Top 10 reasons to move to Delaware. Delaware has reasons to make you want to live there. Really.

Top 10 reasons to move to Delaware. Delaware has reasons to make you want to live there. Really.

What is going on everyone? How about we
take a look at the positive side of the first state Delaware if this is your
first time watching this channel what we do here is we make videos about
locations in the US states cities towns neighbourhoods etc I normally do a
negative side of whatever subject were on but every so often I make a positive
video about that location every place has its pluses and it’s minuses no place
is perfect to be honest I’d love to do nothing but positive videos the sad fact
is they only get half the views negative video gets because people love the
negative who wish they didn’t and please to the person that’s going to leave a
comment after watching this video that’s somewhere along the lines of you said
that this state sucks in your last video which is it it’s both it just depends on
who you are and how you see things and what you want
so stop typing Delaware is a great state with great people and a ton of history
it is called the first state because it is the first state it was the first
state accepted into the Union if you’re thinking about moving to Delaware I’m
gonna show you why you really should so sit back and world according to Briggs
and chill just kidding here’s my top 10 reasons to move to
Delaware number ten small state
Delaware’s the second smallest state in the country this is good for a few
reasons smaller states receive more federal aid
per capita than the larger states which is good for fixing roads and schools and
things of that nature at least that’s what you’re supposed to do with this
money politicians rarely do what they’re supposed to do with the money now
traveling is another reason you’ll be close to DC New York Philadelphia and
Baltimore sure the closer you get the more traffic you run into but at least
you have the option of going to a bigger city not like Iowa where there is no
option for anything like that unless you have two days to travel if you need to
leave the state the longest travel time you’re gonna have is about two hours
that’s pretty good if you want to leave Los Angeles it takes longer than that number nine beach towns Delaware has
some great little coastal towns you can go to Rehoboth Beach or Bethany Beach
for all the beach town type shops restaurants and in general just touristy
activities if the tourist thing isn’t your scene head to slaughter Beach for a
more secluded relaxing day at the beach type thing one of the subscribers said
slaughter beaches where all the locals go and its really really nice not a
bunch of shops or anything like that just nice place to relax that bring a
lunch and slaughter beach also sounds like the title of a 1980s teen horror
movie it just does have a bunch of girls bikinis running around getting you know
killed by something in the sand that’s what it reminds me of anyway in my not
two video about Delaware I talked about Rehoboth Beach having some strange laws
one city ordinance says that you can’t fake or pretend to sleep on a city bench
I don’t know what you know really maybe it was the homeless people or something
like that but it’s weird that they had to put that into law you know what if he
just doze off waiting for a bus next thing you know you’re arrested for
trying to catch a couple Z’s but hey you can’t deny these are great places to
spend the day number eight Health Careers every state or city has their
major industry Delawares is a place for health care careers
eight of the top ten highest paid jobs in the state are health care-related
Delaware has outstanding healthcare delaware is a big
retirement state so it’s no wonder they have healthcare careers in such demand
now I had to explain this to someone in the comments section when I mentioned it
before about another state so let me get this one knocked out right away as you
get older your health tends to deteriorate the clinical term for that
is getting old when you get older things start to break down sort of like a car
like an older car older people tend to need more help staying on the road since
they have such good healthcare in Delaware it’s probably a great place to
be older as far as your car I have no data supporting the theory that
Delaware’s a great place to have an older car stop typing number seven
nature Delaware is very underrated in terms of beauty this state is beautiful
with sandy coastlines in the East then towards the west you’ll get into the
trees a bunch of trees the state has about sixteen state parks with over 100
acres in total and that’s a lot of hiking land if you are a hiker try swamp
forest trail it’s about a six point eight mile moderately traffic loop
located near Bear Delaware it has amazing wildflowers the path is shaded
ninety percent of the time LUMS pond is in the middle of it it’s good for all
skill levels even if you’re older like I was saying most people in Delaware tend
to be it’s decent for you the paths are nice just watch out there’s a lot of
routes in the path just be careful that enjoy this place take a camera number
six good for retirees Delaware is one of the top states retirees are flocking to
it’s no surprise the state has many benefits for seniors in Delaware
residents aren’t taxed on their social security benefits also up to twelve
thousand five hundred of their retirement income is tax exempt which
when you’re living on a fixed income as a retiree that’s a big bonus they even
