Today’s GUEST : NCT 127 / The Unit’s [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.3.30]

Today’s GUEST : NCT 127 / The Unit’s [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH3 / ENG,CHN / 2018.3.30]

Hello, I’m Taeyong of NCT 127. Nice to meet you. Hi, I’m Doyoung. Hello, I’m the refreshing Taeil. Not refreshing at all. Hello, I’m Yuta with the healing smile. Hi, is this camera working? Yes, it’s working. Okay. Hello, I’m Jaehyun. Hi, I’m the cool guy Winwin. A man of unexpected charm. Hi everyone. I’m Mark wearing a white hoody. Hello, I’m the freestyle Haechan. Honey-like skin. – Are you bragging? / – Yes. Hi, I’m Johnny wearing denim on denim. Master today’s hottest idol! Idol Master. Today’s guests of Idol Master are 9 men who appeared like the spring breeze to touch our hearts. What’s he going to do? NCT. NCT 127, wow! 127, wow! 127, wow! Let us introduce ourselves. One, two, three. To the world, NCT. Hello, we are NCT 127. Welcome to Idol Master. Idol Master. How does if feel to come to Idol Master? You were here last June, right? Yes, when we released CHERRY BOMB. You weren’t the MC back then, were you? No, I myself am quite new here. Oh, I see, I see. – How does it feel to be back? / – I got mixed up. We played a lot of fun games back then. I’m looking forward to the games we’ll be playing today. So, Doyoung, you came here to play games? – Yes, I had fun last time. / – You did? I think the games we prepared for today will be enough to surprise you. Now, shall we get started? The first course is promotional master. Please promote your CD to your global fans for one minute. Like in home shopping. Having a colorful cover, the NCT 2018 EMPATHY album comes in 2 different versions. The one I’m holding right now is the Dream Version. I can guarantee you that if you buy this album, you won’t regret it. Good good, how much time… – Wow, amazing. / – Good, good. The 8 of us created this album. I hope many of you get to listen to it. This is not all. If you open it, it becomes double. Where are you going? The album you’re looking for is right here! The album that brings us together. NCT 2018 EMPATHY. Order now. That was amazing. NCT 127’s concept changed with the release of the new album. We used to focus more on charismatic and powerful moves for our performances. Our songs and performances were full of energy. But through our new song TOUCH, we will be able to show a more refreshing side of our group. The choreography is also more relaxed. How were your expressions in your last album? How about now? One, two, three. How about now? One, two, three. Wow, they’re quite different. Which member is the best fit for this concept? – Oh, that would be… / – That is… I think it’s me. I think it’s me. Show us the expression you’d make when looking at the person you love. One, two, three, cue. Yuta, which member do you think is the worst fit for this concept? – There are 2. / – 2? Who are they? Taeil and Taeyong. I’m in charge of freshness. Is that so? Show us. Show us your fruit-like charm. Taeil, one, two three. Oh, that’s sour. One, two, three. Oh, that’s sour. Taeyong, do you want to give it a try? Me? Yes. One, two, three. Sour and a bit bitter. Each and every one of you has a different charm. Do any one of you NCT 127 members have a special skill? That would be Johnny. I can’t say it’s perfect but I’ve been practicing something. It goes something like this. Johnny takes the stage. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Look at my reflection there. Follow me. I know what this is. You’ve gotta be very careful. If you look closely, he’s looking for food. He sounds the same. Be careful. Oh, there’s a bird, there’s a bird. It looks as though he’s trying to eat the bird in front of him. Taeil, you look like a person with some special skill. I can do an impression of an owl. An owl, okay. Upon seeing the owl, Johnny said… Follow me. Follow me. Ah, that was good. That’s what I call good collaboration. Follow me. You’ve gotta be very careful. Now, let’s play NCT 127’s favorite game. ♪ NCT’s favorite idol game ♪ ♪ What is today’s game? ♪ ♪ The TOUCH game ♪ ♪ The TOUCH game ♪ Get ready. I’ll give you 5 seconds. Ready, go! 5, 4, Stop. It’s quite difficult. Difficult? Is it? Please take your blindfold off. Was it him? No, no. Oh, he said no. Try to guess who it was. Doyoung. Wrong. Who was the hugger? It was Haechan. I thought you’d get it right. Why did you think it was Doyoung? – His bones… / – You saw his bones? – They felt like Doyoung’s. / – He saw his bones. Taeyong, please come forward. I’ve never seen someone so handsome in a blindfold. This blindfold will help you get a good night’s sleep. Taeyong Blindfold. Now, who’s next? Oh, okay. I’ll start the countdown. Start! 