Thursday, October 24

Thursday, October 24

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel, let’s feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering and applauding) Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! Thank you for watching. (audience cheering) Say hello to my co-host, the studio audience. (audience cheering and applauding) How you doin’?
How you doin’? I’m doing okay, let’s get started. It’s time for–
Hot topics! Yeah, come on! (audience cheering and applauding) (bouncy party music) Thank you. So, here at the show we have a special place in our heart for look, I was trying to fight with the cats, okay. Ignore the Band-Aids. I’m just glad that Band-Aids come in particular skin colors now. They asked me to bring me cats in today for some sort of segment that the producers were planning. And I wrangled them and I put one in the cat carrier, and they’re kittens, you know what I’m saying. They love home like I love home. I don’t wanna go out either. I fight every morning, like uh-uh. And so I put one in, and then I found the other one. I put the other one in, same cat carrier but big enough for both of them. I zipped it all around. And I had a half hour to get myself together, get out the door to come to the show. Well, I hear them scratching and stuff. Next thing I know they have released themselves. They unzipped– (audience gasping) Well, they were born in the alley, and they’re mom was homeless and she had a big litter of eight. And My Way and Chit Chat, which I named. I don’t know what their names were before. I guess nothing, they were born in an alley. You don’t have a name. They stayed there with their mother. And just the two girls stayed with her. And the other six cats ran off. I don’t know what they’re doing. And so when I adopted My Way and Chit Chat I adopted them as sisters. And they’re just gorgeous. They’re so lovable, I love them so much. But when it comes time to get in that cat carrier, I guess they’re still shellshocked from being born in the alley, you know what I mean, out there homeless. So, they probably think, oh, this nice lady with the good smelling apartment and good food, she might be tired of us. Don’t you worry, I told you not to get so close to her to begin with. (audience laughing) Well, here we are in this bag, again, what are we going to do? Wait, she’s in the shower, let’s go. (audience laughing) I’m in the shower, I get out of the shower, and there they are out. (audience aahing) And so you know what, by this time, I gotta get here and so the cats are not here. Tell Yazmin, the producer, please, that there is no I knew she wanted to do something. If she wants the cats here, she’s gonna have to come and get them herself. Okay. (laughing) All right.
Look, look, they hit me with the (hissing)! I’ve never heard them do that. They hit me with the (hissing)! And like meowing crazy, and then before I left it was like 20 more minutes before I left. They were back on the bed cuddling with me and everything. And I could’ve gone for it again, but I was like, you know what, you girls, today you’re not gonna get your favorite food, ’cause I know what their favorite food is. It’s the soft food that has the juice in it. That’s like gum. (chuckling) Look, it’s like the tuna fish, salmon mixture. I treat them like queens or little princesses. And I know that the hard food isn’t necessarily their favorite, but that sharpens their teeth and keeps them good. But in my mind if I was a cat, I wouldn’t want the hard food. I’d want the soft foods, you know what I mean. So, I gave them the hard food. (audience gasping) And I told them, I’ll see you when I get home! How dare you, how dare you. (audience applauding) Just watch my mouth during the show. If it starts to foam, that means that they have the rabies. And they gave them to me. (audience laughing) Anyway, here at Wendy we do love Lamar Odom. I have a special place in my heart for him. So, he’s still talking, though. And he’s talking about that he left Taraji P. Henson for Khloe. (audience gasping) What? Exactly, exactly. So, Lamar sitting down with TV One on Sunday night. So, this happens this coming Sunday, we’ll be able to see. But he opens up about his relationship with Taraji. And I had no idea the depth of this relationship, ’cause I’m reading other books now. And I haven’t gotten to the Lamar book, but take a look at this. That was the most significant relationship as a grownup that I had with a black woman. I used to carry a picture on the road with me. Don’t know why I know that. Things ended with Taraji, because me being an immature punk I didn’t know how to tell her that I was falling in love with another woman named Khloe Kardashian. (audience gasping disdainfully) Well, Lamar you lost a good one. Yeah. (applauding) I mean, this is not really about the women. It’s more about Lamar’s ugly shirt. (audience laughing) What was he wearing? And then scratching his face. We already saw him scratch his junk on Dancing with the Stars. Like, ew! Look at that shirt. (audience laughing) It might be some vegan leather or something like that. Whatever it