Top 10 Smartest British Celebrities

Top 10 Smartest British Celebrities

They’re bright and in the limelight. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down the top 10 Smartest British Celebrities. For this list, we’ll be looking at British
celebrities who are of above average intelligence – but are famous for something other than
their intellect. So, while renowned scientist Brian Cox doesn’t
feature today, super-brainy actors do. She played a know it all in the “Harry Potter”
films, but it wasn’t all for show. In fact, it’s well known that whilst filming
the wizarding franchise, Watson worked her shooting schedule around her education. From 2011 onwards, she studied at Worcester
College, Oxford and at the Ivy League Brown University – earning a bachelor’s degree in
English literature. Watson also became a UN Women Goodwill ambassador
in 2014, and she’s even a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Despite his well-rounded accent and scholarly
views, it might surprise you that Firth never enjoyed school. Although finding an interest in English literature
at sixth form, Firth described his time at school as “boring”, with most of his younger
years spent pursuing acting, where he joined the National Youth Theatre and eventually
studied at the Drama Centre london. However, his time as a guest editor at BBC
Radio 4 saw him credited as a co-author on a paper researching the brain activity of
politicians – and he is also fluent in Italian. This actor has had an abundance of notable
film and TV roles, but she also belongs to higher education’s upper echelons. Studying dance at the Tring Park School for
the Performing Arts in her 20s, she went on to attend Downing College, Cambridge, where
she graduated in social anthropology. Since then she has been involved in numerous
charity works with the likes of the NSPCC and Greenpeace. It’s difficult to take this guy seriously
– especially considering that before 2004, he only ever did interviews in character. But beneath his committed, comedic facade
is a very intelligent chap. Studying at Christ’s College Cambridge,
he graduated with an upper-second-class honours in History. Whilst at University, he also performed as
part of the Amateur Dramatic Club, in performances such as “Fiddler on
the Roof”. And, contrary to what some of his character
personas would have you believe, he was raised Jewish, meaning he is fluent in Hebrew. Known for his portrayal of intelligent, and
not-so-intelligent characters, Hugh Laurie has an interesting educational history. Attending Eton College and later Selwyn College,
Cambridge, Laurie studied archaeology and anthropology, but particularly excelled in
the rowing team. However, due to illness, he eventually fell
into acting, and joined Cambridge Footlights, for which he’d later become the president. There he met actor Emma Thompson who introduced
him to Stephen Fry – and the rest is history. He may play the well-spoken, highly-educated
guy in his films, but is he worthy of the part? In short, yes he is. From Wetherby prep school to Latymer Upper
School, Grant later earned a scholarship to New College, Oxford. There he studied English, and starred in his
first film, “Privileged”, which was funded by the university. Although offered the chance to study for a
PhD in History of Art, Grant couldn’t raise the funds, so started touring with with Oxford
University’s Dramatic Society, initially as a creative outlet only. Describing herself as a “late bloomer”,
Beckinsale was educated at Godolphin and Latymer School, before going on to study French and
Russian literature at Oxford. In between essays, she also attended theatre
groups, including Orange Tree Youth Theatre and Oxford University Dramatic Society – leading
to her breakthrough in acting. She also found an affinity for writing, winning
the WH Smith’s Young Writer of the Year award, twice. Plus, thanks to her focus on foreign literature,
she’s fluent in multiple languages. Mr. Bean, Johnny English, Electrical Engineer? Yep. Although frequently appearing on-screen as
a somewhat dim-witted buffoon, Atkinson is a highly-educated guy. Studying at a prep school and going on to
earn a degree in Electrical Engineering from Newcastle University, he continued his degree
and earned himself a masters at The Queen’s College, Oxford. During his studies, he also took part in the
Experimental Theatre Club and Oxford University Dramatic Society. Cleese proved a pioneer for the Footlights
Club at Cambridge, helping establish it as a prestigious platform for actors. As a teenager, Cleese had long been listed
to enrol at Cambridge University, but his move was delayed due to an increased number
of applicants. So, the comic bided his time by teaching for
two years, before finally attending Downing College, and reading Law. He also joined Footlights, using it as a springboard
for his work as a writer and actor, alongside the likes of fellow Python Graham Chapman. May is just as much a learned scientist as
he is a legendary musician. The Queen guitarist attended Hampton Grammar
School before attending Imperial College London, and graduating with a Bachelor of Science
degree in Physics in 1968. Launching in-depth research into interplanetary
dust between 1970 and 1974, he completed his work years later and was finally awarded his
PhD in astrophysics in 2007. May was also credited as a science team collaborator
on NASA’s New Horizons Pluto mission. And who said Science isn’t cool?

