Tuesday, October 1

Tuesday, October 1

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (energetic music)
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(energetic music) Hi (laughs). (audience cheering) Thank you for watching us. With my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering and applauding) How you doing? How you doing? (clears throat) Let’s get started, it’s time for– Hot Topics. Come on. (audience cheering and applauding) Okay. (audience cheering and applauding) Thank you. So today is October 1st. And everyone in our studio audience is wearing their pink ribbon, symbolizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a month that helps increase attention to eradicate breast cancer (sighs). The awareness, the early detection, the treatments. Those of us who run around town with our mammogram prescriptions in our bag, we don’t go. Like, come on now. We could do better, and so could you. (audience applauding) So Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married again. Now we talked about this yesterday. Well, it was yesterday when they tied the knot in a ceremony is South Carolina, at that hotel where you all thought they were selfish. I didn’t think so. I would’ve loved to have been a guest there. Okay, the paparazzi caught a glimpse of Hailey and Justin. There were 154 guests. (audience laughing) Like, why not an even 200? (audience laughing) Or 155. Maybe one guest said, no, I’m not going on. (audience laughing) All right, anyways, Kendall Jenner was there. Kylie Jenner was there. Travis Scott was there. Jaden Smith, who cut off his hair. Here he is right here, that’s Jaden Smith. He was there, as well. (audience clamoring) So before the ceremony, the Biebers had a sleepover for their wedding guests. Oh, excuse me. (audience laughing) Sorry. I juiced this morning ’cause I plan on grubbing this afternoon. (audience laughing) No, you have no idea what you’re about to see here in the Wendy kitchen, all right? (audience cheering and applauding) You know I love a Cuban sandwich with– (audience cheering) Oh, my gosh. Cuban sandwich, sour pickles, spicy mustard. In my office, wig on the table. Robe on, heat up high. TV on. (audience laughing) Okay, so anyway. So with the sleepover, the Biebers made everyone watch The Notebook. (audience awing) Now, now, I might be the only person in the whole universe who’s never seen this movie. (audience clamoring) Suzanne finds this wildly weird. Yeah, this is weird. I’ve never seen The Notebook. Well, I’ve seen and I read the book back in the day. No, I know more about the guy and his mom. Yeah. What’s the guy’s name, Bradley? I don’t even remember. That’s kind of weird that they made everyone watch it. They made everyone watch it. Yeah, that’s weird. No, it’s not. No? No! (audience laughing) When you’re having a sleepover, you always pick something that you make everyone watch. You’re right. Like, for me, it’s Scarface. (all laughing) You know, like something that I think everyone can agree on that is very entertaining, or Waiting to Exhale. (audience cheering) Okay? (audience applauding) I have never seen The Notebook. As a matter of fact, probably the only way I would see it is if I was at the Biebers’ party. To be forced to watch it. And then, in the name of Norman, I’d be like, oh, my gosh, Norman has begged me to watch this for years. (laughs) Years. You all even gave me a copy for my birthday years ago. The whole staff, they got together on a $10 DVD. And they all signed it. It’s still wrapped. (all laughing) I’ve never seen The Notebook. I just don’t understand. (audience laughing) I’d rather watch Devil Wears Prada. Like, there’s so many other things. (audience applauding) Maybe because The Notebook is so watched by so many people and I don’t like to be like regular people. I like to be like Wendy. So that’s why I guess I resist. But congratulations to Hailey and Justin. (audience cheering and applauding) So over at The Bachelorette. Well, Mike Johnson is talking about his relationship with Demi Lovato. And in my opinion, he’s talking a little too much. (audience clamoring) Mike was on last season’s show, and he did not win. But what he did win is the affection of Demi Lovato. They’ve been low key dating and hanging out doing stuff. I don’t know whether they smooshed or not. (audience laughing) But he has confirmed that they’ve kissed. (audience clamoring) He reached out on– Or people reached out on social media. A few dates they’ve had so far. Which a few is a lot. Well, here’s what Mike says, and then we’ll talk. I like her tattoos. We both have a lot of tattoos. D has more than me. And she kisses really well. She was kind of the aggressor in a nice way. On Instagram, she was all about going after you. How did you feel about the girl making the first move like that? For one, I’m all about her too. And she definitely was the aggressor, you know. I find it incredibly sexy. (audience groaning) You’re talking incredibly too much. (audience applauding) Here’s my thing. Demi is the bigger star who has the biggest cash and cache. Mike, this is such a good come up for you. Don’t talk about that she’s a good kisser. Like, we care, but we don’t care to hear it from you. You know what I mean? (audience applauding) Right, sir? You look very civilized. All the way on the end in the black. How cute are you? (audience cheering and applauding) I’m saying, he’s talking too much. I don’t wanna hear that she was the aggressor. Sir, do you find that too much information for him to be giving? Way too much. He’s going to be blowing his chance, right? Blowing it completely. You kiss, and don’t tell (laughs). (audience applauding) Who are you, where are you from? New York City. And what’s your name?