is, oh man. Anyway, I think– (audience laughing) As a black woman, I was really offended that he said, “This is my first time “having a serious relationship with a black woman.” You didn’t have to add the black part, ’cause that just adds to your nuttiness. Really, I’m offended. (audience applauding) I’m offended. And then he didn’t know how to break up with her, so he cheated on her with Khloe. And then they get engaged and married within a month of knowing each other. That’s how lost he was. It’s just the story of a lost man. Do you know what I mean? Yes. I still like him and I think he knows not what he says, ’cause he’s been through so much. And there’s certain people in life that you kind of give a pass to. (sighing uncomfortably) All right, what’s next. Oh by the way, this uncensored thing airs on Sunday night. It’s in a good time spot for us, nine o’clock on TV One. (audience applauding) We love Megan Thee Stallion, “Hot Girl Summer.” (audience cheering and applauding) Well, she and her makeup artist got into it on social media. Now, see, when I heard about this story even before delving into it and finding out what all happened, how do you get it into it with your boss, makeup artist, on social media? Now, you can call up and curse and do it, and this is a private conversation. Megan, I hope you fired him by now. Just on the basis of that. All right, here’s the rest of the story. So, Megan posted a short clip from a Vogue interview she did talking about her love of makeup. She talked about how her makeup artist Akil McCoy well, she gave him credit in the bigger story, but then she went on her social media and she bigged up her grandmother who would give her eye pencils, and how she’s always as a little girl even she’s loved makeup. And that she does her makeup. This is what she was saying on her social media. And then Akil comes in and gives his one-two step, which I mean, I would think that he would do the makeup, and then she would go in the bathroom behind his back and correct stuff, ’cause I do that all the time with Merrell. (audience laughing) But we have a collaboration. A makeup artist does not know how to give bottom lashes to a girl, that gets all over your skin. It’s just I think a thing where because they’re standing over here. But you’re actually right here and you’re in the make when you know how to do it. So, Merrell does everything else and then I do my own bottom lashes, like that. And he might put my lipstick on, too purple, too black, or too burgundy. He knows I don’t like any I wipe it all off, and come out looking like this, which I prefer. But Merrell does my makeup and maybe Megan you could’ve given him a little bit of credit on your social media, instead of just acting like you do your own makeup. And he only comes in with his last minute beat, which you know. The problem with glams is that a lot of people don’t give them credit for what they do. And I can imagine that makes them very, very upset. I always give Willy first of all, Merrell has been with me for 11 years. He’s my makeup artist. (audience applauding) He does my face. He knows my face. My only obligation to Merrell is that I try to stay within a certain weight range, so everything kind of works, or whatever. And I moisturize at night, and I don’t get pimples, and I might get a little bit Botox and a little filler and stuff. But nothing crazy, and then he works with me. And that’s my only obligation to him. He does a great job, and Willy does my costumes. This cute Balenciaga dress and these Allen Iverson Reeboks. (audience applauding) Siri, the shoe cam, please. Cute, cute, cute, cute. Cute. (audience cheering and applauding) This is Willy, I’m not shopping. I don’t even like shopping. They’re opening that American Mall in New Jersey. It’s supposed to be the largest mall in the world. It’s like a laugh, who’s walking around all day in a mall. The mall in, first of all, this mall is supposed to open tomorrow. They’ve already they’re selling tickets to get into the mall, which I don’t understand. I don’t understand, so they’ve got shops. But they’ve also got a rollercoaster. They’ve got the Nickelodeon Park. And they’ve got a water park in the mall. In this day and time where people are beating and stabbing each other all the time, do you wanna be in a mall, or would you rather just sit home and ask Willy to go shop for you? I’m not going out there. I mean, but that’s a nice thought. This mall was supposed to be open back in 2007 for those of us in New Jersey and New York. You know what that used to look like, horrific. But they painted it white and it’s beautiful. Excuse me. And people are dangerous. I don’t even want to be in crowded spots like that. Did you hear about what happened at St. John’s University? Oh, the captain of the lacrosse team what’d they call it? I forgot the word, but it equals to gutting the insides out with a knife. What? His roommate at the school! (audience gasping in disgust) You can’t even go to a nice school like St. John’s and be a roommate with the lacrosse captain without having to not breathe. People to me are just what is going