The Kenyan man bringing hope to the children of Mathare Slums  | Tuko TV

The Kenyan man bringing hope to the children of Mathare Slums | Tuko TV

at times I feel like giving up because of disappointments at times I have worked so hard only to regret later I am Joseph Mwangi People know me as Sejo I was born and raised here in Mathare life has not been easy here It has been tough since I completed school I dropped out in Class 8 there was no school fees to take me to High school I decided to hustle to get money for fees and do art there was an institution here in Mathare offering courses for people who were unable to join High School that’s where I joined to learn more about art after completion I decided to also share the skills by giving back to the community I gave the first priority to children because I believe that’s a good foundation you know the older generation can easily control themselves and might be having other dreams I work hard to ensure that challenges that this child is facing from back home do not hinder their talent because I know it will pay in future Juala Supaboy has been under our organization Sejo Runi Kids and Youth Talent Centre he joined as a footballer we have so many children here and the more you interact with them the more you get to tap into their talents he was the youngest in the football team he was always on the receiving end whenever his team won the other team members would beat him up he opened up to me because of the bullying and suggested he wanted to join those in art I gave him a chance and nurtured him I discovered he could dance so he used to go for shows with the rest of the crew I love art and I am passionate about it I wanted to change the bad perception about Mathare by bringing out something positive and to show the outside world that superstars are born here most of these successful artists came from here We formed this organization with a friend of mine called Runi but officially he is known as Dominic Senelwa he is my closest friend, we grew up together and we have gone through so much I love it when people make steps like Juala and the rest many of them come from very humble backgrounds and are raised by single mothers sometimes it’s tough for single mothers to raise families on their own some of these young ones have benefited and improved their lives through talent their education is being taken care of I feel happy when a child I have nurtured has benefited The activities here include football, music dance, kids concerts, tournaments for the kids, photography we also have mentor-ship programs where we invite speakers who come to talk to the children as a parent I feel that these children need a lot of counselling many parents here encounter so many challenges for example a mother sells chang’aa the child is affected when they wake up in the morning to find their mother was arrested or maybe things are just not working out for her such a child is stressed and so you must talk to them some come here on empty stomachs we just wish we had the money to buy food for them to eat before we begin our activities but we don’t have the money so some of them are so weak it becomes a challenge for both of us as much as we want to continue with our daily activities sometimes I feel like giving up because of disappointments at times I have worked so hard only to regret later since my efforts seem not to have paid off we experience challenges in finances running a project is not easy, you need money but I have never lost hope I know when time comes God will surely make it possible we do our stuffs here in the slums and we don’t have a field initially we were at Mathare depot ground which is near a police station That has been our playground since I was young but the field has been out of bounds for 3 years now and yet it is the only field here in Mathare It was closed due to a dispute between the police and the community the police do not want residents to hold tournaments near their area it has affected the youths and the children because most of them just idle in the slums especially now that school have closed and it’s easy for them to join bad company I see great footballers and big artists in these children They have the potential and each one of them has a dream

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