Ernie. What do you do, Ernie? Dance teacher. Okay, welcome to the show. (audience applauding) You having a good time? Huh? Are you having a good time? The best time. Okay, now pass the guest microphone back. (audience laughing) Yes, thank you, Ernie. (audience cheering) All’s I’m saying is. (audience applauding) All’s I’m saying is. He should do interviews to better the Mike machine. But just so much talk about Demi. Like, make us guess. And he definitely needs to choose his words carefully. Like, I, for one, am very interested in this relationship. And, Ernie, you might agree. That we wanna hear all this stuff. But we’re glad we’re not involved. You know what I mean? (audience laughing) Yes, yes. Anyway, Demi, you need to have a sit down with him. As a matter of fact, maybe not at all. (audience laughing) Maybe just– All right, anyway, you all. Good luck with you all’s new thing, and we’re watching. (audience applauding) Well (chuckles). Norman’s giggling before I can talk. I know (laughs). It looks like Adele (laughs). (audience laughing) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, okay? Is rebounding with a new man. (audience clamoring) (audience applauding) It’s been reported that she’s Naomi Campbell’s ex man. He’s a rapped named Skepta. As in, skeptical, skepticism. His name is Skepta, okay? (audience applauding) Now look here, look here, look here. Adele is 31, and he is 37. Doesn’t he only look 18? Yes. Right? Oh. And he’s from like the bad part of England, too. (audience clamoring) (audience applauding) Okay, well. Here’s the thing, we’ve heard Adele speak. You know she likes to curse a lot. She speaks cockney, which would be like broken English. You know, in our terms. She speaks cockney, she curses, like. She’s our kind of people. (audience applauding and cheering) Now about Skepta, okay? He has an 11 month old baby with ex girlfriend. (audience groaning) Well, now, okay, okay, relax. He is totally opposite of Simon, who is Adele’s ex, where she has a six year old. Look at the two, all right? (audience laughing) Yeah, git it. You said, git it. Yeah, git it. You didn’t even say get it. Git it (laughs). Git it, girl. G-I-T? Yeah, git it, girl. Git it. Yeah!
Okay. (Suzanne laughs) You’ve changed a lot since you been here at Wendy. (audience applauding)
(Suzanne laughs) Suzanne used to be a random white woman. (audience laughing) With no children and an adorable husband. Uh-huh.
In Queens. Yep. And now you come here. Uh-huh. And we’ve gotten you saying not get it. Git it! Git it. (audience applauding) Yes, thank you! (audience applauding)
(Suzanne laughs) Well, I’ve been called an influencer. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. (audience laughing) Hey, Suzanne. Yes? When I pull out, Boof, you know what this means. (whistling blaring) Who blows the whistle? Yes, thank you, Marco, thank you. Blow the whistle. (whistle blaring) One of the filthiest songs in hiphop ever invented. I love it so much, but it’s so filthy that even when we go to commercial and I ask Boof to play it, he plays but he cuts out all the curses and stuff. It’s so filthy. That and “Oochie Wally” will go down in history to me as being the most filthy, right? Civilized woman in the pink skirt in front. Okay.