on out here? Did you hear about that mother and son in Queens? They were selling apricot pits saying that they cure cancer. (audience gasping) What? I sit in the house with my cats in a glamorous robe and a turban and I watch the news and I’m like, no, I’m staying right here. I’m staying right here. (audience applauding) Yes. And then DJ Boof called. He wanted to take me on a date. Ooh! So, I said, “I don’t feel like it.” He called like noon or something like that. I was in the house, I was calm. Everything was done for the day. I’m patting and eating, and then around six o’clock he calls. He says, you sure? He said, “I could be there by 6:45.” I said, “All right, where are we going?” (audience laughing) So, we went to I said, “Look, “then let’s act like we’re on a date “to give them something to talk about.” Look, look, look, look, look, I like to play with the paparazzi. You hold my hand and crook my arm. It just started raining, which meant we had to be ultra close, so he could hold the umbrella, right Boof? And so he played the part. We got something going on, right Boof? (Boof laughing) (laughing) (audience applauding) Look, look, I told him, where are we going, I want to be back in by the 10 o’clock news, that’s it. I don’t want to go to your club date. I don’t want to do any of that mess. So, he said, “Well, Tyrese’s movie Black and Blue “is having a special screening.” Not the one where Tyrese was there, but just the one where you could kind of go in to a movie theater with like 50 seats, and you go and it’s comfortable. And Boof did the ordering ’cause that’s what you do when you’re on a date. Aw! Boof did the ordering. We had popcorn. I had Kettle chips in my bag and some Jolly Ranchers. (audience laughing) And we started watch well, first of all they started a half hour late. Anyway, it was a really good movie, but part of the way through, I said to Boof, I’m like, Boof, I’m starting to fall asleep. It was a really good move, but I just I gotta get my rest. I had to be here for you guys in the morning. (audience cheering and applauding) I’m like, Boof, I’m starting to fall asleep. My neck is gonna start swinging and this is very embarrassing. I don’t want to fall asleep. And he says to me, I’m sleepy, too. I said, “All right, Boof, “let’s play it off like we have to go to the bathroom.” And so he stood up first and held my hand, and I stood up, too, and then I had my bag and I had my Boof, and we left the movies, and then he popped the umbrella open. And paparazzi got more pictures of us looking romantical, even though we’re not. No, no, so when you see these pictures just know the stage was set. He drops me off in the front. He walks me to my apartment door and he leaves for night. Thank you. (audience applauding) And by the way, that was about 8:55, so I was home well in time for the 10 o’clock news. It was perfect. So, Martha Stewart, everybody, has some fashion advice for Felicity Huffman. Did you see this? I thought that this was really great. After seeing her in her prison uniform, just take a look at Martha talking. In prison, do you think she’s learned anything? Well, she should style her outfit a little bit more. (hosting laughing) She looked pretty schlumpy. (audience gasping) And I was thinking in analyzing this. I don’t think she looks schlumpy. I think she looks like she doesn’t wanna get taken down by one of the women in prison. (audience laughing) So, you’re not wearing makeup and all that stuff. But it would be nice is she took her hair down, and then wore the baseball hat. And I think that this is a well-fitting jumpsuit, if she rolled the sleeves maybe three times. You know what I mean? And if she didn’t wear a T-shirt underneath, and maybe unbuttoned one button and have on a pushup bra. I don’t know, I don’t know. But this is how you’re supposed to look when you’re in prison. You don’t want anybody attacking you. You know what I mean? But I think this is a pretty good fitting jumpsuit as jumpsuits go for prison. I’ve seen worse. (audience applauding) So, I don’t think she looks frumpy. I think she looks like she’s in prison. But then I asked the bureau to get me a picture of Martha Stewart in prison. And they got me that. (audience gasping) I don’t even own a pair of beige khakis in real life. (audience laughing) Much less behind bars and it’s too big for her. And Martha is much older than Felicity Huffman. I think Martha looks great for Martha, but she’s calling her schlumpy. I guess Martha just wanted something to say. You know what I mean. I don’t take any of this for anything. You both look terrible. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) (chuckling) But great as prison life goes. On a side note, Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo were just hit with more charges. (audience gasping) It is going down! They were hit with conspiring to commit federal programs bribery. (audience gasping) I don’t know what that means. But all I’m telling you is she needs to plead guilty, and just get with those years in prison. Just do your time. Now, I was watching what does Billy Bush host, I forget. Extra.