have some decent casinos retirees always flock to casinos for some reason it’s
probably the 24 hour bingo I’m not sure if you’re 65 and over while in a casino
please don’t try and get your senior discount on a hand of blackjack it’s not
a thing it’ll never happen Zeno’s offer really good senior
discounts but not for gambling okay and yes I’ve seen someone try that before
and exactly why I don’t go to casinos with
my father anymore number five clean beaches when visiting beaches the last
thing you want to worry about is how toxic the water is especially if you got
your kids with you in Delaware it’s not a problem
that the state is recognized for having the best water quality testing program
in the country the waters here regularly tested for all
the pollutants ensuring that the residents and visitors are swimming in
the purest water possible now I find this one a little strange
it’s Delaware when most people are thinking about the ocean and beaches
they think about California Florida and Hawaii shouldn’t these three states be
the ones leading the country and water quality testing bravo Delaware this one
this one gets high marks for me I grew up near the ocean my whole life and our
beaches of California always sucked as far as water quality I really like this
one number four history Delaware was the first state to gain statehood in 1787
about four years after the end of the Revolutionary War took them some time to
get all the paperwork together especially back in the day when they
didn’t have faxes and emails and things like that it took a while this means the
whole state is full of history you can visit numerous historical parks and
sites John Dickinson’s plantation the Ross mansion numerous Revolutionary War
sites and more now if you’re a history buff like I am Delaware’s a great
starting point to learn about this country you can’t go wrong start there
and if you do visit you can see all these things and then there’s so many
other ones closer in Pennsylvania Maryland and obviously DC it’s a great
place to start Delaware in the tele honest truth most the population there
are very proud of it and they’re very knowledgeable about it I had a guy all
the time in the army talk about all the historical things expect before you know
the Internet was right there at our palm he was a wealth of information about the
Revolutionary War in Delaware history it was weird
number three fiscal stability now this one is key and it’s really
boring Delaware is one of the most fiscally stable states in the country
now this is a smaller state so it’s easier to pull off but it doesn’t take
away from the fact that the state government hasn’t made any stupid moves
that put the state in terrible debt like so many other states most of the towns
are in good with jobs and opportunity sure
Wilmington is a fricking nightmare but really every state has one or two
they’re no different the state has the best credit rating of any of the other
states in the country so basically if in my 20s I was a state Delaware is the
complete opposite of me now before someone pulls out some minor stat about
the money there hey don’t I’m sure you can cherry-pick some stats that shows
Delaware’s and doing that good but their credit rating says a lot for the state
is amazing number two the food scene Delaware is very diverse when it comes
to their food like many states with ocean borders the status top-notch
seafood all along the coast will find crab shacks and lobster bars and things
of that nature Delaware’s also big on Italian food like
real Italian food not Papa John’s no I’d like Papa John’s it’s not like authentic
Italian food and to the commentator from Rhode Island who bragged about how good
and how pleasant Italian food scene is stop typing the dude gave me a list of
great Italian food places and his favorite things to eat at each location
so I’m reading through it then I realized he’d actually listed subway and
the meatball sandwich as one of them that’s as far as I got that was like
number five and I couldn’t read anymore it was it was just too much for a person
who really enjoys food to take in it was it was bad and number one no sales tax
currently Delaware has no sales tax that means if you go buy something for $2.99
you’re only going to pay $2.99 it’s the same way here in Portland and when I
moved up here from California it took me a while to get used to now this saves
the residents thousands of dollars each year in both states sight note they do
tax are legalized weed and pretty much any state that’s legalized it they tax
it through the roof but still I mean stoners just happy they’re not getting
arrested for buying weed Delaware defies state and government norms they really
do they don’t tax you up the but and they still have money to fix things
governor’s all over the country when they hear something like this they’re
saying their selves wait hold on I didn’t know we could do that you mean we
won’t have to spend more than than we have coming in I don’t know how that
works yeah it’s really sad but that’s how a lot of the states work things it’s
it’s it’s unfortunate all right so that’s my top ten reasons to move to
Delaware I hope you guys enjoyed hope you got some information out of it don’t
forget all the links below I don’t do a lot of these positive videos because
they don’t get the views I’d like to do them more so help me out share this on
your social media maybe we can get some more views on this and I’ll do some more
hit that like button leave me a comment everybody have a great day be nice to
each other