Yes. You know “Oochie Wally” and “Blow the Whistle”, okay? Lasted how many hours, 200. (whistle blaring) Okay, so Too Short is– Okay, he’s been making songs about promiscuity and being a player for more than 30 years. I love Too Short, I love his delivery, and I love “Blow the Whistle”. But he’s now 53 years old. And he became a father for the first time. (audience gasping) (audience applauding) I don’t wanna stereotype, and I hate to stereotype, but I’m gonna talk to you the way I always talk to you. I’m a straight shooter, pa pow. Look, I would’ve figured Too Short, right, a guy like that, with his music and stuff, and just I don’t know, I would think like eight kids, seven babies moms. At 53 years old. But nope, he kept it tucked and wrapped. He’s sensible. (audience applauding) And I apologize for the stereotype. But just because, you know, he’s a rockstar and stuff. And girls twerk and things happen. You know, he’s 53 years old. He’s just got his first kid? It’s kind of a turn on though, right? Like, you know? (audience applauding) Well, according to TMZ, he’s making a documentary with Ray J and his manager about raising girls in Hollywood. (audience gasping) You know what, I wanna watch this. Whether I watch it with popcorn and a laugh track behind me. (audience laughing) Or whether I watch it with a box of tissues, you know, and some liquorice. But the point being, is that Too Short has a girl. So now you been blowing the whistle all these years. You come all the way up to 53, and now what are you gonna teach your daughter? Too Short. (audience applauding) And Ray J, Ray J, all the girls have nothing but love for you. You are like hypnotic with your whole thing. Like, Ray J, sometimes you look at him, he’s like really corny. But other times you look at him, he’s like aw (sighs). Anyway, I don’t know when the docu– When is that coming out? I don’t know yet. I think they’re just in the beginning stages of making it. But we don’t have a release date. (laughs) What? All right, your assignment is to stay on the release dates. So we can all watch, okay? Absolutely, I’d be honored. I’m there, I’m there (laughs). (audience applauding) Okay, so it’s still Paris Fashion Week. It’s still going on. And a woman crashed one of my favorite designers, Chanel. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Look, look. Girlfriend jumped on the runway. Uh-huh, in the black and white. And it was Gigi Hadid who had to save the show. Gigi walked over to her, and escorted her off the stage, like no, bitch. I didn’t work all these hours for you to come up here and do this. Well, the woman apparently is some sort of comedian and YouTube personality. So this is like her thing that she does. Now, you know what I’m saying? Like, where is security? (audience clamoring) I don’t understand that. (audience applauding) I don’t understand. Like, how do things like that happen? Like, even though it’s Chanel, very civilized with the pearls, and the good material, and the fancy price tags, but you know what? Security, wherever you are. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) Like, just because it’s Chanel and it’s civilized, and just because people are sitting perched facing forward doesn’t mean there’s not one crazy person to break up the whole situation. I gotta tell you something. When you all come here to Wendy and the tickets are free, wendyshow.com, don’t move and nobody will get hurt. (audience applauding) Hey, Hot Topics is over. We got more big show for everybody. Doctor Drew is here. He’s gonna break down the latest Hot Topics. So grab a snack and come on back. (energetic music)
(audience whooping) (energetic music)
(audience cheering) Okay, our first guest always brings smart talk on our favorite Hot Topics. I love him so much. I’ve known him since radio. He can be checked out on the Doctor Drew Podcast and on Doctor Drew After Dark. Please give it up for my longtime friend, Doctor Drew Pinsky. (audience cheering)
(fun music) You look so great. I love you, how you doing? How you doing? Very well. Good. Very well. (energetic music)
(audience cheering) Oh, it’s so good to see you. Now, Wendy, I was thinking. You have the best audience on television. Not just in the studio, but out in the world. I mean, this is a great audience that you have this long relationship with. It’s fantastic. Yeah, 11 years.