Extra. He looks really handsome there. Like Billy, I don’t know what you’re doing or what you’ve done. But you look so good and so un-bothered by any of the stuff that’s happening behind you. I love this show. So, Billy is talking about these two, Mossimo and Lori Loughlin, and there’s been speculation that their marriage is in trouble. We, I think, talked to you about this on Hot Topics. And I felt like, well, that’s a natural thing at this particular point. (chuckling) Why did you do that? I didn’t know you were doing it. Yes, you did. You saw him going to it. No, I didn’t. So, Billy said that he was the source. Billy said, looked at the camera yesterday. He said, “Their marriage is not in trouble “and I’m the source to tell you.” You know what, I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that. This is too much tension in the household. Do you know what I’m saying? And in our Hot Topics morning meeting, people were saying, well, do you think that he really knew, Mossimo. And I said, “Probably not.” I mean, when I was going through the application process with Kev, his father wasn’t a part of essay writing and stamp licking and emailing, and calling the school and finding out tuition, all that. He wasn’t a part, it’s a natural thing. I’m not talking bad against Big for once. I’m just saying that I’m just saying that a lot of times when a man is busy doing whatever– (audience laughing) I’m saying, running an empire with those clothes that he makes or whatever men do these days to keep food on their tables. A lot of times it’s up to us moms to get the application going, and get the kids in school and so on and so forth. And then the father comes around with the money to make it happen. But, instead, I don’t know what Mossimo actually knew. For all I know Lori was like me or many of you whose husband was not involved in the application process. You know what I mean? They don’t know how much it costs for those prep courses. They don’t know what an application fee is. They don’t know how much the tuition is. They don’t know anything, except to be there at the high school graduation and help us get them to college. So, I don’t know. All’s I’m saying is, she’s in trouble. And I don’t believe Billy Bush. (audience applauding) I don’t believe Billy Bush. I believed based on her securing a half million dollars in tuition fee and she takes it, along with lying and saying her kids are on the road team and they’ve never rode or teamed in their life. (audience laughing) Mossimo is probably like, we have more than enough money to send our daughters to school. It doesn’t matter that you go to UCLA or Harvard or Yale. It’s not the school you go to. It’s the human being that you are, and what you do with that little education when you get out into the world. (audience applauding) So stupid. Stupid. Dumb. (chuckling) So, rapper DaBaby. (audience cheering) Look this is a 27-year-old man. But we’re gonna stick with all diamond fronts, those are diamonds. How much did he pay for them, Irwin? You said–
$20,000. 20,000 stupid dollars for permanent ew, his breath. (audience laughing) You ever kiss a man with those teeth in his mouth? Clap if you have. Oh really, so I’m the only one? (clapping) I’m the only one? (audience laughing) Have you ever kissed a man with grills? No. Well, I have. (audience laughing) And I could tell you right now– Oh God! (Wendy chuckling) (audience laughing) It’s the worst part about being in a relationship with a man with those grills, because, or a woman, because no matter what they do and how they floss, something always seeps down. (audience gasping in disgust) There’s always a piece of ham from Thanksgiving last year way down in there. And it gives them that breath. (audience gasping in disgust) It’s not cute, like you don’t want to kiss them. You don’t even want them to laugh in your direction, ’cause ha, ha, no, no. (audience laughing) Anyway, so he’s got the $20,000 grills and all the tattoos and all that jewelry and stuff. He’s really good on social media. He’s very, very likable. I still can’t figure out why we’re calling a 27-year-old man DaBaby. (audience laughing) And why he must smile so hard. (audience laughing) Anyway, so he got into a minor car accident yesterday with a fan, but he did a really smart thing. She let him off the hook, saying that there was no damage. And he recorded all this on his phone for proof, in case she tries to double-back and sue him. You see what I’m saying, take a look. Okay, look, I did ram into her car, the like, and she said, “Ain’t no damages, it’s cool.” I said, “Let me give you a couple “of these pink fifties anyway.” I gave her one fifty, I said, “It’s from the DaBaby.” She said, “I’m listening to your (beep) right now.” I did ram into the back of her (beep) while she played on my (beep). You said it’s okay, right? It looks fine or else it looks great. Good thing I had your song on, it’s the only reason. Okay, look–
Bye, thank you. All right, I got proof. So, yeah, I’m trying to you know. Look, no damage. (audience applauding) No motherfucker gonna flip around. It’s really for court, baby. There you go. Everybody, we have one great show for you! (audience cheering and applauding) Up next we got the Romance Report on Hollywood’s hottest couples. So, grab a snack and come on back! (audience cheering and applauding) (bouncy party music) What happens if she sues the DaBaby? (audience cheering drowns out speaker) Sharp shooter. Whoo whoo! Something happened. I’m not gonna say that, that’s between me and you. Okay, so it’s time for the Romance Report. And here to dish the latest in the is entertainment journalist Ellie Lee. Welcome back. Thank you, Wendy!
