“Time of My Life” – Dartmouth Idol Finals, 2011

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  1. This was amazing! What a blessed and wonderful talent you are Walt! I miss you and the choir dearly. And check out President Kim! Everyone performed, danced, and sang beautifully. Keep it up Dartmouth sons and daughters!

  2. @EatDrinkYum Um, No.

    While Dartmouth ComSci did win an award from Google for their recreation of Dartmouth's campus in Google Earth, I am certain it did not include details liked parked cars (1:59) and students relaxing on the Green (2:00).

    Or rather, if it did, then Dartmouth ComSci majors have way to much time on their hands.

  3. Jim Yong Kim was nominated for the World Bank
    After seeing this, it's very clear he's the best option.
    Darthmouth looks like an awesome place to go.
    I wish I could get accepted there ^_^

  4. typical American propaganda style, we need to know what plans will he propose to improving world bank policies not his skills in the world of show biz..we have enough of those.

  5. All from the guy who installed a $30,000.00 coffee machine in his office but refused to address student concerns and capus issues – all this and he's Obama's nominee for the World Bank President yet has zero banking experience……Called by Doug Casey as "arrogant" and "a government sociopath".

  6. You can joke all you want but when it comes to the World Bank which is literally determining the lives of millions of people around the world I don't think a Lady Gaga wannabe would be helpful, he's clearly another US government puppet.

  7. this channel is sooooooo unbelievably biased, once you guys accept to post opposing views, I may then begin to respect you.

  8. I can't believe how petty a lot of these comments are. This is a Harvard trained MD and anthropologist who has spent most of his career helping eliminate disease and illness. Specifically he was the director of the HIV/AIDS department at the World Health Organization (WHO), a co-founder with Paul Farmer of the global non-profit Partners in Health and helped drastically reduce the incidence of tuberculosis in Peru. This is man who can have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of millions

  9. Awesome! Aside from he bieng smart, I can see that he can sing, dance and rap! The kind of president I'd have wanted in my college years.

  10. Here’s the new Chief of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim singing, “I had the time of my life.”
    Dude’s got killer moves! Maybe he can teach berry and wookie how to dance!

  11. So a guy can't cut loose and do something fun because he is and does important things? I have tons more respect for a guy that helps the world and can still talk and act like a person.

  12. Wow this show seems like so much fun! I wish all college presidents could dance and sing and be cool like him. Man I hope that Cal incorporates a show like this one at some point.

  13. You can't judge how a man will run a world bank based from just one video showing him having a good time…

  14. i'm a chinese and although i have many korean friends, i dislike koreans like typical chinese do. but this time, this man is the coolest korean i've ever known. -with all my respect.

  15. Am I the only one who caught the dharma initiative logo in the lower left hand corner during the opening sequence with the 60's inspired star-scape?

  16. 1. You're a racist moron. It's unlikely you have any friends, even Chinese ones.

    2. Kim looks like someone grandpa in this video, thinking this is cool means you need to go back to listening to Robin Thicke and Lady Gaga

  17. i assume you are a korean, but whether you are or not, let me tell you this. i dislike (not hate) koreans for some reasons and they are good ones:
    1. koreans claim they invented chinese language
    2. koreans claim acient chinese history is a part of korean history
    3. koreans claim chinese are descendents of koreans
    N. such actions koreans stealing chinese culture are too many to list. i'm not subjectly or actively dislike koreans, i'm just doing something back to them and it's only on my mind

  18. Is there somewhere we all vote for president of 'the World', period? President of the WB, Prince of my heart.

  19. You're an idiot. No Korean in the fucking right mind thinks according to the way you describe. Lemme guess, you're probably going to say
    1. Koreans think they invented the chopstick
    2. Koreans think Confucius is Korean.
    3. Koreans think their fucking gods of this world.
    I'm sorry zivchen but you're just a sad product of the propaganda put forward by Chinese rightists. I recommend you to stop taking every news from the Chinese media as gospel truth but start taking them with a grain of salt.

  20. i know exactly where you are going to. but i'm not like what you think. here are reasons:
    1. i don't dislike chinese government, i fuckin hate them as much as i would suicidebomb them. therefore, i don't listen to them.
    2. there are some false and even fake claims on koreans, but it really was koreans started these craps. look up the Duanwu Festival, even the japanese respect it as a chinese culture, but you koreans did a eyeblowing thing fuckin koreanized and renamed it by registering at the UN

  21. i have no intention to disrespect koreans on any other things and i respect Mr.Jim Yong Kim very much. i dont know if the origin of chinese were from africa or not and i never said korean culture is a derivative from chinese culture, but in fact, that's what koreans don't wish to admit and i don't wanna hurt you.

  22. To alot of naysayers who oppose a brightest mind, Jim Yong Kim entertaining his students, he is someone, someone who can bring a huge impact to this world around us. Not only in U.S., but around the world. I love the people who are extremely smart yet knows how to have fun and socialize effectively with others. So stop with the comments about how you don't like him entertaining students and just look at yourself. Unless you're someone who's at the same position as he is in, just stop hating.

