Teens React To Celebrity #Gradient App (Kylie Jenner, Michelle Obama, Post Malone)

Teens React To Celebrity #Gradient App (Kylie Jenner, Michelle Obama, Post Malone)

– This one isn’t
even close at all. – I got Michelle Obama.
I’m keeping this one! I wanted Michelle Obama! ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (gasps) The Gradient app!
I first saw this from Kylie Jenner, and then it was like,
“You look like Kendall Jenner.” And I was like, “What is this?
This is just an ad promo that she’s doing.”
And then a bunch of people started to do it.
– (laughs) I literally just did this yesterday too.
That’s hilarious. – I’ve used this.
And yes, I got Mark Zuckerberg. – My friend did it for me,
and it said I look like Shawn Mendes, so I really appreciate that.
– I think it’s kinda accurate, which is kinda scary.
Like even– you can get different genders,
which I find really interesting. – Man, I don’t even know
what the app is called, but all of my friends
have been using it. – I feel like if you gave me
a page of celebrities, I can do better than the app could.
– “Throw the whole app away.” He got Queen Margrethe II.
What the? (laughs) – I mean, the only thing close
is barely the smile, but it’s not even close.
– Look at that one! Look how he just morphs
right into her. I see no difference.
Same energy. – I’m happy they have
the two pictures in the middle, ’cause you can kind
of see it, I guess. But even if you morph
any type of picture, you can still see it.
– “I put my granny through the Gradient app.”
And she looks like Post Malone! Oh my gosh.
– (snickers) That’s my favorite one. That’s my favorite one.
– What the heck?! Post Malone?!
I feel bad for his grandma. No offense to Post Malone,
but like… what the heck? – They did do a good job
of turning her into a guy with a barbed wire on his forehead.
– Pretty cool. They made her wrinkles the tattoos. (chuckles)
– They put the wrinkles as if they’re the tattoos.
I find that kinda mean. – It’s one of those dumb apps
you see on Snapchat, like, “Oh, which character are you?”
But there’s only five choices. Same concept. We’ll just throw in
a celebrity and make you feel good. – “Man, what even.”
(chuckles) Honestly. How you even…?
– Look at Will Smith with some eyelash extensions.
(chuckles) – That’s Kombucha girl.
Yup. That’s what I thought. – (amused) “You look like Will Smith”!
Okay, this one isn’t even close at all.
– Maybe she refreshed it a couple times.
I guess after you refresh it a lot more, then the results
get a little iffy. – Hold on. Pause.
She has a full head of hair. I’m just trying to examine.
The third one is always a stretch! I’m telling you!
Just out of nowhere. Bam. – The lips and the eyes
are pretty much the only thing that kind of go together.
– His eyelashes are poppin’. Her eyelashes are poppin’.
She has big lips. He has big lips.
I can see it. – I could look nothing like you,
but the way they morph your face into it, you’re like,
“Is that me? Do I look like”– You have to look in the mirror
and make sure and stuff. – I think it’s taking
just small elements of each person and seeing
what links up, and then they’re automatically
putting it together even if their features don’t match.
– Wait. Kylie Jen– wait. So, they said that it looks
like her sister? – Yeah, that one matches,
’cause they’re related. I think they somewhat
look like each other, I think the eyes.
– They’re probably like, “Hey, look. It works
so well. Look!” They’re sisters.
It has to work with you. – This is what I saw.
This is where I first saw it, and I was like, “Oh, she’s just doing
another one of her promos. Whatever.” And then everyone started doing it.
– Oh yeah. It has #Ad, so they probably sponsored her.
– I’ve only seen my friends do it, and I haven’t seen celebrities
do it online, but I feel like just celebrity influence itself
are definitely going to have general audience people be like,
“Hey, I wanna check that out.” – “I hate this app.”
“You look like Jesus.” (laughs) I’d be so happy!
I’d be like, “I am Jesus, bitch.” (chuckles)
– What an honor. Imagine how much self-esteem boost
you get when you find out you look like Jesus. Wow.
– Aw, come on! (chuckles) That’s mean. That’s not fair.
– That’s pretty cool. I would definitely go crazy for that.
– I think she does look kind of like Jesus
if you really try your hardest to mix the faces together. Yeah.
– I mean, the curly hair, I guess. And the lips going close together.
