The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see

The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see

The Illuminati’s that shadowy cabal that
controls the entire world and ensures free will is an illusion.
They’ve got a big Facebook page, Celebrities like Jay-Z are accused of being members, and there are weird YouTubers like this guy. “They had weirdos standing up everywhere, and then Beyonce–show a document of this if you can. She does the Illuminati symbol.” But what about the real history of the Illuminati
and how it became what it is today? This is Bavaria, and in 1776
Adam Weishaupt, a law professor, founded the Illuminati. It’s real.
He wanted to spread enlightenment ideals around the world.
The goal was to infiltrate the monarchy and make them more enlightened by entering their ranks. Even though they were so high-minded, they had weird rituals. See these owls? The Illuminati really loved them. And they had invented hierarchies like Novice,
Minerval, and Illuminated. Even though they were weird, they did have
some success around the world. Anywhere from 650 to 2800 members infiltrated
Freemason chapters, may have had influential members like the
writer Goethe, and even might have influenced the Jacobins,
the political club that spurred the French revolution to its most radical heights. But they were destroyed in 1785.
This is Karl Theodor — the Duke of Bavaria — and that year he banned secret societies.
That included the Illuminati. Most historians think that it worked
and the Illuminati disappeared. But if that’s true, then why do we still
think that Drake’s Illuminati today just because he wears owl sweaters? Since the beginning, conspiracy theories have
been part of the Illuminati. This guy, Xavier von Zwack, actually did have
plans to take over the world that were found after the Illuminati was banned.
American historians and preachers thought the Illuminati planted some seeds for the
French Revolution and George Washington even wrote a letter
that claimed the Illuminati had once been a threat.
But the Illuminati lost the limelight thanks to the Freemasons.
This is George Washington as a Freemason, and a lot of founding fathers really were
Freemasons. That inspired the anti-Masonic party.
It was a legitimate movement with big names like John Quincy Adams,
and the Illuminati paranoia faded around the world. So how did the myth stay alive? There were always random books, like this
one from 1918, or book reviews that mentioned the Illuminati.
But most people think the Illuminatus book trilogy of the 1970s
deserves credit for bringing the Illuminati back. It might also be why weird secret symbols
like these pyramids and triangles are associated with the Illuminati.
It was a funny series and gave new life to the conspiracy for an ironic, connected age.
They were an evil organization bent on ruling the world, sure, but they were also kind of
funny. The Illuminati was vague enough to be refit
to any purpose, from the new world order
to religious paranoia, to pop culture curio like Angels & Demons.
It became a joke. But you might believe that’s what the Illuminati
wants you to think if you noticed the 14 evil yellow triangles
of power hidden inside this video. The Illuminati only really endures because
it’s disappeared and can look like anything. There’s nothing to worry about.
Nothing at all. Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati. So this is my humble little crazy wall and
one of the disadvantages of a crazy wall is that things aren’t as legible as you’d
like them to be. That includes this letter by George Washington. However, the Library
of Congress does tell us what it says, and it says, “It was not my intention to doubt
that the doctrines of the Illuminati and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United
States.” So he thought the Illuminati didn’t make it in the United States, so you can rest
assured, but, they were a threat.

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  1. Everything that was kicked out of Europe, found refuge in North America, including large Christian populations who were persecuted, were burned at the stake, tortured in creative ways, and had their Bibles burned. The War for Independence resulted in freemasons as the Founding Fathers and a plan to destroy the Republic, and having the people do it just like it's done today; "A republic, if you can keep it"; he knew the plan. No one heard of the United States before 1865, and today it is much worse cause we have the United Nations; 50 million gun owners and still America was conquered. But don't feel bad, America is not the only one – People's Republic of Poland is now just the Republic of Poland – Republic of Congo after years of war is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. I wonder if they going after Venezuela now, and who is actually the good side.

  2. I was gonna do an in depth comment on this but I wouldn't be saying anything that has not been said before.
    The big question is how do we stop these people from influencing our lives, how do we bring them down?

  3. Masonic fun fact: the pyramid and eye of providence on the dollar bill was not put on there by a mason…it was just popular symbols of the time.

  4. Illuminate gets hate cause people low key wish they were members but there to boring and weak to be considered for

  5. Jesus Christ our Lord reigns and defeated Satan! Satan squirms and trembles at even the mention of our Lord Jesus Christ!!! AMEN!!!!!

  6. I'm a member I didn't even know it untill they approach me I told them I wasn't ready .they said by 7/25/25.i b ready and they b back.does any body know and can say wats going on .

  7. Its the same thing just different name thats how they keep it going the devil serves the same old slop the fools slurping it up

  8. Don't fear the monster you think you know but fear the one who will defeat the one you only now fear. It's not the existence of the organization itself that is the threat but the result of the influence with no apparent establishment that's the concern. The infiltration at the highest levels of power and influence of every controlling institution is the proof off it's fragmented but organized existence. Albert Pikes 1888 Morals and Dogma states their intentions to develop this cohesion in secret until the belief in Lucifer as God could and would be openly received. Their thiosophy to rule in their totalitarian state.
    Its coming. The only way out is through Yeshua/Jesus.

  9. If you say it in english it doesn't seem so emposing ? Say illuminate or enlighten out loud 3 times.
    See it felt different didn't it ?,,,,,,,,Here's a bit of enlighten'ment , The only thing to fear is fear itself !!!
    Fear come's when one is confused or when it's all of a sudden DARK and you cant see.

  10. This is a Joke as a Christian who don't live in America we have no idea what the heck is this, Jess there's no religion involved in this

  11. Satan the lac of fire brimstone and sulphure is your portion all those fallen angels portion and all humans man and woman that rejected and hate christ will go in there.

  12. If it's a joke like you say then why is the all seeing eye on the US dollar bill? Seems like you haven't done the proper research vox. I dont claim to know if it exists or not myself, I just dont go around making a joke out of it like you.

  13. Truth mixed with disinformation, if you are not aware that their are a small group of elite that are willing to serve Lucifer as their bloodlines have for centuries and do run the world than you should do some research I've set out 8yrs ago to prove a friend wrong and even my parents who didn't know what to call them but always knew and told me of them and after 8yrs of really digging deep even spending 11 days in D.C. prying, it's so undeniably obvious that they do exist and I dont think they care at this point if you do know they do or not.

  14. Excuse me sir as I realize you are not aware any organization of this nature is the workings and result of yakub the big headed scientist therefore all of these organizations underground are run by black man The Offspring oh yeah cool and furthermore I am a offspring of yakub and will continue my ancestors work thank you

  15. this is one time I respect the church and the gospel when they start to use their gifts and powers to help even heathens … word is mrpastor77 just got the power to bring ppl back from the dead and he ONLY has 1 person at this time on his mind … aaliyah … he's waiting now for consent from her family to perform it

  16. All these videos will be wiped off in another 50 years.
    Because the owner of the video will live max upto the age 100 that's it. After that who is going to question whom if they delete the video ?
    So youtube never cares for this kind of videos.

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