Crazy, right? I’ve known you even longer. Even longer, and you look at your best. Thank you, Doctor Drew. We talk about me behind the scenes. Behind your back (laughs). No, but you know. Yeah. So how’s your family? They’re wonderful, they’re lovely. The triplets. They’re triplets. Oh, my God, there they are. 27 years of age. My daughter and I are writing a book. We’re writing a book on, you know, it’s a new age for young people, right? Daughter, short, blondie. How old are they now? 27, they’re just about to be 27. Yeah, one and done. One and done, and the gray hair came within six months of delivery. Sexy. Yeah, good times. So what’s the book about? It’s a new word for sexuality, and gender, and sexual identity, and concent. And she is very involved in cultural criticism. So the two and I are gonna sort of address that. Is she dating? She is dating, I just met the guy two nights ago. (audience awing) As my wife described him, he’s adorable. He will love this, he will love this. Perfect, Shoe Cam please. Oh, yes, thank you. Put your feet on those. Huh, huh? They’re nice! I came prepared today. I had always forgotten about the Shoe Cam until today. Well, you know, Doctor Drew. You know, that was my wife. She coached me up for today’s visit. (laughs) Thank you, Missus Pinsky. All right, let’s get into Hot Topics. Yeah. They are a lot of things I wanna talk to you about. Let’s do it. Because I’m not proficient in talking about like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Yeah.
And the book that’s out. And one of the things highlighted there, as well as we do during Ask Wendy, is threesomes. Yeah.
All right. So she said that a threesome was one of the things that ruined her marriage. Yeah, and I think she’s onto something there. I mean, I can tell you that people have lots of options today. And some people make it work. But my experience has been that as soon as you– Oh! No, no, no, not to having threesomes. To working with people (laughs). No, because I’ll tell you what. We’re not having threesomes because of my clinical experience, very specifically. Because every time people try that, it just has consequences downstream. And it’s very hard to predict what’s gonna happen emotionally and interpersonally. Boundaries get very loose. Look, there are armies of people dedicated to helping two people have a relationship, right? Armies of them, ’cause people are so complicated in their relationship. You add a third person in, it’s nuclear explosion time. It just gets unmanageable. I’m not saying no one should do it, or it doesn’t work. I’m saying it tends not to work. And if you really care about your primary intimacy, be careful, that’s all I’m saying. (audience applauding) Yeah. So she thinks that– Demi thinks that this book is like– Well, first of all, it’s showing a lot about their relationship. Yeah. Demi and Ashton. Yeah, yeah. How do you think this is affecting Ashton’s marriage? Yeah.
With Mila Kunis. Yeah, it’s interesting. And they got a couple of kids now. Yeah, yeah. Okay. I’m gonna bet. I’ve known Mila since she was 14. Have you met Mila? I’m sure you have. No. Oh, my God, she is this wonderful person. She seems like a big personality. No, she’s meek? Not meek, but no, she’s a substantial person. But she’s the whole person, you know what I mean? The fact that she’s with Ashton suggests to me that he maybe grew up in his previous relationship. And I’m gonna bet he would not risk these kids, this family, by doing anything screwy now. I bet you, I bet you. But he’s clapping back at Demi on social media. Which I think that he should ignore that. He should, I agree. Maybe he’s ashamed or embarrassed, or doesn’t want his kids to see it. I get that. You said a few minutes ago, kiss and don’t tell. Yeah. I think you said that.
Yeah. Can we get some dance lessons from Ernie? Yeah (laughs). Kiss and don’t tell. All right, let’s move along. More Hot Topics with Doctor Drew. I wanna ask about Mama June, who you know. Yeah, yeah, I do know Mama June. Oh, my gosh, I love her. I do, too. But I don’t have any words for her. Well. I’ve been through crack-ish-ness, we’ve talked about that. You always told me I wasn’t addicted. You said I was just bored. You’re just crack-ish. Doctor Drew told me I’m not addicted, I’m bored. Right, so there are addicts. There is different levels of substance abuse disorder. And there are people that I call true addicts. And I’ve known Mama June before, I don’t know her right now. I haven’t had any contact with her. But what we’re seeing playing out on television concerns me that she needs just the basics of recovery. She needs to run the white flag up, surrender to a mutual aid society. Like a 12 step thing. And just get going, get well. I really worry about her. Get rid of the guy. You know, many times– As a rule of thumb, I just say, don’t make any major changes. Just get in the program, just get sobriety going. She’s living in an RV