  23. I am Korean and I'll admit that Korean culture adapted a lot of Chinese culture but I wouldn't say that we're from Chinese culture. If you are making an assumption that Korean culture are originally from Chinese culture just because we're the same race, I would take that as a racism. Otherwise, I think a lot of Asian countries adopted each other's cultures to enlighten their own.

  24. Just do not bring racism over this video of a college festival. This is why America is going in a wrong direction recently. People just can't look at a thing without bringing racial discrimination or hatred. It's only a video of a festival at Dartmouth. Stupidity. Also, what's wrong with a President of the World Bank trying to entertain students and have fun with them? So according to you, people at high position can't have a fun life? always have to be serious and stuff? Stupid prejudices.

  25. Koreans claimed that they invented chinese languages? Koreans claim that ancient chinese history is part of korean history? provide an evidence. A proof. An article or any source that helps the point that you're making. Also, why do you hate certain ethnicity? I am Korean. I don't hate on Chinese. I never thought about them as descendents of my ancestors. and what? It's only on your mind? dude you just wrote it publicaly. Think about what you're saying before you take an action. Also, don't hate

  26. Also, if you think Koreans don't rty to admit the fact that we're a derivative from chinese culture, doesn't that also mean that you're forcing us to admit it and that you expect Koreans to be derivative of Chinese? That's so wrong and just out of logic. It doesn't matter who came from who or what cultures came first. That's history. We always argue over little things. But as of now, China and Korea are two very different countries. So stop insulting my country please

  27. Lastly, I was actually laughing when you said you had no intention to disrespect Koreans because you actually did by saying all those stupid stuff. It's almost like saying "Oh I don't like the way you are. NO OFFENCE." That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. So you can insult others and cancel everything by just saying "no intention"? nope.

  28. According to you, I guess you're mad at the fact that Korean is only a derivative of China and yet a successful Korean man has become the President of the World Bank. Right? Since you think Koreans are from Chinese? Just stop hating and if you really didn't have any intention to insult my country, just keep it to yourself. Just don't post jibber jabbers about how you hate koreans on the websites publically. Alright good luck with that twisted mind, young man.

  29. be clear, although he's korean ethnic, Mr. Kim's success is a result of America system and it has less to do with korea. period. and you think the way you steal our culture doesn't hurt us? and you expect me to keep quiet? i'm expressing my opinion for a persuasive reason, and you?

  30. okay but he was raised in between Korean parents who probably have gave him more "Korean" way of living and if you would ask him, he would identify himself as Korean. Just because he lived in America, doesn't make his success all up to the American way. Oh, really? Im not expecting you to be quiet. Also, Im expressing myself too. I mean what matters which came from which?

  31. Also, I think you didn't read my whole responses but I asked you to provide evidence that Koreans are trying to say that Chinese cultures are from Koreans. Really. I recently read an article that Chinese actually put a statement that claims that Korean cultures are from Chinese cultures. Doesn't that make your people the same? Like why would we even fight over this? on a youtube video?

  32. Why would you even bring up your hatred against Koreans? huh? This video literally has nothing to do with Koreans claiming that Chinese cultures are from Korean cultures. If you really think Koreans are trying to say that, why don't you become successful and prove that Koreans are making false statements? I mean I don't care if you prove that Koreans are wrong and evil.

  33. Hm, Also, his success is not a result of American system. It's due to his parents' strict Korean way of training their children. I mean America PROVIDED the education but not the system. I mean if according to you, why wouldn't all Americans succeed in life then if American system is that good? Every system has advantage and shortcomings. Even Korean system does too.

  34. Btw, I really think you have excessive pride in your country. Not necessarily saying that it's a bad thing, but from what i've seen, that often causes conflict with others. Oh and please stop with "Koreans are trying to say that Chinese cultures are from Korean cultures". really stop it. It's chinese who's trying to takeover. History proves it. You guys tried to expand your land over South Korea using North Korea during the war eh? really. It's even idiotic to argue with you. BYE loser.

  35. Oh. not calling Chinese people loser. Im just calling you individual a "loser". Really. You made my day by making those nonsense responses. okay have fun with that jibber jabber. bye 🙂

  36. Oh this is my really really last comment unless you want to go further through gmail. Um don't assume that ALL Koreans are trying to claim that nonsense. It's those some radical conservative Koreans who do that. Just like there are some radical old Chinese who actually claim that Korean cultures are from Chinese cultures. Um, hope you really realize it. okay once again, Have fun with your jibber jabbers 🙂

  37. A medical practitioner becoming the president of world bank…. hmmm, its only in the USA where a lawyer would be sent to the surgery room to operate on patients because he has a positive impact on people…. #smh

  38. Except if you consider that the mission of the world bank is to address health and poverty concerns in poorer countries, and how to shore up the resources to address those problems, it starts to sound a lot like the administration department of a *gasp* hospital.

  39. Wow! Really? World leaders are not all robots? This one indeed dances like a robot but still looks more human than the accountants that was previously on his post. I just hope that he will make the World Bank look more human too…

  40. 댓글들 보니 맘이 훈훈하네 ㅎ 밑에 누군가 말처럼 정말 로봇처럼 ㅋㅋ춤을 추지만 그래서 이전 그 어느 총재들보다 인간적이다

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