(audience applauding) Ellie, let’s talk about it. Okay, before we start it is Drake’s 33rd birthday, so let’s all say, happy birthday to Drake. Happy birthday to Drake! Yes, so he had his birthday party earlier this week in L.A. and his friends were there everything, but guess who showed up, Wendy? Who?
His ex-flame Rihanna was there, yes.
(audience gasping) This is true. Now, the two have had a past. They hooked up 10 years ago. They’ve been through a lot. And in 2018 she said in an interview that they’re no longer friends. But it looks like that’s not true, because she was there till 5:00 a.m. partying, dancing, smiling, having a great time. And then they finish off the night with Drake buying everyone McDonald’s. (audience laughing) But here’s the thing, though, Wendy, you know that Rihanna is– Was there a McRibbon there? (chuckling) Maybe, I don’t know. I’m still in search of. But you know she jut came out in an interview with Vogue Magazine and said for the first time.
She’s with that man. She’s in an exclusive relationship, and she’s very happy with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. (audience cheering and applauding) And she seems really happy about it. But I want to update you on Rihanna and Chris Brown. So, Rihanna just put up an Instagram video of her showing her new Fenty Lip Glosses. And in the background she played Chris Brown’s song. So, a lot of fans were like, wait, what’s going on? Are we forgiving him. I thought we weren’t forgiving him. What’s your whole thing on that? I think she plays a lot with her exes, but I also think that Rihanna is probably one of those cool girls who assures the billionaire, look, baby, I’m yours. I don’t want any of these clowns. Been there, done that, but you know what, you’re over there in the Saudi making billions. And I’m here in the states and I’m a young girl, and I’m part of entertainment. And I’ve gotta keep my social media going. So, I’m going to Drake’s party. But I will call you every hour or FaceTime you. You will not see any pictures of me kissing Drake or grinding on Drake, and the same thing with Chris Brown. She’s one of those cool girls. And the boyfriend is probably so secure. Yeah, I agree with you. I agree with you. (audience applauding) We are now, Wendy, moving on to Dennis Quaid who is engaged to a younger woman. Now, guys, Dennis Quaid is 65 years old. His new fiancee is 26 years old. (audience gasping) That is almost 40 years younger. So, the two were vacationing in Hawaii. They were taking a selfie and Dennis was like, you know what, I’m gonna propose. And so he got one knee and proposed to her. And, listen, she’s getting her PhD at the University of Texas.
Wow, good for her. She’s 26 years old. I mean, she’s dating this man. And this is his fourth marriage. He was with Meg Ryan for 10 years. He just divorced from his last wife of 16 years. He has three kids. And his oldest son is 27, which is just a year older than his new fiancee. (audience gasping) A little creepy, a little weird. Do you think she’s gonna be a good step-mom? What’s your take on this? (audience laughing) My take one is if I was 26 years old, I wouldn’t want anything with stepping or momming. You keep your kids over there. She’s better than a lot of 26 year olds in that she’s focused in getting her PhD. That is not an easy feat. So, her 26 is probably more like 36 in terms of her mind trajectory and what she wants to do with her life. She’s young enough to have kids and start her own family. I wouldn’t be stepping or momming. I don’t care about these kids, Dennis. It’s true. I’m too young for that. It’s true.
(audience applauding) It’s true. Is he still acting? Does he have money?
Yes, he’s still acting! Perfect.
The man’s got money. I’m not hating on it. He’s got a good body, too. I mean, he’s looking pretty good. Yeah, it’s not so bad. But at 65 it is a little bit– Well, 65 is a little creepy and things happen to men’s sperm. See, men think that they can have kids all their lives. But the older you get, the more ticks that sperm has, if you know what I’m saying. I know exactly what you’re saying. Wendy, we’re moving on to someone younger. Brooklyn Beckham, he is the offspring of Victoria and David Beckham. Cutie, he is a cutie. So, people on social media are going a little crazy, because his current new girlfriend. She’s a model, her name is Phoebe Torrance, looks a lot like Victoria Beckham. And fun fact, guys, she used to be a Victoria Beckham look-a-like back in the day to pay for college. Yeah, this is side-by-side. They look kind of alike. And, also, his last girlfriend, Hannah, also looked (chuckling) like Victoria. There she is again. In the name of Lamar Odom. (audience laughing) What, yeah, creepy? It’s creepier. Yeah.