5, 4, 3, 2… – 2… / – Ah, okay. You don’t need more time? Wow. He should’ve touched him. – Who do you think it was? / – Doyoung. Not you. Again, who do you think it was? Doyoung. Was it you? What’s this music? What is it? What’s this music? What is it? – Wrong. / – Wrong? – Or was it Jaehyun? / – The answer is… – Winwin. / – It was Winwin. It was me. And you thought it was Doyoung? I guess Doyoung plays a lot of pranks. Okay, Haechan, are you ready? Who’ll go next? Touch a bit more. You have to get it right. Doyoung, stop touching. It’s not you who has to guess. Stop touching. It’s not you who has to guess. Oh, I’m terribly sorry. Very sorry. Let’s do that again. So sorry. So sorry. My apologies. Doyoung, why don’t you try next? Try to guess the hugger. Start. Oh, you guys are very clever. Okay now. I think… I think he’s going to get it right. Stop. Your time’s up. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Not yet. Okay. Now, take off your blindfold. These people are very deceptive. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Who do you think was the hugger? It was you. It was you. And the answer is? How did you know? I think your butt gave it away. Oh really? How did you know it was him? I touched his stomach and I knew that he was flexing his abs. He has abs? He has lean abs, and that’s what I was touching. Oh, lean abs… I see. Those who got it wrong have to receive their penalty. – There’s a penalty? / – Of course. Taeyong and, who was it? – Taeil. / – Taeil. What kind of penalty? Ah! Show us how sexy and cute you are. Ready? One, two, three. His lips are trembling. The number 1 visual chosen by 100 idols. One, two, three. The last game following the TOUCH game is the NO TOUCH, NO TOUCH game! Do you want to give it a try, Johnny? – Warm-up dance. / – Want to warm up? Very good. Good, good. Very good, Johnny! A great way to warm up. Look at those long arms. Great. Now Johnny, go! Oh, this is… Johnny. Oh. Oh, Johnny. Oh. That was amazing. Who wants to go next? Haechan. Now, do a warm-up dance. Warm up your body before you go. Nice movement. Very nice. Good, good. Now, start. He’s a strong favorite. He’s a strong favorite. He’s a strong favorite. Nice! Now, warm up, warm up. Good. Winwin, go! Good job. Play some exciting music, please. Jaehyun’s turn. The bar’s been lowered, right? Wow, you can do it, you can do it. Wow, you can do it, you can do it. Amazing. Now, who wants to try next? I think I’ll be able to do this. Yuta, Yuta. – Go. / – I think he’s going to succeed. – Go. / – I think he’s going to succeed. Wait. His knees touched the ground. Wait, wait. I even heard a sound from his knees. That must’ve hurt. But that counts as a success because his knees touched the ground after passing under the bar. Don’t hurt yourself though. I touched the wall. – You felt a prickly pain, didn’t you? / – Yes. I’m seeing stars right now. That must’ve hurt. I’ll try next. You’ll try next? Johnny, you think you’ll make it? Mark, you suddenly raised your hand. Get set, ready… Do you want to do a warm-up? – Yes. / – Warm-up, start. Stop, stop. Stop, stop. Sorry, Mark. Rather than really just doing a warm-up, why don’t you dance a little? You’re not here as a sports player, and this isn’t a gym. Okay, Mark. Get set, ready, go! Mark! Like a flash of lightning. Let’s lower the bar to 75cm. 75cm? This seems extremely low. Now, there’s no turning back. – Haechan? / – You’re going to go next? Haechan, go! It’s too low. – Oh, no, no. / – This is impossible. Mark, Mark. Everyone falls down at this point. – Taeil. / – I’ll go next. Taeil, good! Win the gift! Go! Dingdong, catch him if he falls down. It’s height is equal to the length of this jacket. An upper body… I will root for your dream. It’s funny that I’m getting nervous. K-RUSH… – Didn’t he make it? / – Wait. What do you say? He passed! Today’s MVP is… The member who gave us joy and inspiration through his excellent skills and attitude of sacrifice. You made us all very happy. Johnny! The MVP award. – Here, your award certificate. / – Oh, a certificate. This award is given to the above member for actively participating in all sections of Idol Master and for proving himself to be an excellent talent who will guide NCT to a rosy path of success. Idol Master. One, two, three. Congratulations. Johnny, hip hip hooray! I hope you’ll continue to look forward to NCT 127’s future activities. To the world, we are NCT. Thank you for watching. