‘The Glass Castle’ Author Jeannette Walls Talks Writing Her Real-Life Story | People NOW | People

‘The Glass Castle’ Author Jeannette Walls Talks Writing Her Real-Life Story | People NOW | People

My parents are squatting an abandoned building on the lower east side you on she tell me Yes, I am That’s a preview from the upcoming movie the glass castle starring Brie larson Woody Harrelson and naomi watts the film is based on the best-selling memoir of the same name by Jeannette Walls who was opening up in an exclusive interview in the latest issue of People the former gossip columnist was just three years old when she suffered serious burns while cooking hot dogs as well as was writing her Memoir she thought of the incident as minor which kind of gives you an idea of how unique her childhood was she describes her father rex as a Briliant bipolar dreamer and Alcoholic who showered his four children with love? but could not keep food on the table or roof over their heads she describes her mother rosemary as an artist and Incredible optimist who mostly left her kids to fend for themselves as the family lurched from town to Town? Janette eventually moved away from her family to New York where she worked as a gossip columnist and lived on Park Avenue when one night She looked out her cab window and saw her mother rooting through the trash It turned out that her father and mother had followed her to New York and we’re living as squatters watch what she told us It should be a change of us just because we choose a different lifestyle on you Being homeless in New York City does not count as a lifestyle choice Well if we heard for me more, you’d know that we found a lovely place on the lower east side Laurie said you’re squatting in an abandoned building that does not sound faced mom. Did you lose your sense of adventure? I always knew that I would open up with Seeing mom on the street corner and I didn’t really know where to open from there and that with my husband who suggested to open up with the burn and I said that was no big deal. I kind of fire and I got a scar, but you know nothing bad happened I meant survived everything it was no big deal He’s a business big deal Janette trust me walls tells people that despite all the craziness She never doubted that she was loved her father passed away before she wrote her memoir But her mom now lives up the hill from her in a small cabin in the first ten years of her life her family lived in at least 20 places Her dad would find odd jobs before getting fired or feeling the itch to move on she grew up with no new clothes rarely enough To eat, and no doctor’s visits and while her father drank too much. She thinks his bigger problem was bipolar disorder watch I Think that probably alcoholism wasn’t dad’s much problems. Which is I think he’s probably by polling trying to self-medicate. Oh, okay, so you admit it I’m right you’re wrong What the hell? I could have made mom and dad’s doing a lot worse than I and I could have made him seem a lot better I tried to be balanced and fair and it was really interesting because some of the ways Some of the things I was kind of trying to protect gabon I didn’t censor anything, but would he got it and he went there and it was really experiencing he wasn’t afraid of going into the dark areas and Exposing dad’s vulnerabilities, but that was okay because he also Displayed his his generosity of spirit. We sing folk and Fancy apartments But they’re so polluted. They can’t even see stars I think so dad somewhere in the cosmos is just grinning ear to ear. I think he just can’t believe what happened Well actually probably the dad he probably wasn’t told it so honey. Ha ha ha

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  1. So touching. I can imagine what she went through. Very tough and dysfunctional upbringing but still ended up making it in life. Much respect!

  2. I just finished watching this movie and I cannot tell you enough how wonderful it was. A true story that could have been told in a completely different light but instead was warm and loving; thank you for that.
    And, yes, I cried.

  3. Wow wait till they get a load of my true story Stealing Manhattan and the funny thing is my mum knew them OMG ! In real life.

  4. She'll be OK. she made money off it later in life. Many kids in poverty go through this. I loved this the realistic approach on this. Good movie.

  5. I just watched the movie now. I lost my family to alcohol also. But I definetly can say, this movie leave you as half. You are happy because all of the children come to someplaces and they stay together, they follow their own dreams but without their biggest hero. It is sad but also happy, like life.

  6. I read that book back in 2013 for a stupid summer project that was more of an; entrance to the first day of school ticket

    I was 14 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. I'm reading the book now started yesterday. I cant stop reading . I will finish tomorrow.. your so inspiring

  8. I found my dad was homeless I kick his money ? can I hate that son of a bitch he never gave me that bike ? on Christmas

  9. Just now reading the book, had no idea it was an actual memoir…so very touching, and now am on the hunt to find the film…bravo to the author for taking us all along on this crazy, dysfunctional loving ride !!!

  10. I loved the book, and was deeply touched by this woman's struggle to overcome poverty and build a normal life for herself and her siblings. And the wonderful thing is; she was able to do just that. I do have some sympathy for her parents, though. Although plagued by alcoholism and poverty, they did the best they could, and were never abusive to their children. And they tried hard to instill a sense of fairness and racial tolerance in their kids, which was unusual for that time and place.
    They were just somewhat immature and free spirits, I guess. Not great parents…but not monsters either.

  11. Old days children were strong capable to cope with difficulties and move on to better life. Today's children if the life gets harder and difficult for them they just hurt themselves and committe suicide.

  12. Haven't seen the movie.
    Not sure I want to.
    If you've not read it, DO!!
    Definitely read the book,
    before you see the movie!
    These clips are enough for me to know,
    the movie does/did NOT do it justice!!


  13. Curious who here, has seen the movie AND read the book??
    Did the movie do it justice??
    And, if, you saw the movie AFTER having read the book,
    how close was their movie portrayal, to the story painted in your head, by the book?

  14. FANTASTIC movie! Wow, hard to watch being so close to my own experiences with my Pops, but I’m so humbled nonetheless! Stellar performances especially Woody.

  15. The movie kind of sucks they skipped so much from the book I was hoping that there would be some scenes from the early parts of the book with Billy feel on Arizona and stuff like that

  16. I had to read her memoir cuz of English but this one of the best memoirs I read. It’s nice to see that’s she’s successful after everything she been through, hard ass worker

  17. I really liked the book though I haven't seen the movie. While what she went through as a child must have been extremely rough and hard, it helped make her the person she is today and I'm glad that I got the chance to read her book.

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