A little. I mean, as a mom, I guess some moms would be very flattered. Like they’re beautiful enough and wholesome enough or whatever that their son likes somebody that looks like them. But the bigger picture is that it’s kind of creepy. But I guess he has a type. They’re beautiful, okay? Yes. Yes. Good for you, Brooklyn, keep doing you. Keep doing you. (audience applauding) So, Monica is officially single. Yes, Monica is officially single, and she has finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, ex-Lakers player Shannon Brown. So, here’s the thing. The two of them met nine years ago when she needed a love interest for a music video. And then five months later they got secretly married, which is super cute and everything like that. But she filed for divorce in March. And there’s been no information of why she is divorcing this man. The only thing she has said was that infidelity was not a reason for it. Yeah, no, she told us here on Wendy that communication basically, she said, started to stagger. There were no conversations about regular life and things and the kids and each other. It was just they were just two adults living in a house and with the kids. Now, when she was also here she intimated, it seemed like, that Shannon and she were still living in the same house with the kids. And when we asked her about it she didn’t answer, she curved me. So, I don’t know whether they are living together or not. But she did say (coughing) excuse me, he’s a very good co-parent. Okay, that’s good, that’s good. So, TMZ followed her to court. And Shannon was a no-show. So, she was in and out 10 minutes, got the divorce, and she has her maiden last name now. She’s back to Arnold. So, it’s really, really great. And so he was a no-show, but he definitely showed up on the Instagram, because she posted a picture of her looking amazing. And he wrote, what did he write? He wrote, that stare does something to me and posted 27 heart-eye emojis. Aw! So what, is he shooting a shot again? Does he want another chance? I don’t know, men are so stupid. I know, they’re so stupid. Well, congratulations, Monica, be happy. Ellie, thank you so much for being here. Ellie Lee, everybody. Up next, we’re making spooky treats in the Wendy kitchen. Keep it here. (upbeat music) (playful Halloween music) We’re going to break it. I love that. Okay. The best part of Halloween is the candy. And here to help us with some special recipes is our friend George Durant. Welcome back.
Hello! How you booing? Booing, right, right. George, what are we doing? Oh my goodness, the things that you can do with candy and desserts is fantastic, including this incredible chocolate bark or brittle as I call it. And all you’re gonna do is really melt some chocolate into a pan with a little bit of wax paper inside of it. And different colors are gonna make different cool, little designs like this. Is this chocolate that– This is just melted chocolate with coloring inside of it. Once you melt it inside the pan, you’re gonna get your chop stick and kind of just swirl it around over all throughout. You see this cool design that I’m making now. Yeah! Well, once you put that in there, once you have that design, you’re gonna go ahead and put your worms, you’re gonna put your eyeballs, and the bones and the little things, and make sure you have lots of you like gummies right? I do. The worms are the best for using to mix. Do I. (audience laughing) And see how cute that looks. Once you refrigerate this you got your candy bark right over here. (audience applauding) Isn’t that cute? It tastes good. And it tastes good, you’re just eating away, fantastic. My next one is a favorite one. Stained-glass cookies. This is very holiday-esque, but for Halloween it works great. And you’re pretty much what you’re doing here is taking the Jolly Ranchers– Jolly Ranchers! Life Savers works too as well. No, Jolly Ranchers. Jolly Ranchers, I’m sorry, excuse me. Jolly Ranchers, and you’re gonna crush it. And you’re gonna pretty much get a rolling pin. I got my rolling pin here. Yours is over here if you want to help me crush these guys. No. You don’t want to help me crush it, okay. Here we go, ready, here we go. Very good, so you’re just gonna go ahead and crush it over here. And once you get it crushed. See, I said crush ’em. It looks almost like glass, almost. But it’s not, it’s crushed Jolly Ranchers. You’re gonna go ahead and take your cookie cutter that already has the holes inside of it– Mmm, I taste the flavors, too! There you go, right now. Where do you melt them, in the oven? Well, all you do is you crush them up and then you put them inside the little cookie cutter that you cut inside of it. Make sure you get the nooks and crannies in there. When you pop it into the oven the cookie bakes but also the Jolly Ranchers cooks in it. And what you get is this amazing, stained glass kind of looking cookie over here. And the cookies aren’t too sweet. The cookie is good. Isn’t it, and the cookie is good, too. This sort of cookie it’s very nice. But it’s not too sugary. Not too sugary, it’s called sugar cookie, but not-too-sugary cookie. Maybe, that’s what we’ll call it. All right, now, we’re gonna go to the cemetery a little bit. Ew, black licorice! Oh, you don’t like black licorice. I’m grossed out. All right, then, do you know what, let’s forget it. (audience laughing) Oh!