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Two, three. Let’s be UNB. Hello, we are UNB. Wait. New face, new face. New, new, new face. That’s right. Today, we have some new faces. Who could they be? – It’s FeelDog and Chan. / – Hello. We are divided into the older and the younger teams. We compete in the Gyeonggi-do Coin Battle. The winner of various games receive coins. The team with more coins wins. And the winning team is served with a delicious meal. Ah, looks so yummy. The attraction that we, UNB, will introduce today is the city of peace and culture. Gimpo of Gyeonggi-do. Now, let’s start UNB’s Gyeonggi-do Gimpo tour, shall we? Let’s go! We’re really getting on board, right? Does it really move? Have you ever been on a cruise ship? No, I mean, yes, I have. I envy you. It’s my first time. Really? Is this some kind of club? We aren’t going to perform here, are we? What’s that? What? How did he do that? Hello. Hello. Hello. Wow, look at the view. Look, seagulls. Really? There are seagulls? Hey there, seagull. Take this. Come here. A seagull ate my chip. Come here, come here. Okay. Okay. He ate my chip. Do you have more chips? He ate mine. Here, here, here. You’re going to play the human seagull game. The human seagull game? That’s what Kijung did just now. I’m ready. I will equip myself to become a human seagull. You look like a pheasant. Start. The chip dropped in front of me. Wait, stop. The wind is blowing. – Now? / – No. No, not yet. No. – How about now? / – Yes, now. Where’s the seagull of the older team? Why aren’t you flying? He started to flap his wings. He’s coming. Two, three. – Did he catch it? / – Yes. He ate it. One more time. Don’t stop. 2 points. 3 points. Okay. Nice. – The older team wins. / – Wins. Thank you. So generous. As we’re in the new city, the crew prepared a drone for us. So, where are we now? The Gimpo Hamsang Park is a security experiencing area created by anchoring a landing ship that used to protect our waters for 52 years until 2006. Hello. Now we’re entering the historic place. – Hello. / – Look at the navy soldiers. – Hello. / – Hello. They’re not greeting us back. – I think they’re busy. / – I think so too. Your eyes are beautiful. Let’s quickly go inside. – Is this floating on water? / – Yes it is. It’s a museum on water. 671. Awesome. Searchlight. If you look down, you can see the engine room from here. – Is that the engine? / – Yes, it’s the engine room. Everyone. This is so cool. Full gear. I am seaman recruit Kim Kijung. Why’s your voice like that? Seaman recruit. Here’s the dispensary and here’s the bedroom. – Is this a bed? / – You can see… You can see things that were used in those days. I know. Hey, look. Janggi. The ambience is a bit different. Let’s decide our ranks. Rock, paper, scissors. Petty officer second class. Our leader. This military unit is doomed since Kijung is our subordinate. We’re doomed! It’s over. Got nothing else to say. How dare you talk like that to me. Seaman recruit. Yes, sir. This is seaman recruit FeelDog! You have to say his name. I can’t hear you! This is seaman recruit FeelDog! Good. Thank you! Marco. This is seaman Marco! Show me your special skills. My apologies, sir! I don’t have any. I just graduated school. Chan, take over. Seaman, come here. Yes, sir! – Stand in front of me. / – Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Move one step backwards. Yes, sir! As you know, we have a new entrant. You think you can train him well? Yes, sir! – Okay. Get back to your seat. / – Yes, sir! Seaman recruit. Yes, sir! Do you have any sisters in your family? I have one older sister, sir! Objectively speaking, is your sister pretty? My apologies. Oh Kwangseok. Yes, sir! Show me your special skills. I can do an impression of Yu Jaeseok! Please call my name, sir! FeelDog. Time’s up, so let’s play another round. Okay. Rock, paper, scissors. Marco. Yes, sir! This is seaman Marco! You sound very disciplined. Yes, sir! Are you happy here? Serving in the military? No, I don’t want to be here! Front leaning rest position. – I… / – Now. Yes, sir! At 1, you say “I will” and at 2, you say “do my best.” – One. / – I will… – One. / – I will… – One. / – I will… – One. / – I will… – Two. / – Do my best. – Two. / – Do my best. – One. / – I will… – Two, one. / – Do my best, I will. Get up. Sit down. My eyeballs are about to pop out! Sit down. Please, send me to the guardhouse, sir! No, then I won’t be able to harass you. You’re too mean. Now, seaman recruit. Yes, sir. This is seaman recruit, Kang Yuchan! – Come closer. / – Yes, sir! You look very similar to a superior that used to harass me. – My apologies, sir! / – Your presence upsets me. I’m sorry. Go over there and face the wall. Kneel down, facing the wall. Seaman recruit. Yes, sir! Turn around. When you get your first leave on your 100th day, get a nose job and change