Taron Egerton Swears He Was Surprised By Golden Globes Win | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Taron Egerton Swears He Was Surprised By Golden Globes Win | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Live with your buddy Taron. I love how you put your Globe down and grab your drink. It´s that kind of night now, huh? -I´m trying to decide which one I like more. -Yeah, it´s your rules, man. Whatever. -It´s this one. -Do you realize now that Elton´s reaction to you winning is
already, like, a meme? Because he got so excited. Like, to see the excitement on his face — We probably can
play it. But just go back to the moment when you heard your name, and
the table erupting, and where´d you go from there? -It´s a truly, truly extraordinary, joyous moment and a genuine surprise, as well, which is — We´re so proud of the movie, but you never know how these
things are gonna play out. I´ve never been in this situation before. And, you know, the other nominees in my category, one was a
phenomenal debut performance by an incredible young actor, Roman Griffin Davis, and also, you know, three icons who — I mean, I don´t want to age them, but, you know, I´ve been
watching… -It´s true, yeah. -…since I was a kid, you know? I remember, you know, I mean — Yeah. It was a surprise, and it was amazing and lovely, and I´m
absolutely bowled over and thrilled. -It´s cool to be a part of the best night of your life. And I know you said you haven´t really been a part of this
stuff before, but when you get off the set, and now months have passed
since you shot it, and you hear the reaction of people, I mean, people blown
away, how you handled this role, man — -Well, it was lovely that, you know — I think the really
gorgeous thing is that Elton´s music is the fruit of a really amazing
partnership and a great friendship. And I think the movie has really told that story. And so when Elton and Bernie came out tonight to present the
film, people stood up. And I think that is the greatest testament to the film. I think it shows that it´s resonated with people, and it
shows that people, you know, understand the workings of that incredible, inspiring musical
relationship. -At the end of your speech, you were looking for Mom. Have we found your mother? Twitter is asking, “Is she doing okay? Is she proud of her son?” Have you had a moment with her? -She´s with my beautiful girlfriend, and they are having a
lovely evening. And my little sisters are here. It´s perfect. It´s amazing. -What are you gonna do, like, mid-February-ish? Oscars. [ Clears throat ] Oscars. What? -Oh. Um… -Did I say that? You think about the Oscars yet? -Look, everyone who´s involved in this awards season
entertains the idea. Of course they do. But I have this thing. I feel like, right — I feel like when you think something
good is gonna happen, the opposite happens. And when you´re a little bit — When you´ve got a healthy
dose of pessimism, you never know. You might get surprised. So I´m maintaining a healthy level of pessimism about the
whole thing. -I like it, brother. Good to see you. Congratulations. -Thank you. Thank you. -Enjoy the night. Don´t forget that. Very important. See you, brother.

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  1. "she is with my beautiful girlfriend" -> poor fangirls 🤣
    Joke aside, I am so proud of Taron, he deserves it so much!

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