Forget it, we’re not gonna use it, forget the black licorice. But we are gonna use cupcakes. In fact, you’re just gonna go get store-bought cupcakes. A great trick if you don’t have time at home. You’re gonna get store-bought cupcakes. And you’re just going to kind of just spread this across with your hands if you have the time, of course. And if it’s room temperature, even better, but once you spread it across it’s gonna be one big kind of cemetery look to it. So, once it’s spread all across it’s gonna be like all flat, right? This is really, really pretty, though. And then what you do is you take some of the crumbs or your cookie crumbs or any cookie crumbs.
Mmm, Oreo cookie! And you turn it into soil, that’s what this is, this is soil right here. I’m gonna do a little soil here. And then my favorite, you take one of these cookies, the classic Milanos that you see. I love Milanos! You’re just eating my whole set, that’s what you’re doing here, I love it. Good.
Very nice. You cut it in half and now you have a tombstone, or you can write the name of your the person that you hate the most, or whatever you want to do. Maybe, just RIP is fine, here we go, R-I-P, oh not very good here. E-N. E-N? I don’t know who that is but I don’t wanna. I’m glad my name is GD, so that’s fine. And then you put the little tombstone over there. And you decorate it with more of these little pumpkins, and look at this beautiful kind of set over here. You have the little gates and the fences. What do the pumpkins taste like? The pumpkins do not taste like pumpkins. It’s candy corn pumpkin. Ew, I mean.
Yeah, yeah. Well, I mean, if you like wax, you’d love candy corn. Yeah, they’re the worst part of Halloween for me. Well, all right, all right, all right. Now, the goblets, oh, we already started. (audience cheering) All right, just shake it up, shake it up. Oh, oh!
(Wendy grunting) (audience cheering and applauding) Don’t wipe. Just a pat, no, come on, let’s keep going. Okay, I didn’t get too far on your face. Wow, I feel like I’ve seen a ghost. Oh my God, upside down, there you go. That a girl. Very nice. (audience applauding) (Wendy mumbling) I’m really, really, really scared now. Here we go. A peanut butter ball, very simple, guys. Peanut butter, cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar, you mix it up. Turn it into one of these little kind of dipping things. You add some of this. There are Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups inside of it. Mold it into a ball, put it in the fridge. This is peanut butter? Yeah, this is peanut butter. You’ve molded it into the fridge with plastic wrap, put it in the center. Add some more of the Reese’s Pieces and little bones inside of it. And go ahead and grab one of these cookies and fill it up, if you’re okay with peanut butter. Oh really?
Yeah, right there. And just kind of serve it, it’s almost like– Is this raw cookie dough? No, it’s not, it’s peanut butter. It’s peanut butter, cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar. And you know what, this would look great on your hair, too, actually, if you wanna– I’m sure it would.
With the whip cream I think it would fit just nicely, very nice. Okay, what’s this?
And, finally, candy corn milkshakes, my favorite in the world! I used mangoes and different types of fruits, kind of filled it up, and then, of course, have you used the whip cream thing before? Do you know how this works? I know how (mumbling).
You know how it works, okay. I hope you know how it works, there we go. Okay. (laughing) And then grab some crushed candy corn, and put it on top. And I’m telling you the colors are beautiful. You put this in the freezer, and share it with friends. This is really good. It has fruit juice inside of it. I was gonna say, it doesn’t taste fattening. Not at all, not at all, it has fruit juice. This doesn’t taste fattening. Very nice, you use frozen yogurt inside of it, if you want, and make it nice and healthy. But the kids think they’re eating candy. And they’re not, they’re drinking fruit juice. It’s fantastic, it’s perfect for them. Here we go.
