in the stirrups. (laughs) You know what I mean? I figured that he was in the doctor’s office waiting for his daughter then get dressed and then the three of them are in there. It’s still a violation and he’s still talkin’ too much. And his daughter still hasn’t commented and as far as why it took him so long to comment about this is ’cause his daughter blocked him from her social media, and I think she shut it down at one point, didn’t she? Yep. But now, he’s addressing it on the Red Table. I no longer care about the story. (audience laughs) A violation is a violation. He also explains why he’s more concerned about his daughter’s virginity than his son’s. Take a look. I made the comparison of a son versus a daughter. If my son goes out and gets a girl pregnant, how is the household changed for those nine months? The household does not necessarily change those nine months, whereas if my daughter come home, my household has changed immediately. (audience murmurs) The more he talks, the more of an ass he looks like. (audience laughs) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) What are you talkin’ about? If your son gets a girl pregnant, your household still change, sir. (audience murmurs) Your son, for that nine months and the next 18 and 55 years of his life, your household still changes, sir. Yes. (audience applauds) What is he trying to say? Shut up. (audience laughs) By the way, a shout out to Hoda. Hoda, congratulations. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah. It’s a cautionary tale for those of you girls who have given up on love ’cause you’re a particular age or whatever. She was dating her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman. He’s 61, she’s 55. They were dating for six years. So they went to Mexico for a weekend to one of their favorite places that they like to go to in Mexico, and after dinner on the beach, he pulled out the ring. Aw. Uh-huh. (laughs) (audience applauds) Wow. So pretty. Okay. Aw. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah, yeah. Good for her. She’s one of my favorite people, you know what I’m saying? It’s a four and a half carat radiant cut diamond. Ooh. It’s azure shaped with a blue halo sapphire around it. Now some of the jewelers are weighing in, okay. Some jewelers say it looks like it’s three carats. Other are saying, well, it looks like it’s five carats. I don’t know whether it’s four and a half carats. It looks good to me. Yeah. Okay? (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Okay. And then some diamond experts are saying, the jewelers, that it’s worth $250,000, maybe more. Others are like no, that’s $40,000. Look, stop hatin’ on her situation. The point being that they got two adopted daughters and they love each other. And she’s got a solid job. And apparently, he knows how to take care of his own bills, and Hoda and the girls. So congratulations to Hoda and Joel. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Uh-huh. I watched Dancing With The Stars for one beat last night. (audience laughs) And I was just in time to see Cher do the “Do You Believe In”, did you see it? I saw it, yep. I was only there for that and I literally stopped. She was good. Uh-huh. Right.
You know what, if anything, the dancers around her were distracting, like more camera time to Cher. She looked terrific and she was dancin’. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) And then, I got the cats in the hotel so I got this big, giant, delicious kale salad that I don’t have to worry about puttin’ in the closet when I go to the bathroom ’cause then they hop on the bed and their noses are, you know how they are. But I had this big kale salad with everything, anchovies and the whole bit. And I’m eatin’ and they’re over in the hotel and I’m preparin’. Thanksgiving is this week. I’m travelin’ and stuff. But I was caught up in a back to back episode, actually, it was a marathon of American Greed. I’m sorry, CSNBC is the best. And then I was switchin’ back and forth between that and MSNBC, I was watching Rachel Maddow. Who by the way, (audience applauds) Rachel is looking better and better. You look really good, Rach. Yeah. (audience applauds) And I don’t mean that in a how you doin’ way. (audience laughs) Right? And so in between commercials of everything, I go on the Googler schmoogler and I go to Radar Online, speaking of how you doin’, and I see that Rob Shuter, Norman? Uh-huh. Did you see that? No. He’s insinuating that something romantical is going on between me– I did see that. Between me and Robyn Crawford. Yeah, I saw that. Oh. Uh-huh.
I saw that this morning. Uh-huh. Look, Mr. Short Arms. (audience laughs) Friend of the show though. I am no lesbian. I like women for friendship. I like men and I like the D. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Suzanne? Yeah. Wow. Well, you know how lunchtime or somethin’ like that on the weekend, you might hang out with one of your friends who happens to be a lesbian? Doesn’t, okay, no. Okay. (audience laughs) No, I might have some lesbian, I have some lesbian friends and some gay friends. They titled the article “Wendy’s been looking for female companionship.” Oh, that’s ridiculous. And Whitney’s turning over in her grave. Oh. Because Wendy has found it in Robyn Crawford. No. That’s not true. And I’m like, first of all, I’m not down with that, all due respect to the lesbians. Second of all, (audience applauds) Robyn is really married. She’s got kids and I’m not a homewrecker. Yeah. Number one. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Okay? I’ve never even been curious. Weird. You ever been curious? (audience murmurs) (audience laughs) Suzanne? Even in college? No, I might’ve kissed a girl once or twice. Did ya like it? But that’s it, that’s it. I wasn’t curious about beyond that. It’s so complicated being a woman. I just couldn’t imagine two of us in a relationship. (audience laughs) I mean yesterday, after the show, I got the surprise of my life. At 55, I got a period. Oh. Exactly. Exactly. I can’t deal with two of us under the same roof. (laughs) (audience laughs) Yeah. (audience applauds) Still goin’ on. I didn’t call my doctor because when you go through the menopause, they say you need 365 days of clean free and then you know you’re meno and pausal. (audience laughs) But I had a period last spring so I thought I was on my way ’cause I hadn’t had anything. They say once you get it, in menopause, then you have to start all over again. (audience murmurs) Is that what you’ve heard, Suzanne? Yep, so starting now, yes. Starting now. Yes, now, now you have to wait a whole ‘nother year for you to be in the menopausal situation. I don’t wanna have a baby. I would give birth to a hazelnut at this point. (audience laughs)