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  1. I never knew Delaware had a lot of old people. My mom has lived there for decades and I’ve spent a lot of time there eating blue crabs. Water there isn’t all that great. Drinking water that is.

  2. I live in Georgetown Delaware and its boring for me I would rather live in a big city. But I'm about to move to Delmar.

  3. Notice the sign at 4:12 is of Delaware State Park, which is in Ohio. This indicated by the words "John R. Kasich, Governor"

  4. I lived in Bethany Beach. It’s an amazing place to be. Another amazing town is Ocean View. It’s a small-ish town with a couple grocery stores nearby, a golf course, good neighborhoods, and it’s close to Bethany.

  5. We really do have some excellent schools in Delaware. If you were to choose to visit one, I'm sure they could teach you to use the word "there's" correctly. You thought that Slaughter Beach was amusing but you didn't mention Broadkill Beach, which is much nicer.

  6. DE was actually the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution. Each of the states has equal representation in the U.S. Senate largely because of the recommendation of John DIckinson. He also thought that a House of Representatives should be elected directly by all of the people. He recommended that there be a new Constitutional Convention. And so it was.

  7. Thanks for the positive plug about #Delaware!! We moved here 14 years ago to raise our family and #LiveTheDream!! No regrets and we love it… So much so I started my only firm to help others do the same… Learn more about our area at

  8. Delaware is THE BEST place to live its amazing! By the way l live here if anyone is wondering.
    PLUS NO TAX!!!

  9. Moving to Dover soon. I'm so excited to raise my daughter there. It popped up on a few websites as one of the best places to live…

  10. Certain parts of Delaware are chemical wastelands. Coincidentally it’s where all the poor minority’s live.

  11. I’m from Newark Delaware. It’s not bad you have Main Street, UD campus, the beaches, it close to everything, and our Christiana mall is huge. Also we have one of the best nursing programs at Delaware Techs Stanton Campus. It goes hand in hand with Christina Care.

  12. Delaware is like Michigan, it’s a welfare and sanctuary state. Delaware will choose welfare over clean water. Delaware used to be good for retirees, but due to liberal thirst for money, property and income taxes are going up. Also, due to all the illegal aliens driving around, it’s good to get a dash cam.

  13. I noticed that the photo you used for state parks (4:08) is 'Delaware State Park'… located in Ohio 😀

  14. I’m a Delawarean thx for making this. Most people don’t know where Delaware is which is pretty funny..when I was on the vacation in the Carribean the locals and even ppl that were visiting from the UK 🇬🇧 and Canada 🇨🇦 has NO IDEA where Delaware was. But if I said Philadelphia they COMPLETELY understood..Lol

  15. I left DC for Delaware. It’s kinda quiet & slow but DC’s loud & slow. I’m loving it out here. Can’t get over all the parking spaces & friendly people. Still have nightmares in which I’m still stuck in DC. My doctor says it’ll take time to flush DC outta my system & down the toilet where it belongs. That’s the beauty of Delaware. People come here to chill & you can feel the peace & serenity that in other places might feel like boredom. Plus, now I have neighbors that know & help each other! I forgot how lovely that feels! ❤️👍🏼

