They have refused to arrest him because he is a police officer – Janet Mbeca | Tuko TV

They have refused to arrest him because he is a police officer – Janet Mbeca | Tuko TV

they used to tell me that I am destroying my own house I asked them if they preferred me to go back and get killed I wondered what was special about him that he could not be arrested I want him arrested and arraigned in court My name is Janet Ngesa a mother to Imani and Tiffany My first born lives with my mother and I am here with the young one I met Robert Muthama in 2016 and we got married in 2017 I got pregnant in August but things were not good in our marriage What was the problem? He used to quarrel me every other time he gave me some money to go for shopping then came back at night while drunk, woke me up to ask me how I spent the money He became so inquisitive and wanted me to give him the receipt On asking him why he was behaving that way he descended on me with blows I was pregnant at that time so he sat on my stomach and said that child must come out I begun shouting for help he literally sat on your stomach? yes, he said he wanted the baby to come out I was saved by neighbours and I rushed straight to where he works that night where I was directed to spend a night at a certain ladys’ house In the morning I went to report him to his mother in Tala but she said there’s nothing she could do I called my mother, she told me to leave immediately and go back home his mother gave me fare and I travelled home in Masinga after some time he called, apologized and promised to change and so I went back everything was okay until this 18th of this month I went to show a friend of mine called Suzy some clothes I had bought from Gikomba We had prepared rice and beans for lunch he only left me with KSh 50 on that day so there was some little rice and beans that remained he came back at night while drunk tried to wake me up but I did not hear him he slapped me and in the process of waking up I shouted my friends name Suzy he asked why I refereed to him with another persons name the he turned even more violent he kicked my lips with his boots and my face was swollen he strangled me and said that he was going to kill me I was saved by neighbours where was the baby? the baby had woken up so I took her and we left I went to report to Industrial Police Station I then went to where he works and asked them to help me get to the hospital because I was bleeding he was called to come give me money to go to the hospital he was still angry and wanted to beat me up again he said I should spend the night at the station then the police will arrest him in the morning I refused and another officer warned him against touching me so he left and I took my baby with me where we spend the night at another ladys house In the morning I went back to his work place when his bossed saw me they advised me to fill a P3 form then report him one of the police officers helped me fill the form I went to Nairobi Women hospital where I received treatment and I came back with the medical report I went to meet another doctor again the following day and after I was given the report I handed it to his bosses I was informed since he was a police officer the prisons boss must be notified before he is arrested I wasn’t too happy with the way they handled me so I went to report to IPOA You felt like they did not take the issue seriously? yes. I gave IPOA officers the contacts of the officer who was handling me and they called her why did you go to IPOA? to report him I gave them the details of the police station I had reported and when the officer was called she was asked to help me on coming back she asked why I went to report her to IPOA I told her I only went to report my husband they threw all the documents I had given them to me and said I should go seek help from IPOA So another police officer joined her and they ganged up against me, she said my face looked bad no one would want to marry me another one said I deserved to be beaten they were telling you all these things openly? Yes, I apologized to them then I went back home I returned the following day to record a statement I asked them why they had not arrested this guy after what he did to me they said arresting a police officer was not easy why? I don’t know I told them I wanted to go back to the house to collect my clothes I was escorted by the police in the welfare department so the lady who was handling the case asked me to inform her after I was done I called her on phone and told her I wanted that matter to be taken to court she told me off and said I shouldn’t teach her how to do her job instead I should wait for a phone call from the OCS then she hung up what is her name? I only know her as Millicent where is she based at? Industrial Area do you think he has not been arrested because he is a police officer Yes there’s an officer who informed me that he still goes to work what were your expectations when you went to report him to the police? I wanted help but it seems they wanted the matter to end there because they abused me and accused me of destroying my house I asked them if they wanted me to go back and be killed and those were women who were supposed to help you they shocked me I was asking myself what is the role of the police if not to serve everyone equally I wondered what was special about him that he could not be arrested I want him arrested then we sort the matter in court he said he is not afraid of being arrested or even being taken to court my baby was even sacred of seeing my swollen face after I was beaten she would cry and rush to another lady who would stay with her She was scared when I went to collect clothes, she said we should leave before daddy comes to punch my face again has he spoken to you? he sent someone to come tell me that if I happen to take him to court I should forget about our marriage and that he will not support the baby he threatened me again saying that he has been summoned so I should plan on how to raise the baby I did not respond to him what do you think about this matter? he has really hurt me this is not my normal face It was even difficult for me to take tea because he badly injured my lower lip why did you keep going back to him? I persevered because the children are young, I don’t have a job and I did not want to burden my mother did you know he was an alcoholic when you met? yes, but I never thought he was violent why did you decide to stay the first day he laid his hand on you? at first you can’t really tell you thought he would change? yes how does he manage to convince you to go back after battering you? he says he’s changed and promises never to repeat the mistake Supposing he is watching, what message do you have for him? Nothing are you afraid of him? I would say if his agenda was to destroy my face and make me look ugly then it’s okay what is it you want about your life? I just need a place to stay about a job, I have knowledge in beauty and can work in an mpesa shop do you have a course in cosmetics? I have worked in a salon so you can work as a hairdresser? yes as well as work in an mpesa shop? yes I did not receive proper education but I can comfortably take care of my children even if it means doing menial jobs even if it means washing peoples clothes yes do you think you can still rely on the police if you are battered again? not really but if I am forced to I would prefer my case be handled by a male officer and not women because they really mishandled me the day my face was swollen I had to apologize to get help what message can you give to both women and even men who face violence but still stick to their marriages? Just open up to your partner and ask them to leave if you no longer want to be with them instead of turning violent given a chance what would you change about your life? I would have never gotten into marriage because I have seen death that man would have killed me okay then, thank you Janet