(audience applauds) (Wendy hums a tune) I am so disgusted, it’s ridiculous. (audience laughs) Anyway, shout out to you, Robyn. You see what Rob Shuter was tryin’ to do. Rob, I still like you. You can still come over for the Inside Scoop but you better watch your huntee, ’cause I’m watchin’ you. (audience applauds) (Wendy laughs) Boobs all tender and stuff. I mean the full blown thing. Get outta here with this. Ugh. Bill Cosby, everybody, has spoke out for the first time since goin’ to prison. Oh. Well, he talked to somebody at BlackPress.com. (audience laughs) And he’s saying he feels no remorse for anything. Oh. And when he comes out on parole, which by the way, he has eight more years, so already, he’s 80? He’s 82. He’s 82. All right, he’ll be out for his 90th birthday. (laughs) Right. Yeah, sure. He says when he comes out for parole and stuff, he’s never gonna admit that he ever did anything wrong. Oh. He said the trial was a setup. We’re believing all lies. He called the jurors imposters and accused them of being paid off. Oh. You know what, even if he showed remorse, I still wouldn’t believe him, so to me, it doesn’t even matter what he says. You know what I’m sayin’? Clap if you think he should show remorse. (audience applauds) Why? Why? He would still be 90 and useless. He’s still not gonna, I just think he should shut up and do his time. Yes. Yeah, all right. So do we have part of that interview? Yeah. Okay, okay, good. Here’s what he said about how happy he is to be an advisor to the other inmates. (audience murmurs) I’ve got a wife and a family and friends, not in prison, who are so happy that I have something, that my spirit is up. So I go into my penthouse and I lay down and I start to think, now how can I write the message and say it and give it to them? (audience murmurs) Okay. You know what, you guys, I’m fair and I’m a straight shooter and I do have to say that other than hands on with these girls and being in prison, he had a position as the father of our country, to everybody, no matter what race you were. And as long as he’s in jail with the inmates, I’m glad that he’s happy advising them. What inmates are gonna say to, I mean when you go to jail for best I can tell, good morning, prisoners, (audience laughs) from best I’ve heard, they have it bad for you if you’re a child molester. Yeah. Or if you are a cop, you know what I mean? They wanna get you good. But I do believe that the prisoners probably listen to him. Look, my boy, you’re about to get out in two years. You’re only 27 years old. You need to do this, that and the third. I do think he’d be good advising and that, you know what I mean? I do. As far as, Norman? Huh? (laughs) Look. Now I do remember that when I talked about Camilla or Camille, his wife, and probably not messin’ with him anymore and the kids just are embarrassed to tell, I do recall that the Bureau said to me that he called up here lookin’ for me. That is true. He was looking for you. Or his team was looking for you. And did you all ever tell me that or did I deny it immediately? I think we did tell you. And it was like hell no? Yeah. (laughs) (audience laughs) Well, you know what, this is a new day. You ring up that old man on the phone. Okay. (laughs) And you figure this out, okay? (audience applauds) Love it. Now look, you told me that they wanted me to actually go up there, right, to the, well, I’m not doin’ that.
To the prison. (laughs) I’ve never been to a prison in my life, other than those three sufferable hours. (laughs) I’m listening. (laughs) Okay, no, I haven’t told you yet. You’ll find out soon. But no, I don’t wanna go to the prison. No. But I would love to have him on the phone and talk to him. Okay. All right.
Let’s make that happen. (audience applauds)
(Wendy laughs) And that’ll probably take several weeks to arrange, correct? Probably. Well, that’s good ’cause we have several weeks of vacation, it’s the holidays now. Perfect. So after the 1st of the year, maybe we can make that call happen here on Hot Topics. And in the meantime, you know what? (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Rambo? Can you zoom? (twinkling music) Uh-huh, uh-huh. Woo. (audience applauds) Uh-huh. Okay. There’s a little diamond over here next to the W, and this is my latest acquisition. And this is 11, for Wendy Season 11. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Yeah. So you can do it too. You can do it too. They have thousands of necklaces and bracelets and rings you can personalize for you or your family. Real high quality stuff at affordable prices, and I’m saying affordable. (audience laughs) Now look, you can choose from their classic name necklace. Go ahead, Rambo. I like to shake it for him. (audience laughs) You could choose from their classic name necklace, plus they have a lot of different other jewelries for men, women and children. This is good for the whole family. Go to MyNameNecklace.com today. And don’t forget to use the promo code Wendy20. The 20 is because they’re gonna give you 20% off your next order. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Okay? Thank you, My Name Necklace. We’ve got more great show for you everybody. Up next, my friend from Modern Family, Julie Bowen is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (dance music) (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it-it ♪ ♪ Woo ♪

