Trấn Thành ngỡ ngàng với trí nhớ CỰC ĐỈNH của cô bé xứ Nghệ | SIÊU TRÍ TUỆ (The Brain Vietnam)

Trấn Thành ngỡ ngàng với trí nhớ CỰC ĐỈNH của cô bé xứ Nghệ | SIÊU TRÍ TUỆ (The Brain Vietnam)

How old are you? I’m 12 years old. You’re sweating. Are you anxious or excited? Well, I’m excited. Excited, right? You should be anxious before a challenge, why are you so cheerful? I want my family to be proud of me. I think so too. Have you ever made your family proud before? Not yet. Not yet? – Let’s make them proud the first time!
– Yes. You must be wondering what she is going to do. Well, yeah, everyone, I…don’t know either. Let’s watch “the tools” for her performance to know what she’s going to do.COLOR RELOCATIONThere are 50 VOVINAM practitioners on stage- – they wear random numbers from 01 to 99- – and 3 typical colored belts for this martial art style. The candidate will have time to memorize the numbers and belt colors of these 50 practitioners. Her challenge is to recall correctly all numbers – – orderly and vice versa- – and their belt colors. Correct recalling means passing the challenge. The Brain Vietnam I love martial arts- – and the show gives a challenge of 50 people wearing martial art outfits. I feel highly excited. I love this idea. It appreciates VOVINAM. She’s also a martial art practitioner. It’s an advantage for her in recognizing the colored belts. Everyone, it’s the challenge. 3 judges, please give a score form 1 to 5 for the difficult level of this performance! Toc Tien! 3 Mr.Sam, please! 3, too. Mr.Viet Tu! Also 3. Please tell me why, Toc Tien! In the video, she has a coding system to remember things. They’re all familiar things to her. It’s more of a habit than practice of brain. What if a detail goes wrong for example there is someone missing at her neighbor’s house- – how can she handle it? Though I know it’s the root for her to memorize- – it depends much on her way from home to school. That’s why I think 3 is the most objective score. Mr.Sam, do you agree? I appreciate her effort and studying so hard for one single purpose- – to make her family proud. I think she’s here with the 3 score, it’s not a low score. After witnessing other performances, I think this challenge is not very hard. Mr.Viet Tu, why is it 3 from you? I’m not responsible for explaining to her why I give her this score- – and I don’t want to do it. When you grow up, people won’t explain to you. You just prove yourself by one thing, it’s your capacity. The important thing is your result. After your result today, the score of 3 from me, Mr.Sam or Ms.Tien- – it won’t be important anymore- – if you can prove that we’re wrong. I won’t change my opinion. I’ve seen this kind of challenge before- – and even better- – that’s why I give her 3- – to balance everything from the judges, audiences, and this show’s format. I want to talk more about the difficult level of this performance. This is about short term memory- – the difficult level increases when she can do it in such a short time. Besides, she can only memorize all data in once time walking around them. Of course everyone believes you can do it- – but importantly, in how long? I hope you can do it, let’s shake hands for good luck! Yo! Now she will get on the challenge chair and get her eyes blindfolded. This red belt is very honorable for instructors with high level. These people will only hold these belts, they don’t wear them on their bodies. The assistants please help us provide numbers of 50 people! Please attach the numbers onto your chests! They wear random numbers and line randomly into lines. It’s easy to get distracted and misfeeds info. It’s the difficulty. The assistants please mix the red belts![COLOR RELOCATION: The candidate observes and memorizes to relocate correct orderly numbers and belt colors of 50 practitioners.Now Dan Nhi please start to memorize! This challenge requires high concentration to memorize belt colors and numbers. How would she choose to memorize? Let’s watch! She has to remember 100 data units- – the first is the data of numbers and the second is about the belt colors. I will assess based on her speed of recalling- – and if it’s correct. About 3 seconds for 3 people. Such a high and amazing speed for a 12-year-old girl- – who has practiced her memory lately. I finished. 