TSP’s Bade Chote || Dhinchak Pooja Indian Idol Audition

TSP’s Bade Chote || Dhinchak Pooja Indian Idol Audition

What did you say your name was?
HnM? MnM Look, you speak very well… However, this is a singing show. -So you…
-Chote, he’s new. I’ll explain it to him. Listen. We don’t want this. This is what we want. Bade, since you’ve started it,
why don’t you go on and finish it? Yes, absolutely! You! You can’t come to Mumbai! Yeah, get going! Your heart broke, did it?
Did you dreams shatter? -Come on, get out!
-Bade, don’t spoil your mood. What do you have there?
How did it change your mood? This? This is our show’s sponor. ‘Aakash Jumbo Vada Pav’. ‘It’s so big that just one
will blow your butt off!’ Chote, I’m just waiting for the person
who’ll snatch away our golden ganji. And this will give us an excuse
to roam around Mumbai. Mumbai… Our next contestant is
from a small area in Delhi. The one who doesn’t have any friends,
Dhinchak Pooja But first let’s probe around
a little into her personal life. Wow! She dances so well! I’ve loved dancing even when I was a kid. Dance at weddings, dance in the temple
and I even like to eat ‘Nachos’. -When someone would see me…
-Hey you’ve been selected in a dance show! -What do I do? Dance?
-Yes… And I’d start dancing. But one day when I danced a lot… Wow! Such a good voice! That’s how I’m a singer today. Yeah, so Ms. Pooja. Sir, my name is Dhinchak. Only my friends
with benefits call me Pooja. Okay, so Ms. Dhinchak. But I’m very friendly,
so you can call me Pooja. Who are these 4 boys with you
who’ve come here without permission? Boys? Which 4 boys? I don’t know, sir. People tell me often
that people follow me. But I’ve not seen anyone till date. Okay, tell me what you’re going
to sing for us today? Sir, I’d like to sing something
written by…me! We’ll start at the 4th beat. One, four! Wow! That was so good! I kept looking, but I swear I didn’t find
a note or a beat in there! She’s left out every note! She shamelessly held a note
in the middle, but she destroyed in then and there. -What a song this child’s written!
-Written? That’s exactly what I’m asking,
what has she written? Sir, there’s always something good
in every bad thing. Let’s see what it is in her. Let’s do this again, child.
We’ll start at the 3rd beat this time. -One, two…
-Four, three! This girl surprises me everytime,
I tell you! Shut up you idiot!
Was that even a song! “I took a selfie”, “I got drunk”! Suppose she buys a scooter tomorrow,
will she make a song about that also? Well, that depends on each person’s
opinion in art. You need art for that fir… You need art for that fir… Why don’t you finish first! Chote, your taste in music
is just as small as you are. What? What did you say?
Look at m e and say it! I’m not even talking to you. You mother… I’m not talking to you! You’re not? -You’re fighting me for a girl?
-Don’t say anything about it! Sir, don’t say a word about it! Sir, please don’t fight. Chote Sir, if you think
I didn’t sing properly, I request you to come here
and show me how to sing. Come, come on now. Please. Yes, of course! I’m not afraid of anyone! I’ve practiced for 12 years! I get my teacher’s fee till today from
Rihanna, Daddy Yanke and Baba Sehgal. I’ll show you how to sing! Chote, your voice is quite ‘K’, ‘K’… What do you think, Ms. Pooja? -Of course, but that’s what is shocking!
-What do you mean? Chote Sir, your song had the right note
at a lot of places. And even the right beat,
you didn’t sing off-beat even once. We’re looking
for real talent in this show. Even Daddy Yankee can sing like you. There’s nothing that can make it
a viral sensation on the internet. Why don’t you do this? Practice much lesser than this
and try out next year. What do you mean by next year? I’m the judge of this show! -Please take him away.
-Where do you want to take me! Hold on, man! What’s this? You wait, man!
I’m talking to her… Listen, hey Bade, say something! Hold on, man! Bade! Bade! I’ll say something.

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  1. Dhinchak pooja जी महान कलाकार है, जहा जाती है रायता फैला देती है,

  2. Dhinchak pooja ka har gaana seedha dil mein utar jaata hai dhinchak ka har gaane mein itna gahrai hoti hai ki agar aapke paas do dil na ho ya aapka dimaag kharab na ho aap gaana samajh nahin payenge ??

  3. Gand faad dunga screen patti valo tumhaari agr isko dobara kisi video me liya to….bc kis gand se gaati h ye…bosdki

  4. किसी ने नोटिस किया पूजा के पीछे जो चंदू नाच रहा है वो
    बिगबॉस का जल्लाद है

  5. bhai sorry but mujhe bahut afsos hai ki aaj ke time mein itna advance hone ke bad bhi ham dinchak jaisi chutiya ladki ko star banaa rahe hain

  6. Hi this is bineet I am 25 year old I am watching first time this video I mean dhinchak Pooja video isase Bada chutiyapa Maine Aaj Tak Nahin Dekha

  7. Pehle Hamare ghar ke aas paas bahut kutta ghumta tha . Baad me maine ek din DJ par Dhinchak Pooja ki gana bajaya. Aab kutta to kya!! Saare chuha bhi gali sodke bhag gayi?????

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