with the guy, Geno. It’s not a great situation (laughs). You know, and it’s not conducive to recovery necessarily. Honey Boo Boo is 14 years old. What do you think her freshmen year, or whatever in high school, is like for her? There she is. God, that’s so hard to say. She’s got a multitude of things going on. I will tell you. Just two scores. Any 14 year old young female is going through a lot, and male, too, but that’s a hard time. And then you’ve got a mom who may be addicted. And then you got things going out on the media and then social media. We don’t even know what that was like, being in freshmen in high school and having to deal with social media just by itself. So yeah, I’m sure Honey Boo Boo is dealing with a lot. I mean. Well, We TV, they’re still filming. Do you think this is a good idea, or a bad idea? And I have to say, as a nosy person, who also wants to see this play out, but not in a bad way, just in a curious way, I want them to film. I get it. I’m sorry. Well, but here’s what I learned from Celebrity Rehab, which was a surprise. Is that, the cameras, in my experience, again, I did not anticipate this, and it’s not a controlled experiment, it’s just my little anecdote with, you know, 40 people on television. The cameras helped. The cameras sort of held people accountable. And you could sort of point at stuff, and go, really, that’s what you wanna be? You like how that looks? And then when they start getting better, they like that, they like how they look, and they end up wanting to share that process with other people. So the cameras. I know it’s going to be counterintuitive, I’m not making this as a scientific observation, but as my anecdotal experience, they kind of help. So you get your wish, and hopefully I get my wish that she gets better. Yeah. You get to watch it, I hope she gets better. (audience applauding) So you’re nosy like us. Well, it’s not that, it’s not that I’m nosy. Anyway, any who. All right, fair enough. Doctor Drew. Yes, ma’am. Aaron Carter, let’s move along. Yeah. Aaron Carter with the face tattoos and his alarming behavior. Oh, my. What do you make of this? Do you know the story? I know of it, I don’t know Aaron Carter. I have no business making any real conclusions about it. Okay, well, his older brother is in Backstreet Boys. And he got a restraining order because Aaron threatened to– Shoot ’em up. Shoot ’em up.
Yeah. And also, beat up the mother and the unborn child. Yes.
Yeah, uh-huh. So the older brother had to get a restraining order. And then also accused his deceased sister of some sort of– Sexual abuse or something.
Sexual abuse. And then he was on another daytime show saying, he listed a whole series of diagnoses. Where’d he go? He went somewhere else. How dare him. I know, how dare him. How dare you, how dare you. (laughs) A show that will not be mentioned. Okay, perfect. It was a clinical setting, and he did list a whole bunch of diagnoses that didn’t make any sense. Doctor Oz. It was another doctor show. Doctor Phil. Another doctor show (laughs). The Doctors. Yes, he was on The Doctors. These people are all my friends. Okay, good, he was on The Doctors. They’re mine too.
Yeah. Like, I love daytime. You don’t have to worry about it. ‘Cause your audience is here, trust me. (audience cheering) But I’m never sure what people wanna share. But, yes, The Doctors. I have full respect for everybody on that show, and love those guys. He listed a series of diagnoses there that made no sense. But they were all very, very, very serious. See that face tattoo that’s up behind us here. Rihanna as the Medusa. Yeah, when people get really serious mental illness, they will do very impulsive things. They’ll cut, they’ll use substances, they’ll act out sexually. They’ll shave their heads with an umbrella? They will shave theirs head. Britney Spears. This absolutely reminded me of Britney and the head shave. This was the same kind of behavior. For sure, for sure. And to look at Britney, I mean, she’s required an extensive conservatorship to manage that illness. So the same kind of thing may be ahead for Aaron Carter. Maybe, I don’t know him, but maybe. Okay, Britney’s father, still has conservatorship. Yes, which is extraordinary, extraordinary. Okay, like I like the Spears family behind the scenes. Yes, yes. I don’t feel as though mom and dad are robbing their daughter. No. I even like the new boyfriend. I don’t feel as though he’s taking advantage of her. I agree. And I also like Kevin Federline. He seems to have gotten his act together, right? He seems to be much better. (audience applauding) Well, he’s taking care of the kids. He’s taking care of the kids. I feel like she is surrounded by some really good people. Correct, I agree. I also feel like, she could take a year off, and still come back and we will still be waiting for her. Agreed.
Now look. Jamie Spears, her dad, have the alleged physical abuse against Britney’s son. Yes.