4 minutes and 21 seconds, everyone! Wow, over 4 minutes to remember! The important thing is the result. Please get on the challenge chair! Start! 96 Red 43-yellow 21-blue 86-blue 08-yellow 69-blue 29-red 65-yellow 61-yellow 78-blue 53-blue 54-blue 30-blue 27-red 09-red 47-yellow 75-red 62-blue 11-blue 55-red 63-yellow 64 yellow 72-blue 74-yellow 02-red 20-yellow 68-red 73-yellow 41-blue 37-yellow 79-blue 32-red 22-yellow 89-red 76-blue, 94-blue 71-blue 01-yellow 06-red 25-blue 44-blue 90-yellow 82-blue 34-red 85-red 77-yellow 39-yellow 70-red 28-blue 84-yellow Brilliant! She really amazes me with her result. Don’t joke with my girl! Gosh, over 4 minutes to memorize. I dare you to read them reversely. Can you? Yes, I can. Please! 84-yellow 28-blue, 70-red 39-yellow, 77-yellow 89- It creates some obstacles for her- – it stops her between 89 and 85- – she makes mistake with these 2 numbers. She’s stuck there. She sometimes gets hesitation and confusion between 2 certain numbers- – it makes me feel that she’s not confident. It seems like something is blocking her memory path- – shall she pass her challenge? I think it took time for her to double check them orderly- – to see if it’s correct. So she’s stuck there. It was not so long. 85-red Yes![COLOR RELOCATION: The candidate observes and memorizes to relocate correct orderly numbers and belt colors of 50 practitioners.34-red, 82-blue
[COLOR RELOCATION: The candidate observes and memorizes to relocate correct orderly numbers and belt colors of 50 practitioners.34-red
34-red, 82-blue
[COLOR RELOCATION: The candidate observes and memorizes to relocate correct orderly numbers and belt colors of 50 practitioners.34-red, 82-blue
[COLOR RELOCATION: The candidate observes and memorizes to relocate correct orderly numbers and belt colors of 50 practitioners.[COLOR RELOCATION: The candidate observes and memorizes to relocate correct orderly numbers and belt colors of 50 practitioners.90-yellow, 44-blue
[COLOR RELOCATION: The candidate observes and memorizes to relocate correct orderly numbers and belt colors of 50 practitioners.90-yellow, 44-blue 25-blue, 06-red 01-yellow, 71-blue 94-blue, 76-blue 89-red, 22-yellow 32-red, 79-blue 37-yellow 41-blue She’s going in her own connected chain. If we take away one person, I wonder if she can remember. 68-red I wonder if she always goes on this frame- – what if we take one detail of her frame out, is she going to remember it? 20-yellow, 02-red 74-yellow, 72-blue, 64-yellow, 63-yellow, 55-red 11-blue 62-blue 75-red, 47-yellow 09-red, 27-red 30-blue, 54-blue 53-blue 78-blue 61-yellow, 65-yellow 29-red, 69-blue 08-yellow 86-blue 21-blue, 43-yellow 96-red So on top! Brilliant! Please let me sit and talk with you! You stopped between 85 and 89, you said 85, then you corrected it with 89, why was it? I remember the wrong path. As I observed, you memorized as a path- – for example I pick a random number among here, ask you which belt color its is, can you give me the answer? Yes! Oh can you? I want her to overcome her own border, I’ll pick a random number along her path. 74? Yellow Correct! 06? Red 73? Yellow – Brilliant!
– Amazing! Thank Toc Tien! I wonder if Mr.Sam wants to try with a number? I’m convinced and I want to change my score but the content team forbids. Follow he rules! – Adults must keep our words.
– I told you. Mr.Tu, do you want to try a number? No, I just want Ms.Toc Tien to pay the fee for our little girl- – because do you know she asked our girl questions for what? Yes? She wants a formula to learn lyrics before the show without learning by heart. Oh! To have more shows. I know it’s her profession habit. And at month-end, she has to remember how much for each show. So clever! – Can you see it, Toc Tien?
– Exactly! – You keep saying that Mr.Viet Tu is soft and gentle-
– Can you see it, Toc Tien?