– I feel like the app itself is a troll. Jesus?
I feel like there are people who get the photo, like,
“Okay, let’s make this a joke,” ’cause this isn’t even–
facial structure, nothing. – I feel like the app,
when they have no idea who the person looks like,
they’re like, “Okay, let’s just troll ’em.
You look like Jesus.” – “Can’t wait for a few days
from now when everyone starts panicking again about how
the government is using the Gradient app to update
their face recognition data.” (chuckles) That’s kind of funny.
– That’s true. I downloaded the one that makes you
look like an old person, and there was a bunch of stories
on how the government or something in Russia or something
is spying on us, and I was like, “Delete.” (laughs)
– I mean, I don’t wanna get all serious about it,
but Animoji, all that stuff is like… I mean,
I wouldn’t be surprised. It makes the most sense.
– Guys, it’s already too late. Everyone already–
you’re already in the database. You’re already in the system.
You’re gonna get recognized in the system.
That’s kinda how it works. – My images are already out
onto the internet. So, I’m not gonna worry too much,
but you should definitely be cautious when approaching these types
of things anyway. – “Thinking about all the ugly people
the Gradient app said I look like.” Oh my god! ♪ (sad piano music) ♪
– (chuckles) That’s really funny. – Aw, this cat’s in his feels.
– (chuckles) That was kind of– yeah, that cat’s having
a moment, man. That was crazy. – This is my mom.
My mom probably sat in bed and was like, “Do I really
look like Lil Xan?” – “Nobody:
The Gradient”– no! – (Peppa) You look like a clown.
– (laughs) NO! (claps) Peppa is too much as is.
– (Peppa) You look like a clown. – (chuckles) That’s a good one.
That’s a good one. – (Peppa) You look like a clown.
– (laughs) Peppa Pig is undefeated, man.
Peppa Pig is a god. – Awww. I don’t agree
with this one at all. That’s really mean.
– Some people hate on it. Some people agree with it.
But the people that do hate on it, I always see people saying, like,
“Oh, you look like a clown. You look like this.”
I hear a lot of clown comments, so hearing that,
I think it’s accurate. – It’s so boring!
Why is everyone hooked up on a trend so easily?
It’s like, “Come on.” – I love this app.
Everyone’s memeing it. It’s sad, but it’s funny.
– (FBE) So, those were all examples and memes of people
using the Gradient photo editor app. The app offers
a few different features, but the celebrity doppelgänger feature
has exploded in popularity over the last few days
with many users sharing their celebrity look-alikes.
So, now that you have seen people using the app,
we actually want you to try out the app yourself.
– Oh, god. Okay. (laughs) If it matches the celebrities
that I got last time… – I’m hoping Morgan Freeman.
That’s who I really want. I really want Morgan Freeman.
– Selfie time. Cheese!
– It’s loading. What? Fernanda Souza?
I don’t even know who that is! Uh-uh.
– I look like some guy named Egor Kreed.
Honestly, I have no idea who that is. – (FBE) He’s a Russian rapper
and singer/songwriter. – (chuckles) I’m a Russian rapper?
For sure. I’m down with that. Low-key? I’m down with that.
– I look like this girl named Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan.
Who’s that again? – (FBE) She’s a famous actress. She’s in
When Harry Met Sally. – No idea who that is.
You know what? It’s the long hair. I’m just gonna say it’s the long hair.
– It says I look like Meg Ryan. Okay. I do not see that. (laughs)
Literally entirely different hair color.
Same eye color, though. So, I mean, that’s something.
– I have Rachel McAdams. Do I look like her?
I don’t think so at all. – (gasps) Will Smith!
Ooh, that’s a good one. That’s pretty accurate, you know?
When I was a little kid or growing up, I was always
compared to Jaden, so, you know, I’ll take that.
– There we go! (hits table) We got Kobe Bryant! Let’s go!
(slapping leg) There it is. Hey!
That’s a win. That’s a win in my book.
– (FBE) You can do it again and see who else you get.
– This is– I got Michelle Obama.
I’m keeping this one! I wanted Michelle Obama!
MICHELLE! I like it. I like it.
I’m more amused. – (FBE) So, this is not the first time
that a face-changing app has trended across social media platforms.