  16. How u going to diss delaware then turn around and start kissing ass. You fake. Fake as burning paper. You are just burning in lies. Where u learn ur information from google because u lied

  17. I have a job opportunity in Delaware I was quite nervous about moving here because it's my first time on my own but this made me feel a little better

  18. Lemme tell you as someone’s who’s loved in Delaware there whole life the #1 thing everyone says he’s is how much they wanna get tf out of here it fucking sucks and the beaches are not a clean what so ever if you go in the water get ready for a mouth infection or go to lose limb

  19. That’s a big lie when u talk about the water I literally know someone who had to get there leg amputated from an infection from Rehobeth water

  20. Was a good state. Great state. Its a vile Third World hellhole now. Right up your alley, Briggs. All the diversity you can handle!

  21. I’m sorry the food here SUCKS bad nothing to here poor quality food I hate the food here . Moved here 2yrs ago one thing u are right about it’s a retirement state 😂😂😂😂

  22. Don’t move to Delaware, keep on driving to Virginia

    I’m a local, lived here my whole life, we don’t want or need any more people moving here

  23. I live in ATL, wife and I just bought a house in Middletown, DE for 650K. its new construction, 5400sq in a subdivision.

  24. Yay! I live in Wilmington! .. it is as bad as you say if not worse ! I can't walk to the corner store as a girl …just not safe enough

  25. I used to live in Newark Delaware, until I got married.

    I would always say how boring Delaware was…. now I miss it so much.

  26. Dang can't believe nobody has mentioned anything about scrapple in the comments or that its not mentioned in the video… dissapointed in all of you who claim delaware as home

  27. stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing stop typing

  28. Delaware Native here…. You must not be aware that Delaware State Park you picture is in OHIO. We have AWESOME State & County Parks…Please use a picture of one of them…. And that sure is a pretty flower shop in the title picture… (it's also used by Wikipedia)

  29. Hello from LSD ( Lower Slower Delaware) Kent County 🙋🏾. Dover Downs and Harrington raceway and casino. Come on down 😁

  30. I just moved here from New York where I couldn’t Survive here I’m doing the best I ever did just sucks I don’t know anyone I came here to visit and got a job and stayed

  31. I grew up in Delaware and all I wanted to do was leave when I was preparing for college, so I did. I was completely bored because I found that there weren't that many fun things for me to do. But it was a nice place to grow up; overall I think people are nice, and it is painfully suburban. I think my parents (one who is a non-native) would say that it was a nice place to have a family. The best part about it was the proximity to major cities. Also no sales tax!

    This is really specific but just one note about Slaughter Beach for any tourists: my grandparents owned a house there, so I was there a lot. It's not like Rehoboth or the main beaches. It's very quiet. You're swimming in bay water, so it's almost always calmer than the beach and there's a lot of rocks when you first walk in. Might want to consider water shoes if you don't like that at first. Also it's notorious for the abundance of dead horseshoe crabs on the sand. I think that's where it got its name! Be sure to check and make sure they're actually dead though! Sometimes they wash up and you can still save them.

  32. Im from bare delaware and he is right about most of the stuff but not about the beaches they are always crowded even privet beaches

  33. When I go down to Lewes Delaware and Cape Henlopen State Park in the summer, I always notice a decent amount of older men in newer corvettes lol. There’s so many corvettes downs there but I did not see even one speeding. The guys in the imports and of course the mustangs, camaro’s and challengers were a little less careful. Beautiful place down there. Slaughter beach is awesome as well. Very quiet as stated in the video. Can’t wait to go again this summer!

  34. Hi everyone I am a J1 student and I am willing to work there in 2020 could anybody help me with the job offer? I would be greatful

  35. I lived in Delaware for 5 summers.Beautiful beaches,wonderful people
    If I ever lived up north again I would seriously consider living there again.

  36. 16 state parks with about a hundred acres in total? My family's ranch here in Texas is 219 acres and we're the smallest in the area! Yee-ha, Delaware, you're a just a little bit bigger than the county I live in!

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