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  1. Stop being hypocrite. . Wat meant abt household changes is the son will continue with his education his wk his every day life n activities while 4 his daughter it will not be the same..

  2. Everyone has their choice of parenting if they were comfortable with it, I say okay then when parents do as they should it saves them from doing damage control in some other areas….i prefer to have a father like that than none at all

  3. Is anybody being real though? He may have worded it wrong but having a son, which I have two, doesn't change the dynamics as much as a daughter does. Speaking from my own experience and being a teen parent.

  4. T.I. is an idiot. He can use big words if he wants to, but it doesn’t change anything. Why in the world is Tiny still with him after all he’s done?!? She must think she can’t do any better. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Tiny is a disappointment && no one said you were in the examining room but u still violating her… and back to tiny u would let him do this to zonnique?

  6. Back in the day you had to produce a bloody sheet after your wedding ceremony to prove your virginity. Everyone has different cultures, customs, and viewpoints. I don’t think T.I. should’ve embarrassed his daughter like that though.

  7. He’s probably trying to say that his household will not be directly affected as far as his daughter actually being at the house pregnant and having to see it daily versus the female being pregnant in her household and the son is visiting her household. TI wouldn’t have to directly deal with it until the baby comes!!! Crazy but ok🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  8. I wish people (especially T.I. would understand that a woman’s body, it’s just as important as a man’s. We are taught that women need to cross their legs and be all proper but men need to protect their privates as well. They cannot give it away to anybody and they also need to watch themselves for nasty predators. Parents need to instill this type of self respect from early on.

    Another thing, T.I. always wrote some of the dirtiest songs for women. He never respected them but as soon as his girls got older, it was another story. You can’t have it both ways Mr. Harris

  9. Idc if he did it when she was under 18… thats why you encourage SAFE SEX to BOTH son AND daughter. Im tired of these double standards in fucking society & people wonder why theres so many broken homes & dead beat fucking dads.

  10. Fact is this man is a good father making money from his family being on tv. I believe it’s all a ploy to keep the family streaming. Clickbait.

  11. Hi Wendy how you during lol? Ti is brainwashing the women in his family he is a control freak (pimp mentality) that's why Tiny can't leave him he raised her..

  12. I understand where he’s coming from. It’s different when a girl gets pregnant. She has to take the baby home not the boy. Coming from the hood, I completely understand. People take things and blow it up. Welcome to social media. I don’t give a damn. My life!

  13. I love you Wendy I am a day 1 watcher

    I have a small YouTube channel and would love for everyone to check me out thanks .

  14. Ti needs to shut up 1. he said "as of her 18th birthday she is a virgin" the girl is currently 18 so how u stopped at 15/16🤔 n 2 when my brother had a baby my household changed DRASTICALLY especially since that was the 1st grandbaby

  15. She feels like I do about my uterus and I’m 41…just let me live my best life omg why are you hating on me? Just stop it already lol


  17. I am living in warp time zone what is wrong with him not wanting his daughter to be used and taking for granted like he does to women?!?!👀

  18. Wendy Williams is such a saint and the best parent there has ever been. I think she is always right and I love to hear her opinions on other peoples lives that she in reality knows nothing about but that does not matter.

  19. How does this man expect to defile other people daughters, but yet expect his daughter, who is grown, not to be able to make her own choices, whilst he I'm sure has been with many young woman at that age.

    ( YOU ????)

  21. I wish I had a daddy like him. I would have been spared heartbreak and pain…By the way, the Hebrew men of the bible, protected their daughters virginity. This European, Babylon culture could care less about a young woman purity.

  22. I think that he should have kept the hymen situation to himself n his family. TI… EVERYTHING IS NOT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA OR REALITY TV. SOME THINGS SHOULD BE PRIVATE FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS!

  23. You may not like it but the pregnancy part there's some truth right there. The boy won't carry the pregnancy and won't push in the delivery room!! Doesn't make him any better but truly speaking we all know a boy getting a girl pregnant and a girl coming back home pregnant is completely different! I respect people's opinions just thinking out loud!!!