So, earlier this year, FaceApp, which allows users
to see what they might look like when they get older
similarly went viral but later came under scrutiny
when people discovered that the photos uploaded
to the app could be freely used for other purposes
without getting consent from the original uploader.
And there were potential connections to Russia.
– Oh, shoot! I didn’t even know that. – (FBE) So, knowing that there
could be privacy concerns, why do you think that people
still flock to these type of apps? – I think enough people don’t care.
It’s too much– it’s above our heads for us to care.
– I feel like they wanna act like they care, but I don’t think
they actually care. I don’t think it’s actually gonna
change any aspect of their lives. – Everybody’s doing it, and it’s like,
if everyone’s doing it, you have that instinct,
and you’re like, “Oh, I kinda wanna see
who my celebrity is or what I look like
when I’m old.” You’re like, “Do I do it?”
And then you just end up doing it, and then now your face
is somewhere on this cloud of information. (chuckles)
– I think teens just– they don’t really mind
putting theirselves out there no matter what it is.
I don’t think they think about the safety concerns
in the future. – It’s entertaining,
and we love entertainment in America. So, I mean, we’re gonna do
what we gotta do. – (FBE) Like mentioned earlier,
the look-alike feature is just a part of the broader suite
of tools in this photo editor app. So, the app comes with a short
three-day trial, but once the three days are up,
you have to choose between a $4.99 weekly option
or a $19.99 monthly subscription. So, do you or do you know any peers
that pay for apps like these? – I don’t. I don’t know anyone.
I don’t pay for them. I’m kinda cheap and just
do all the free stuff. – That’s freakin’ expensive!
Just to see what you look like as a celebrity? Yeah, I used it twice,
and then I used it on my mom and my stepdad,
and I was over it. – I honestly don’t pay for apps.
Sometimes I download apps just to have their
one-week free trial, and then I delete them.
– They’re so expensive, but people– stupid kids with their parents’
credit cards, it’s so easy. You just need a fingerprint,
and boom, you’re paid for it. And the people that make
these apps know that. They know they’re gonna make
bank off it, because some kid’s gonna forget that he paid
for the three-day trial. – There’s way better photo things
out there that cost more and do way better things
than this one does. No offense to Gradient, you know,
but come on, guys. – There’s other options
that I could choose on the app store that might do something similar
or the same features for free or a cheaper price,
so I don’t think I would hop on the app at all.
– (FBE) So, some report that the app seems to have
blown up after prominent influencers like the Kardashian family were
posting their own Gradient results with the hashtag, #Ad,
accompanying them. So, do you think that this app
would have gone viral without these celebrity endorsements? – Honestly, I’ma say no, because people like to hop
on waves a lot. Usually people tend to hop on waves
when celebrities start the trend or start the wave or whatever.
People like their fans or whoever usually start to do it,
and it just blows up in general. – Probably not just because people
were probably sketched out about the FaceApp thing,
and then when they get backed from celebrities, like,
“Oh yeah, it’s fine. We’re using it. It’s fine.”
Then they’re more likely to do it. – I feel like just
the celebrity influence helped it, but I feel like
an app like that, it would’ve been inevitable
for them to blow up. It just maybe would’ve
taken longer. – (FBE) So finally, do you think
that this is the last time we will see a face-changing app
that will go viral? Or do you think that
we will repeat history? – I definitely think there’ll be
more face-changing apps that go viral. People love
that type of stuff. I mean, they’re really fun,
so I definitely think there will be more.
– Of course. We’ll repeat it of course.
Maybe not as soon as it was this time, but it’ll happen.
And then we’ll tell people, “Oh, I remember a couple years ago,
this app was out.” – They’re gonna add more to it.
They’re gonna find a way to make us look like animals next
or something, you know? There’s always gonna be
a new wave with this thing, just like with the old people thing.
It’s gonna be like this, and then it’s gonna just
continue on and keep evolving. – I think there will be more.
Yeah, definitely, ’cause people thought the same thing
about the FaceApp from before with Russia and at all that,
the drama, but now we have another app, and I’m pretty sure
we’re gonna have another one in a couple months that’s gonna
be blowing up, and celebrities will be using it.
And I’ll probably be sitting back here again talking
about that app. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Teens React. Shoutout to julia ronald.
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– Bye, guys. – Hey, guys. Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. Thank you so much for watching
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