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  1. No Emma Thompson?? She is super clever with a degree from Cambridge and has won an Oscar for writing an incredible screenplay and has written many more. Personally I think that she should at least be on the list and not Colin Firth.

  2. well this only supports the idea that you have to be from either Oxford or Cambridge to get anywhere within the film business in Britain.

  3. I thought Stephen Fry would be on here? But I guess cause he is “famous for his intelligence” it doesn’t count for some reason?

  4. What about Benedict Cumberbatch? I once read he studied law and neuroscience before getting into acting. Is that fake news? And though Brian May has the PhD, Freddie Mercury was also a genius. Who knows? He might have pursued one too if he lived long enough.

  5. ALL of the Pythons (apart from Gilliam) should be on here!:
    1 Graham Chapman was trained at Cambridge and St Bartholomew's as a registered doctor and acted as first unit doctor on the set of life of Brian. Treating his fellow cast members for injuries and even Terry Jones 's diarrhea. From eating contaminated fish.
    2. Terry Jones is a graduate of Oxford and a historian and has written several history books on medieval history and ancient history. Not to mention being a children's author, poet, screenplay writer (he wrote the first draft for labyrinth 1986) and a historical documentary television presenter. And is contemptuous of the Romans as the real ''barbarians''
    3 Michael Palin is also an Oxford graduate in modern history and is also a fellow member of the Royal Geographical society and was president for 3 years. He is also a travel writer and documentarian. And has presented many documentaries. His journeys have taken him across the world, including the North and South Poles, the Sahara Desert, the Himalayas.
    4. Eric Idle is a graduate of Pembroke College, Cambridge. In English. Hes a prominent voice actor (especially for the discworld games and novels), composer, musician, singer-songwriter, writer. A member of The Rutles which toured and recorded, releasing many songs and albums that included two UK chart hits. Even performed alongside George Harrison and Ringo Starr. He also wrote the musical Spamalot.

  6. I can't believe Stephen Fry wasn't on this. The man was totally impressive on University Challenge.
    And where was Tom Hiddleston? He got a double first in classics from Cambridge making him an expert on Latin and ancient Greek. I think he speaks a couple of other languages, too.
    Glad you had Brian May at #1. If he hadn't been I'd have been really upset.

  7. Comedians/writers Simon Evans …Stephen Fry …Jennifer Saunders …David Mitchell …Emma Thompson.

  8. Sash Baron Cohen? No intelligent human would create the idiocy he does. No Strephen Fry or Tony Robinson is a travesty, terrible list.

  9. Surprised Ben Miller didn't make the list. Although not finishing his physics PhD at Cambridge, doing research at the Cavendish Laboratory does sort of mean you are considered to be one of the best of the best.

  10. Brian May #1!!! I'm surprised. I'd be more surprised to see James May on the list. LOL But seriously, NO STEPHEN FRY?!?

  11. Well, any list with the Doc at the top is fine by me. I do think Emma Thompson should have been on the list.

  12. What a bullshit list. No Stephen Fry or Russell Brand? The list needs to be changed to "top 10 highly educated British celebrities" as education does not equal intelligence.

  13. Bruce Dickinson? Singer with Iron Maiden, commercial airline pilot, entrepreneur, etc. Very much a modern polymath.

  14. No Rik Mayall or Adrian edmondson, Stephen Fry or Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Michael Palin or Terry Jones.
    I think Rowan Atkinson should be #2.

  15. Hardly the smartest British celebrities out there. I mean no Stephen Fry but instead Emma Watson?

    I think something is wrong with this list.

  16. You would expect Colin Firth to be fluent in Italian, given that he is an Italian citizen.
    It is impossible to understand why someone as accomplished and smart as Stephe Fry is not on this list.

  17. Being raised Jewish does not make someone fluent in Hebrew. It makes him able to read the Hebrew alphabet and say a few prayers.

  18. He's not well known but Freddie Stroma, the guy who played Cormac on Harry Potter has a degree in neuroscience

  19. Seeing Sasha Baren Cohan having his interview with James Corden here he is a very handsome man. With all his silly characters and how they look you can’t tell. I know a lot of people wondered how on Earth he managed to marry Isla Fisher as she is so beautiful. Now you can see lol xxx

  20. Kate Beckinsale is a fantastic and beautiful actress. I also loved her father Richard Beckinsale when he was in shows like Porridge. When he died at such a young age it was tragic. My dad was a dead ringer for him when he was younger and people would stop him in the street thinking he was him xxx

  21. Brian May does not belong to this world!
    But wtf is up with Emma Watson?!! In what universe is she smarter than Stephen Fry? Maybe a universe that Brian May can locate!

  22. #1 surprised the hell out of me! Didn't know all that about him. One of the best lists I've seen on this channel!

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