The Sims 4 Careers Guide & Highest Paying Jobs List

The Sims 4 Careers Guide & Highest Paying Jobs List

Careers was my first video, but it had audio
and scripting issues so I’d like a do-over. Let’s look at how we can get an ambitionless
Sim into a career from a new player’s perspective. Then, we’ll go into a few tips for making
promotions easier to come by. We will also look at the top paying careers
data that is available on my site. If you find this helpful, hit subscribe when
the video is over to follow along as I try to cover everything in The Sims 4. You can get a job in one of two ways: head
to your Sim’s phone and select the career/household category or open the careers tab in the interface
on the bottom-right. Both ways lead to the same thing: a long list
of entry-level positions that somehow do not require two years of previous experience. Note the hours worked, hourly wage, and scheduled
days for each career at the bottom-right. Browse the careers and pick something appealing
to you. Try to consider the skills that might be involved
in that career. There are generally two branches for each
career as well. Once you’ve picked a career, your Sim now
has the job and the career interface at the bottom will have changed. You can click or press the ‘J’ hotkey to access
this. It will now display vital information – the
job rank’s up top, along with the hours and schedule you just saw. This will change sometimes when you get a
promotion. Every career has a daily task. For early-level astronauts it is to play chess
for a time. Going to work having completed this daily
task will give you a bump to career performance. While the requirements are not steep yet,
when we rank up in astronaut we will find that we require skill levels in order to be
promoted. It’s not just a daily task. The most important tip that anyone can give
a new player about career performance is to emphasize mood management. Go to bed about 11-12 hours before it’s work
time. This is until you get a better bed. Don’t sleep until full energy if you’re gonna
run late. You should use the evening to fill psychological
needs like social and fun, while in the morning you can handle the physical ones like bladder,
hygiene, and hunger. These three take a bit to manage. The point here is physical needs decay overnight,
while emotional ones do not. You can make your Sim content before bed. The extra hour you have can be used to get
into the ideal mood. You don’t want to do this too early as the
moodlet will decay. We can only really be in the ideal mood for
the first four hours of the shift. In this case, the Sim can ponder moves at
the chess board to get focused. This will get him into the first few hours
of the work day and he’ll get a great boost to career performance. Something I like to do is make a family or
party-size dish at night, then drag it to the refrigerator after my Sim takes a serving. Now I can simply click ‘get leftovers’ in
the morning when I’m in a hurry and it’s a perfectly acceptable and filling meal. You can lean on this for several days, actually. It’s a big time-saver. My Sim’s needs are high, it’s about time to
put him to bed and put all of this together. So, it’s a few hours before work and my Sim
already has a meal ready in the fridge. I queue up eating and bathroom activities
which will top him off. I choose a regular shower because none of
them give a focused moodlet. I want to be just ‘happy’ so that I can turn
it into a focused for his first day in the astronaut career. For every career, use an interaction before
work that gets you in the right mood. For focused, ponder moves on chess board is
an easy one. I’ll link to our emotions guide so you can
check out all the emotions and activities that provide the moodlet you need. The lists are huge, because there’s such a
big variety of game packs and expansion packs and they all add new ways. OK, so it’s only 20 minutes before work and
we have high needs, we’ve completed the daily task and we’ve got the Sim focused. As long as the Sim isn’t tied up in a long
activity, they will go to work on their own. When it’s time for work, our Sim will … teleport
to work. If they’ve completed the daily task beforehand,
they’ll get a performance boost. So… how do you get promoted? Well, your goal is to move the career performance
meter all the way to the right. Take note of where I’m clicking on the Sim’s
portrait. Click the icon in the top-right. We can get a boost to performance by using
‘Work Hard’. We’ll drain fun faster, but our Sim will try
to put a better performance in. The career performance meter will move faster. It always moves while your Sim’s at work,
and moves even faster if your Sim’s in the ideal mood. This is an additional bonus. They’re called “work tones” and they do a
variety of things, but most players just use work hard. The game has been paused, let’s unpause and
go to super speed and watch the career performance meter. Because we did everything correctly, and especially
because astronaut has a pretty long shift we’re able to get the promotion in a single
day. Note that our Sim has lost all of his moodlets,
however, and he is actually going to get tense from low fun due to ‘work hard’. I actually switched to ‘take it easy’ to make
it stop draining so badly. He’s already got the promotion. I think ‘work hard’ has its place. If you know you won’t get a promotion that
day, I wouldn’t use it. That way, later you can focus on skilling
and stuff and have your fun intact. Especially if you need to work on something
that’s not fun. Anyway, we get an instant raise, a bonus,
and an object that can be found in the household inventory in build mode. Our work schedule has changed. We go in later now, and the days are actually
different as well but we also need level 2 logic. Thankfully the Sim already has that. One of the main reasons that people visit
my career guides is to have some foreknowledge because right now it’d actually be useful
for me to know that next level I’m going to need level 2 fitness. With that all out of the way, let’s look at
the types of careers. You see, some careers can work from home if
you have either City Living or Seasons. The four careers included in those two packs
get the choice to stay at home or attend work. There isn’t a difference when it comes to
performance, you just don’t get the performance right away if you stay home. It’ll come in a chunk by the next shift. If you completed the daily task, you’re good. Also because daily tasks tend to be very lenient,
you often end up with way more time than you need to complete those tasks. This can actually let you make more money,
because you can work on other skills or money-making activities. When you stay at home, you’re given an assignment
of two or three things that need to be done. The Sims 4 Get to Work careers actually send
the Sim to work, where they have a good bit more tasks to deal with. This is the most challenging type of career. Though Scientist is pretty easy, Detective
then Doctor can be the hardest careers in Sims ever. You do not have to follow the Sim to work,
though. You can send them in the ideal mood skip controlling
them. All careers gradually generate paid time off. You get a fragment of a day for every single
day that you work. You can then spend this however you like and
will get the usual pay. Sims may also retire, and will receive a pension
based on the level they were in the career when they retire. With those big bonuses from promotions, don’t
just get equipment you need to level your skills – consider getting something like a
better bed, because you’ll get more hours out of the day by having to sleep less. You want an energy 5 or 6 bed. Scroll over the beds and find the cheapest
energy 5 bed, or the cheapest energy 6 bed that you can afford and worry about looks
later. With all that said, let’s look at the highest
paying careers in The Sims 4. We have the career track on the far-right
and the branch on the left. The two branches of the same career can vary
wildly in pay. This table is from my site, and will be linked
in the description. It lists careers by weekly pay. Gardener is just behind smuggler, but gardener’s
Botanist track lets you make gobs of money off your plants with minimal effort. You can even change it up by making a Botanist
who designs flowers and rake in even more dough. However, money is not all there is to consider. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to go to work
and just take in some reliable money. Careers like writer and its two tracks are
good examples. You can make money off your skill and not
have to worry about going in to work much and not for very long when you do. For this reason, it’s worth looking at careers
that only go in 3 or 4 days out of the week. Have a look at Diamond Agent’s 3 days with
15 hour shifts! One last thing – you can overlevel your career. Each time you fill the performance meter again,
you’ll get yet another raise. The higher the base pay the larger these additional
raises become. Careers with long shifts and more work days
are easier to overlevel. This is pretty much it for The Sims 4’s careers
system. Choosing the right career for your Sim is
a big part of it, as every career is similar in that they must meet minimum skill level
requirements to advance. I hope that you found this guide helpful,
and if so throw us a like and consider subscribing for more. We have a Patreon if you really like what
I’m doing and would like to help offset the falling ad rates and ad blocking we have had
the past two years. Whatever the case, I thank you for watching.