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  1. No one is above the law! It's disgusting and sickening to hear what her fellow women in a place of power said to her! Sadly it could be one of them next time! The days of persevering in marriages is over cos its either this or six feet under! Wake up women!

  2. Please women this thing ya ati kuvumilia kwa ndoa because of watoto please stop. sick mother or dead mother's don't take care of there children

  3. Aki wallah kenia muskil maffi marriage mungu awaonekanie plus nyinyi madada wenye mnakaa home mkingojea kusaidiwa na ma bwana to feed u,try kuna ma kazi kwa waarabu kujeni tuoshe hamam huku
    Team hamam Qatar

  4. Why is she still with the guy???,she needs to live before he kills her!.This excuse abused women use all the time that he begged me ,or called or asked for forgiveness is all bullshit, you cannot change an abusive person! ,get the hell out with your child! Move on!

  5. Ladies , lets all be TEAM KUJIAMINI 💪 …we have to empower women to love themselves , be independent , and say no to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE . Simple as !!

  6. Sasa constable wa prison na analipwa 10k kwa mwezi🌝🌝🌝anaringia nani? Badala a save tupesa awekee bibi yake kakazi nkt🌝🌝🌝🌝,prison ni watu wa D- na ndio maana

  7. Only in Kenya where the police are above the law…..hope Matiangi sees this, those women shd b ashamed of themselves, si pia wao wana watoto……plz dont go back, he will kill u next time…..hope she gets justice she deserves……rudi nyumbani na uwe single mum, you can do it…..don't go back to that devil

  8. He could not get away with this in Jamaica.she should throw some well hot
    Oil and him when sleeping .kmt🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲😎😎🙏💪💪💪

  9. Kenya police …the poorest idiots and hypocrites in the country
    Walikataa kumshika juu atafutwa.
    So they can't help you ..but give that idiot time ataishi ku regreat

  10. Women if it's not working out please leave, your life is worth more than only have one life..don't let anyone take your life away from you.

  11. Wanamme sometym wanarudisha mtu nyuma unajikaza upate boma lakini at unawaste tyme nao,huezi jitafutia kazi ukinggoja boma isimame,na kuzurura na wanawake hawataki doa,dio wanaingianga kati

  12. women in power should advocate for a stop to this gender violation.They are all silent, women are enemies of their own.fellow Kenyans wake up let's stop this is at this century nothing of this kind is happening. He should be dealt with in accordance to the law

  13. God designed men with physical strength in order to defend women, not to use their strength to overpower them. That is abuse of power. As a man you are supposed to be the safest place any woman can be.

  14. That's why Kenya and other lawless countries will retain their "3rd world" status! If this coward was in a developed nation where there is law he'd be out of a job and in jail where he belongs.

