The Decade Of Eyebrows

The Decade Of Eyebrows

(upbeat music) Your eyebrows have probably become a regular part of your makeup routine. 10 years ago, the beauty
world started paying a little bit more attention to eyebrows and it’s led to the rise of
brow-specific makeup products and brow enhancing treatments like microblading and brow lamination. According to market research
firm, The NPD Group, from April 2013 to March 2014, there was a 28% increase
in eyebrow makeup sales with eyebrow focus brand,
Anastasia Beverly Hills, leading the pack. Today, there are endless
products just for your eyebrows like brow pencils, pens, powders, pomades, clear and tinted gel,
primers, and highlighters. Meet Amber Amos. She’s a Los Angeles-based
celebrity makeup artist and she’s gonna guide us through
this brow-obsessed decade. (upbeat drum music) – Let’s talk about 2010 to 2012. This was when we kinda went
back to the Brooke Shields brow, but we made it modern, right? The Kardashians came on the
scene with their full brows. So in 2010, it was like
even if you had a full brow, you still wanted it fuller. (laughs) You wanted it full and
you wanted it perfect. So people started tweezing less. Started getting, the whole trend of getting
your eyebrows threaded and waxed all the time
kinda went out the window. It was all about letting them grow in more and then accentuating
what was growing more. Hello 2010. Look at Kim. (laughing) (upbeat music) So 2012, 2013 came around. Cara Delevingne hit the
scene and everybody noticed that she completely threw out the window tweezing, waxing, threading, and we were for it. Here, you would take a brow powder really. It’s about filling them in, but not being quite as manicured as the 2010, 2012 brow. Just gonna go in with powder, almost giving like a shadow to fill in areas that are sparse. (upbeat music) 2014 came around and that’s
when we started seeing a lot of accessories. Rodarte went down the
runway with eyebrow rings on both eyebrows. The trend didn’t really
catch on in real life, except for the very daring girls, I guess you’d say. Gaga really was taking it up a notch and using her brows as accessories. She had holographic brows at one point. Jeweled brows at one point. She was going wild. That did bring on Vine. Remember Vine? My girl, Peaches, went viral
with eyebrows on fleek. That brings us to the
Instagram brow, right? Because “eyebrows on fleek” had everybody needing their eyebrows on fleek. The Instabrow, the IG
brow, as we coined it, was in around 2015, when Instagram ended Vine. (laughs) And that is kinda like an
extension of the dip brow ’cause you would definitely use your Anastasia Dipbrow for this, but you’re gonna conceal around the brow. You just really want them snatched. We are really, we’re etching it out here. We’re hitting you with the top. We’re hitting you with the bottom. We’re overdrawing them a little bit. And some people would
even accentuate it out a little bit further. Just so you could get that little, that little fading action. It’s really honestly kind of
like an ode to drag queens. A lot of the makeup aesthetics
that you would see online, on Instagram, and YouTube,
were tips and tricks that drag queens had
been using for forever. ‘Cause they know how
to give you some drama and some long wear. They get it. On Instagram and YouTube,
they would do things like this to make sure your brows were even. Then you would come in with
your concealer to clean it up, also giving you that
lovely under eye highlight that we all can’t live without. (upbeat music) 2016 came along and we started
taking cues from the runway. Right? Bleached brows were all the rave. Kim Kardashian wore
bleached brows to the Met. Marc Jacobs did, everybody
had bleached brows going down the runway. If you were bold enough
and edgy enough to try it, you did it. It wasn’t for everybody, but to the ones that committed. (upbeat music) Please don’t use hair bleach on your eyebrows. Brows and a bleached brow,
barely-there brow look, it’s all about the eyes. You see how you can do
a lovely eye makeup look because you’re not
distracted by the eyebrows. (upbeat music) 2017, we came back and we were
still doing it for the ‘Gram. This was the rise of the
trends of Instagram eyebrows. They didn’t really make
it off of Instagram, but sometimes people would just do them to post on Instagram. We had the feather brow, which I’m about to show you. We also had the squiggly brow. I don’t know if you remember
that moment in time. And it’s like you’re taking a comb, but luckily for you, I have a tiny comb. It’s like you’re taking a comb and you are like parting your eyebrow. (upbeat music) We took the extra up a few more notches with our Instagram brow trends. We were really busy on Instagram in 2017. We are going to do the
coveted rainbow brow. I’m using Danessa Myricks
24-Hour Color Cream. (upbeat music) I’m just gonna blend them in. You’re doing like you
would fill your brows any other day, you’re
just using a few colors. (upbeat music) So in 2018, to continue on
with the Instagram trends, the Instagram brow takeover,
they were doing dip brow, which was kinda a moment
where you would use your brows to match your eyeliner, but subtly. You don’t wanna overdo your purple brow. You wanna keep it a little tame. I’m gonna use colored mascara. (laughs) So this one, we would just kinda take a colored mascara or a colored pomade and we’re just gonna color
the back end of our eyebrows. It’s kinda like you dipped
your eyebrow. (laughs) So we’re here. We’re in 2019. We’re today, we’re right now. In 2019, we have come full circle. We’re back to loving our natural brows. We’re using brow serums
and things like that to help your actual brows grow so you can fill them in from there. Honestly, I think we’re all
just getting a little lazy and we wanna spend a little
less time with our eyebrows. We’re using thin, precision brushes now to mimic the look of hairs. Like that is what we’re doing now. Pencils and powders, you
can use a powder too, but pencils and powders give
you that most natural look. It’s not overdone. It’s not overworked. It’s kind of just like creating a shadow. And there we go. We’re all set. (upbeat music)

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  1. I just pluck the excess of my brows and keep its natural shape. I wear makeup maybe one to three times a month since makeup is just a bunch of chemicals. When I apply makeup for my brows I just use a dark almost black eye shadow. I’ve been doing that for years, I think constantly trying to meet a style just seems tacky, keeping it as natural as possible never gets old.

  2. Ähm……… Just realised my eyebrows look awful ?

    And the make up artist should quit her job and…. should go working in a burger restaurant ?

  3. I’m sorry to say this but some of those eyebrows look really hideous! I prefer to see where eyebrows match the beauty of the entire face… That’s what I tend to do that when I look at myself by a mirror. I would tweeze my brows almost daily to make myself look handsome. ?

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