This is George Duran. He’s been here before. Another stellar performance. Thank you. For more information on these recipes, go to Ask Wendy is next. (playful Halloween music) (upbeat music) (audience applauding) We’re back. Whoo, whoo! And it’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat, except for how you doin’? How you doin’, Wendy? My name is James, I’m 19. So, my question is so, I’m a sophomore in college, and– Where do you go? I go to Notre Dame. Okay, okay. (audience applauding) And so a lot of my guy friends there are always talking about my mom, always talking about how hot she is, she’s a MILF. All these very inappropriate things. And so for me, I think it’s very inappropriate and wrong. But my mom thinks it’s funny, and she encourages it when she comes to visit me. So, my mom is here. Oh is she?
Yeah, she is here. So, my question for you is how do I tell my friends, this is not okay, my mom is off limits. And how do I tell my mom, it’s not funny? Well, you just have. I think that a lot of moms look great to their son’s friends. I don’t think it’s for us to entice them verbally or wiggly. If you happen to have on a tight dress that’s one thing, but don’t entice the boys. It’s inappropriate. And for you, talk to your friends. And you don’t have to get upset about it. Just like, would you leave my mom alone? And she’s a little bit older. She’s flattered by it. I’ve already talked to her not to hit back on you all. It’s uncomfortable. Right.
Yes. All right, good luck. Thank you, Wendy. (audience applauding) How you doin’? Are you the cousin of Janet Jackson? No. I see something. Thank you. Cute, wait, come on out. Oh no! She’s got the body. No, go ahead. Go ahead, you wore it for here, so. (audience applauding) Thank you. Now, what’s your name, where are you from? How can I help you? I’m Taylor, I’m from Pittsburgh. I’m recently a daycare owner. My question is I’m only 26. My boyfriend is 40. We’ve been dating for about three years. And he’s pressuring me to have kids. But I feel like, am I being inconsiderate if I’m being selfish? I wanna live my life. Do you ever want kids? Later, I feel like 26, I have a little bit of time. You certainly do. But that’s your fault for getting involved with a 40-year-old man. You’re right. (laughing) And you’ve been together with him for three years, so apparently there’s no breaking up happening. I mean, this is a deal-breaker. Okay, well, good luck being single. (audience laughing) Sorry about that. Oh, we’ll be right back. (audience applauding) Today’s audience Eye Candy is a breast cancer survivor. It’s October, and that’s when we celebrate your life, Christina. (audience applauding) How are you? Good, how are you? Good, where are you from? New York City. What do you do? I’m in real estate, and I just wrote a book about my breast cancer experience as well. So an author now.
Well, how you doin’? I’m good, how are you doing? Good, tell us where you were when you found out and what went through your mind, and how long you’ve been cancer free. I actually found out I was doing a self-exam on my couch, and then I was misdiagnosed for two years, actually, by doctors, because of my young age. How old were you? I was 30 when I found it. And then I was 32 when I was actually diagnosed. So, I found out that I had stage II breast cancer. Did you go from doctor-to-doctor, or you just– I did, I had three different opinions, and went from doctor-to-doctor, but then I knew that something was definitely wrong. Was there pain? There was some pain, actually. It felt like a little bit of a bruise. Did it get bigger? It did, it got bigger. I found another lump under my arm also. And I knew my intuition was correct, and I had to just follow that. And I demanded an MRI, which then did find it, and then I was diagnosed with the stage II breast cancer a week later after the MRI. So, now, how long have you been cancer free? So, I have been cancer free for 14 years. Good for you. (audience applauding) Yay. So, I am very happy about and I also I hadn’t told about 98% of the people that I’m friends with because I didn’t want anybody to feel bad for me.
Wow, the strength of you. So, because it didn’t break me and I’m better than I was before. And I wrote this book called Chest Confessions to just tell women to listen to their bodies, to listen to your intuition, and it can save your life. Well, you look absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much.
I love your dress and your belt, and your shoes. And you’re our eye candy, and we always give a Diva Fan. It says, how you doin’? Thank you.
And, obviously, you’re doing better than ever. Thank you.
But we also want to give you, Christina, a $300 gift card. You can spend this wherever you want. Thank you so much.
Happy not recovery, you’ve recovered. I’m recovered.
So, happy life and thanks for being here. Thank you so much.
We’ll be right back. You having fun? (audience cheering and applauding) Come and be one of my co-hosts. The tickets are free, go to I love you for watching today, and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye. (audience cheering and applauding) How you doin’? Nice! (bright jingle)

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