  15. Kenyan men take good care of your beautiful women, stop maltreating them.. other men can also respect ✊🏾 them too…

  16. Pole dada…nilichapwa moja 2012 since then I'm single happy and raising my child alone God will never let your kid suffer

  17. Please please, that's a devil that takes over the man. Stay far away from him he has no control over himself. Only way you fight this is on your knees in prayer

  18. Mwanamume katili ni katili I pray for justice and the lord of mercy to change men of today,nowander we are afraid to get married bcz umdhaniye siye

  19. yaani this empty skull dudes of D products think that hey are above the law kila time who are they not to be arrested lubish

  20. Industrial area is one of the worst place to expect justice………last month my brother was arrested and upon enquiring the charges the were rude…..I ended up looked for 2hrs with my son reason I told them I know my rights….what Janet is saying is true they are rude ladies being worse…..we need change in industrial area

  21. Lakini ww madam pia uko na makosa… Kama mtu anakufanyia ifo mbona unarudia kifo???? Mtu anakulalia tumbo ukiwa na mimba na unarudi???? Wasichana kuweni na focus y maisha mtu ajitegemee aachane na maisha y wanaume sio Mungu wenu …better to stay alone

  22. Women Women how why do you allow this over and over and over why why why why. Please God give women SELF WORTH and self LOVE more than enough.How does an equal human being allow another to do this to them.Do women find it part of romantic to be beaten up by a criminals like this? Janet's mum ,may God set you free coz when a daughter goes thro this continuously

  23. i felt for her ..dear take heart be strong and apart from money that he should give for his daughter never see him or let him touch you..and u said u didnt educated well to get job no its sth can be solve you can rent a room in slum building for 2000 a month get a job in upperclass place as a coffeshop sth learn in kitchen and still educate yourself and get your dream.educate.and dear talk to god ok becaz he loves you .me all his creatures..u can contact me on this email [email protected] stay far away from him janet ..

  24. Girls, please run away if the mongloid starts to threaten you…fly if you can. Shame on such men, useless nitwits. I loathe you, cursed numskulls. Pole madam.

  25. The guy how married me b4 we break it was not a else case

    I take him to chief an i thank God to my chief i was given 2 policemans to take over what i need
    Ever since i have divine peace an i submitted my life to God
    Is better to make heaven than world

  26. By the way wanaume wa Kenya wametuzoea wanawake,serikali !!serikali nitawaita Mara gapi ?tunaumia ,tunadhulumiwa,tunateswa,serikali saidieni kabla tuamie kwa maghufuli

  27. Married in 2017 and she's being beaten halfway to death in 2019? Me and my wife have been together forever and I've never laid hands on her. That man is a psychopath in uniform

  28. Very stupid women, what if ni huyo msichana ni mtoto wao wangemuongelesha matope hivo walaaaniwe sana, what goes around comes around? Nawewe pia mtu anakupiga kilasiku na umeganda hapo. Kaa single ulee watoto wako wacha ujinga.

  29. Haiya ntafuata tanasha donna tanzania am abit jealous how tz guys treat u like a queen,…hapa kenya the best relationship ni ya hit step and run

  30. Father in heaven,help the so many women passing through such most because of them LORD know that YOU can provide for them even without the monsters in form of "men".

  31. But if you are "married" and the"husband" cannot allow you to live with your son from a previous relationship huyo wachana naye issa throw!!!

  32. am ever watching tuko but it seems a section of Kenyan men are too delusional, they beat women like beating animals God help most of these women to get atleast average men not these kind of beasts.

  33. I really hate how women cant get justice in some part of the world. Police my ass, these women have no brothers or their brothers just weak. Instead of me being on social media,it would have been his face as a missing person. No man doing me like that,no matter who he is.i will get justice my way.Let god judge me when i died,i dont care.

  34. Am a retired army officer but I can't beat my wives in that manner.,then how so that's foolish notyet romantic my siz umfanyie so even if you're lawyer utajua hujui nakwambia………

  35. I believe a man shouldn’t even raise his voice on a woman and vice versa
    If there’s any issues the two should have a dialogue
    If you are sooooo mad take a walk then come back later
    Because that’s how it all starts 😒😒😒
    You raise your voice once then the next time is a slap hivo hivo hadi tunafika hapa

    But who is God
    He’s watching everything
    Take heart my dear

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