– Exactly! I just wanted to challenge her…
– You keep saying that Mr.Viet Tu is soft and gentle- – You keep saying that Mr.Viet Tu is soft and gentle- Wicked and cruel nature. He says it meaning telling the audiences that Toc Tien often forgets her lyrics. 2-0 for Lai Van Sam team! Gosh! Now we can see that Mr.Sam changes his opinion. He gave the score now he wants to change it. The score thing is very sensitive. 2-1 now! I don’t change my opinion- – I am not conservative. Yes! I always want to fix where I’m wrong. Fixing my mistakes. Agree! This is counter explanation, not a score, it’s still 2-1 ok? Yes! Our girl, why did it take longer for 73 than other numbers? Why was it longer for 73? The buffalo. The buffalo? 73, where are you 73? Over there, the buffalo. 1973 was the year of Buffalo. You could remember it was the year of Buffalo or did you simply encode it as such? I encoded 73 number into buffalo. It’s your default that 73 is a buffalo? For example 57, do you encode it into the chicken? Yes! Oh I get it. Your default of 12 animals designations apply into the numbers, right? I think there are more animals than 12 among them. Everyone, a big applause for Dan Nhi! And an applause for everyone from RVS boarding school, thank you for coming to the show! Who is the closest family member to you? My younger sibling. Whom do you live with? I live with my maternal grandparents and uncle. Who taught you this major? My uncle. Has he told you whom he wants you to become in the future? To become a successful businesswoman,. Business? Yes! Which business do you want to do later? Well, clothes. Why don’t you think about doing business of diamonds? How often do you meet your parents? Once a year. Do you miss them? Yes! How long do you meet them each time? About 10 minutes. What do they tell you when they meet you? They tell me to try to study well. Do they bring you any gifts? Yes, they do. If you have a wish, how long would you want to meet your mom for one time? A year. Many times. Many times a year. Now come and beg me, I’ll become a fairy and make magic to bring your mom here. For real, do you believe me? No, I don’t. If I had magic to bring your mom here, what would you present me? If I could not do it, I’d invite you to eat at my restaurant for one year. If I brought your mom here now, what would you present me? I’d present you my autograph. – Do you want to meet your mom?
– Yes! Magic now! Look at my fingers! How long has it been since the last time you met? Over a year. – A year?
– Yes! Please introduce about yourself! I am Nguyen Thi My, I was born in 1980, I’m her mother. I’m from Nam Dan, Nam Dinh, Nghe An. I’m living in Vientiane, Laos. What is your job there? We work in construction. Working there and you can only come home once a year? Yes, due to work, we can’t come back more often. Is there way to work closer to home, why do you have to work that far? Due to our financial conditions, we can’t work in our hometown. Why don’t you take her with you? I can’t send her to school there. Ok! Yes! Do you feel proud seeing your daughter passing that challenge? I’m very proud of her. She comes to the show with such an amazing talent and everyone here has to admire her. I think you own a big fortune. I hope you to be more responsible with this fortune. Please don’t let her be impersonal! I have one advice for you. I think you are treating your feelings a little unfair, poor the feelings! If you are upset, just express it! No worries at all! You can control it when you get older. Just let yourself be happy! Don’t be that numb! Friends will come and share with you, like what I’m doing. Ok? I hope you will be successful. A successful person always has feelings with her. Feelings teach you how to be successful. Ok, my girl? Yes! A bright smile now! Let’s high-five for enerny! Yeah! The age of 12, of puberty, the border from a kid to a more mature person- – I hope her parents will spend more time for her- – so that she won’t regret anything later. You come here with such a pure goal- – to make your parents and your family proud. You did it! You have the right to say that “I did what I wanted to”. It’s your happiness. Congrats!Sitting in the dark-looking at the time passing by-– it’s me-– I used to be like this.I am so extraordinaryI’m like a sunflowerWhen the sun shines on me, I’m like a starNow let’s see Mr.Nam’s score for Dan Nhi! 54, ladies and gentlemen! It does not exceed the 80 standard score of the show. She needs more practice and calmness- – to meet the requirements of The Brain Vietnam. Don’t be sad, today you amazed many people here. You just can’t move to the next round like other candidates. No one min your class can compete with you. And of course, after something that is not as you want, you’ll get a gift. It’s the full scholarship of 400 million dongs from Apax Leaders for you. So that you can study so well, so Mr.Sam please come here to present her this scholarship! I hope you’ll be very successful in the future. You’re very talented. Thank you, Mr.Lai Van Sam! Though she can’t make it to the next round, we can still be proud- – and empathize with this very talented girl at her young age- – under such family circumstances- – what she did today was a miracle. A big applause for the presence of Dan Nhi! Thank you for coming a long way to be in this show, Mrs! I wish you and your mom good connection and affection. I wish you success. Ladies and gentlemen, coming to The Brain Vietnam. The Brain Vietnam The Brain Vietnam Welcome back to The Brain Vietnam! As we all know, conical hat is the symbol of Vietnamese people. What’s special about it and what can it bring to The Brain Vietnam? How is a conical hat related to brain? Let’s meet the next candidate!

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