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  1. I didn’t realize Sims could retire wirh a pension! Of course, I’ve never allowed my Sims to reach the elder stage either, which is really limiting my gameplay.I think need to channge the way I play!!

  2. Excellent guide! I just want to share my quick tip: When it comes to managing moodlets before work my favorite game pack is Spa Day because it turns ordinary bathtubs into almost cheat objects with the scented baths! The baths are quick, the +2 moodlets are very long lasting, and despite the small charge they are usually very worth the pay! The yoga mat also helps a lot, but a session takes around 150 minutes and ending it sooner cancels the moodlet. If the sim can wake up early enough then it is very nice to melt discomfort as well. I really like that game pack, it helps a lot with work and I don't see many people praising it.

  3. For min/maxers: currently doctor/scientist/detective require a focused moodlet to get maximum career performance every day making them terrible professions to overlevel; all other careers benefit from whatever mood. Imo the diamon agent career is the best career to overlevel because it has a simple daily task that often gets passively completed if you play multiple sims and you can get a promotion 3 times every week if you social-network on the PC and use your phone to ask for a promotion on cooldown. Eventually you can stop monitoring this sim and they will still get 1-2 promotions on their own every week.
    Even min/maxing like this though careers are not an efficient way of making money in TS4; much faster to just spam paintings or plant a few money trees to name a couple of things.

  4. I always start with Writer, because i use publishing books to get extra income anyway so i figure i may as well make more money of the skills im using regardless.
    Once im getting $5000+ from royalties i swap to some other career

  5. Good tips! I was playing sims 3 but my computer has been acting up and deleted all my saves. No I didn’t cry lol. I bought sims 4 on the Xbox cuz I don’t trust my laptop right now. Anyway I always took care of hygiene the night before, let bladder and food get taken care of at the last second and always had them having a blast before they went to work. Became a world class surgeon in less than a vanilla year. Always had him work hard though and before he was deleted I had him making 900 bucks plus per hour.

  6. Wow! I have learned SO much from watching this video! Thank you! (By the way, I have always been a fan of your site) ❤️

  7. I do appreciate the pensions in Sims4. However, some of the careers (like astronaut) I found were really hard to get to the top tier before my legacy Sim of her generation died of old age. She never got to retire! So sad.

  8. I understand you're a knowledgeable guy, but you can get a job in three ways, not two. Use the computer. To bad the paper doesn't get delivered any more huh?

  9. if you have fitness stuff you can give your sim earbuds and right before they go to work you can turn on their earbuds and they wont lose any fun when using work hard. they’ll still get the tense moodlet if though

  10. I was under the impression the highest paying "career" would be the painter doing his income at home; gardener could function similarly, but I don't know which gains more

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  12. 1 : Painter (Only for single sims can do it)
    2 : Tech Guru (Must always hacking and make a game and app)
    3 : Writer (Must always writing a book while Inspired)
    4 : Criminal
    5 : Military
    6 : Business

  13. Money laundering 20000.
    Cocaine lord. 900 $ 600$,7000$ up to 12000$ per brick
    Cannabis sales 400$ to 50000 with cannabis produce.
    Prostitution. 3000$ per 3 min, lap dancing 1000$, 3 min
    Adult inc . 5000$ + fame channel + live shows+brands 10000. Simstagram 10000$ per day.
    Professional siging 5000$ per song + royalites extra 10000$ income.
    MdA and ampethamine not worth time or money.

  14. I'm kinda tired and don't want to watch through this, can somebody just tell me which is best?

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  21. careers… no thanks.
    paint early game to pay bills and get furniture,
    transition into gardening and fertilize every few days til crops are perfect…
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