your face. I think he really needs plastic surgery! – Get down. / – Yes, sir. Get down. I like my face that I got from my parents! Okay, okay. At 1, you say “I will,” and at 2, you say “get one too.” – One. / – I will… – Two. / – Get one too. – One. / – I will… – Two. / – Get one too. Get up. I’ll try to get a sponsor. Now, petty officer third class. Yes, sir. Stand over there. Since we have these new recruits, why don’t you sing a song or show off your cuteness? – I will sing then. / – Sing. Okay, start. Clap. ♪ Being in love is such a good feeling, right? ♪ A good feeling, right? ♪ Just like this feeling ♪ ♪ They are all in me ♪ ♪ Not elsewhere but in me ♪ I should end here. Nice. Now, show us your cuteness as a finale. All of this will end if we leave the navy but watch and learn. Hey, answer me. Yes, sir. I will follow you with a knife in my hand! – Get down. / – Excuse me? – Get down. / – I’m sorry, sir! At 1, say “I am” and at 2, say “very sorry.” “Very sorry.” – One. / – I am… – Two. / – Very sorry. Get up. The sun’s shining. Wow, this is just amazing. Jack Sparrow. What do you think of this view? It’s awesome. One, two. We’ve seen almost all parts of the Gimpo Hamsang Park. But it will be too sad if we leave already. That’s right. The last chance to turn the tables. What was the point of all the previous games, then? If the MC says to raise the white flag, the players need to raise the white flag, and if he says to raise the blue flag, the players need to raise the blue flag. Raise the blug flag. Raise the white flag. Okay. You guys should get yourselves ready. – Are you ready? / – Yes. Are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s get it. Allow me to start, then. Raise the blue flag. Raise the white flag. Lower the white flag. Lower the white flag. Lower the white flag. Lower the white flag. Raise the white flag. Okay. The score is 1 to 0. I have faith in you. – I’m getting nervous. Very nervous. / – Me too. I’ll start. Don’t raise the blue flag and raise the blue flag. Huh? Don’t raise the blue flag and raise the blue flag. – Huh? / – What? His pronunciation. – Pronunciation. / – What about it? Sir, what do you think? – We won, didn’t we? / – 1 to 1. I’m going to concentrate. I’m in ultra-concentration mode. Don’t raise the white flag and raise the white flag. Nice. Nice. The flag broke. Could I get another one? I think I broke it. Raise the white flag. Raise the white flag. Don’t raise the blue flag and lower the white flag. Raise the white flag twice. Raise the white flag and lower the blue flag. Raise the white flag and lower the blue flag. I got it wrong. – You know, he got it wrong twice. / – No, three times. I can’t believe this. Nice. The older team wins the coin battle. Let’s congratulate them. Bon appetit! Bon appetit! Let’s dig in. It’s so delicious. So good. Spicy, just the way I like it. That looks delicious. – Bon appetit. / – Wow corn cheese. – This is so good. / – Abalone guts. Wow. Wow. The flower of the sea. The symbol. – The symbol? / – The symbol. You know, the younger team may win next week, so… You want us to give you a chance? Actually, I really want to see your cuteness and Kijung’s dance. We’ll give you a lettuce wrap. Okay. They’ll lead us to the path towards the wrap. Okay. I’ll try to seduce you by expressing an abalone. Okay, if we like it a lot, we will add another slice of raw fish. Why are you touching me? I think even one piece is too much for you. – Let’s give him just the lettuce. / – Should we? Should I show off my cuteness or express a flatfish? Both. May I have your attention, please? First, the cuteness. Starting with cuteness, and then transforming into a flatfish. The flatfish is seducing you, approaching you, and now it goes down your throat. Thank you for your attention. – That was good. / – Come over here. Good job. Let’s eat now. An acrostic poem with “Gimpo.” Gim-po is full of po-tential. That was quite good. Now, Kijung’s turn. Gimchi fried rice. Po… Potato chips. Get out. Pay for the food on your way out. Could I please get one piece of the fish? We’ve spent a meaningful day in Gyeonggi-do Gimpo, going on a cruise and visiting Hamsang Park. I hope that the younger team will win next week. Eat next week. Eat next week. We will definitely win! I hope to see you next week. Please look forward to next week’s show. Thank you for watching. We are UNB. See you next week. Did you enjoy watching K-RUSH? Now, it’s time for the NCT 127 viewer quiz. What is the title of NCT 127’s new song? 1. MUCH. 2. RUSH. 3. TOUCH. The winners will receive our signed CD! I hope many of you will participate! (“Look” by GOT7)

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