  24. Women are emotional and sometimes quite mindless creatures. Which is why you can talk them into giving up their bodies, quicker than their money. The truth is… when a girl gets pregnant it is going to effect every aspect of her life during the pregnancy while the man can go on with his life like its the same. So he was correct. But you all go on listening to this retard about bleeding from her 55 year old snatch.

  25. Smartness is important in marriage and in a relationship and I’m glad that cyberhackinggenius helped cloned my husband’s phone. I got access to all his dealings both on phone and social media without touching his phone. All I did was share my husband’s phone number with Cyberhackinggenius and I was able to read both his new and deleted messages from my phone without having to touch his phone. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad to find out all his secrets and infidelity with the help of cyberhackinggenius. I’m here in UK and able to access my husband’s phone messages with a link on my phone even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. I got to discover that my husband who is legally married to me here in UK is also recently married to another woman in Canada and I’m finally going through a divorce with lots of evidence against him. I read all deleted and recent chats on his Whatsapp, Twitter,Facebook,Instagram messages and Skype. You can contact this great hacker “Gavin” via Gmail  (cyberhackinggenius) or text and speak to him directly on his phone and WhatsApp : +19256795146 and I hope you find peace of mind after finding the truth just like myself.

  26. Wendy you need to be balanced and at least show the public how Janice and that butch looking lady has come out and said they committed perjury again Bill Cosby. SMH!!! Crap journalism

  27. I like T.I but the more he talks, the bias and double standard he sounds against females. Also, using big words doesn't make you knowledgeable. He can be so uninformed sometimes.

  28. But T.I made lots of sense. Boys and girls are totally different. If a girl gets pregnant, her life changes compared to a male child.

  29. T.I.P…….please no more talking!!! Just lay low till all this die down!!! The more you talk about this subject. The more you digging yourself into the ground!!!

  30. The household doesn’t change the way it would if a woman get pregnant there’s sickness and are emotionally straining that goes on a woman a man it is different I disagree with Wendy & the crowd👎🏽👎🏽

  31. First of all….I REALLY LIKE HIS BLOUSE 👚🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I AM DONE!!!!!
    Thank you Wendy I needed that 😜

  32. Lol old story huh?! Just like when he had problems at his gated community security guard shack where he just couldn't let it go and got his mans arrested for an outstanding warrant hilarious. Thank media for controlling the narrative!

  33. I think what Clifford said was very egotistical, gross, and all-around disgusting. But also in response to his daughter, she is over 18 and she is making the choice of going through this, when she can just say no. But she knows if she says no daddy would stop buying her everything she wanted, so yeah, she is good with it. She knows exactly what she’s doing, and that’s to give up her privacy so she can be spoiled as a grown woman

    She can spare me lol

  34. Someone explain to me how my household changes when my son gets a girl pregnant??🤔 Does he start eating everything in the fridge? Does he get emotional about everything? Does he get fat & need help with physical labor? Does he have sickness & monthly check ups? Thousands of women gang up on this man in all the comments on every story about him smh. The guy is right about this one.

  35. im over bill Cosby… a legend just threw everything away… im still sad about the whole situation. smh. so disappointed.

  36. Jada Pinkett gave her children to the dark forces that run Hollywood as the required sacrifice to be a Star (pentagram). Now her son wears dresses and her daughter wants men and women in her bed at the same time. I don't listen to any of these elevated Idols from Hollywood. What's bad has become good and what's good is now considered bad. Look at Gabrielle Union. She and her husband sacrificed their son to the dark agenda and now he's a young child who they have promoting homosexuality at gay parades and wearing long women's nails. It's all evil, negative polarity, perversity and degeneracy today. Stay awake my people. Don't be one of the mindless sheep herded and led straight to the slaughter.

  37. Everything TI was saying in an attempt to rectify the hole he got himself into, did the complete opposite. Of course both households change when you have a kid, for both the girl and boy. If his household doesn't change or barely changes if his son gets a girl pregnant, at this age, his son is a deadbeat father.

    Not only that but it doesn't matter what age he was having the doctors preform these checks, it's still a violation, like Wendy said. A chunk of the blame should be put on the doctor as well, the doctor should have informed TI that virginity a. doesn't actually exist so, b. a test cannot actually preformed.

    Most people know that only the women's body changes during pregnancy and childbirth. But they forget that BOTH parents change after the child is here.

  38. There’s literally no physical change to the household or anyone in the house if his son gets a girl pregnant that doesn’t reside within that household… That was a FACT and all Wendy had in repose was “yes it does” all while not naming how it would… And y’all simple minded mfs side with her…🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. Wendy didn’t your husband recently make u a step mom?? And we all were side eyeing u with the antics you used to attempt to cover it up. So STOP IT.
    Kevin’s the home wrecker….🍼🧸

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