Okay. We’ve never talked about spankings. And we talk about a lot. Where are you with this? Well, I have no philosophical objection to spankings. Have you spanked the triplets? Let me spell out everything. So I can’t say I haven’t. I’m sure I’ve tugged or something sometimes. Pinched their underarm right here, made it black and blue. Twisted it good. That loose meat, you grab that loose meat, you twist it. So here is the problem. Is that I have nothing philosophically an issue with it. I’m a clinician, I look at the science. And the science is exquisitely clear, as you start physical abuse, the more physical abuse, the more problematic behavior. It’s just a direct relationship between physical discipline and problematic behavior. It’s not what you expect. You want the opposite, right? Right. So I’ll tell you where there is the time to this kind of discipline. Which is when you need a behavior to stop now and it’s dangerous. When you’re on aisle three at the Target. When the kid is running across the street, you know, in traffic. Then it’s like whatever, you gotta get the behavior to stop. Who cares what the consequences are. Okay. And so, again, as long as the science suggests this is something problematic, and I gotta tell you, Wendy, in my world where I treat, you know, severe addictions. 100% of my patients have some sort of childhood abuse, and nearly 100% have described some sort of physical striking with an object. That’s clearly the line that you cannot cross. Taking an object and hitting a kid. A wet dishrag in the kitchen. I’m just saying, objects. Usually they’re harder objects. A phone cord? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s where you start getting in trouble. Oh, I didn’t know. There’s a long story behind this. But ultimately, kids need other people to regulate their emotions. If they’ve had some kind of physical experience there, it makes them not trust that closeness. ‘Cause they’re fearful of more to come. And that’s the issue. Letting kids develop in a healthy way, that’s all. Like, I believe in spankings. But I also believe in hard words and threats. Oh, oh. Like, you can use your wordplay real good as a parent. Listen, I always tell parents. You are the executioner. You’re not anything else. You’re holding the ax and you must drop it when the time comes. (audience applauding) Doctor, very quickly. ‘Cause I’ve been wrapped up. Doug is standing there pissed. (audience laughing) He’s what? He’s pissed. Oh, he’s pissed. Like, it’s time to go. But look, the White House. Scram out of here. The White House, the White House. Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna go cover the White House. I am absolutely exercised about the homeless problem in California. It’s uncontrollable.
Horrible. It’s horrible beyond horrible. I am every day waking up. I’m morally moved by this. I will go talk to Beelzebub if he will help me deal with this problem. It is a mental health crisis. I could do a whole hour with you on this. It’s not about homeless, it’s not about housing. Although, housing is a piece of it. Or drug abuse. It’s about drug addiction, and it’s about mental health. Mental health, bigger. Bigger than everything else. I find that bigger.
Yes. Than drug addiction, you mean? I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago. And I could not believe. It’s unbelievable, you cannot imagine. Listen, this is not third world stuff. This is medieval stuff. It’s an insult to third world countries because third world countries take care of their ill. They take care of sick people. We are refusing to take care of sick people because people don’t understand what brain diseases are, are getting in the way, and frankly, they’re murderers for getting in the way. We’re losing three a day in Los Angeles. And getting in the way of helping the homeless, you are a murderer. That’s where I’m at with it. Doctor Drew is marching on Washington. For more information on his radio show and podcast, go to drdrew.com. Up next, we’re in the Wendy kitchen with the Cuban sandwiches, stay here. (energetic music)
(audience applauding) I am, I am, okay. Well, look, our next guest is a lifestyle expert and celebrity chef. Please welcome Jamika Pessoa. Pessoa, yes, you got it. (audience cheering) You might recognize her from my doctor friend, Mehmet’s show, Doctor Oz. Yes, I love being here with you. Thank you. Oh, wait, we gotta do it. How you doing? How you doing? Thank you (laughs). All right, look. I am not ordering lunch today. I’m bringing all this home if it’s good, go. It is good, without a doubt. Well, you know, the holidays are right around the corner. So I am bringing you finger foods to get you started on your party holiday menus. You have no excuses not to have a good menu. So we’re gonna turn your co-host into pro-host. You guys ready for that? Yeah. Pro-host, so we are making Cuban sandwich egg rolls. Yes, deep frying them. We’re doing a surprise inside hot and cheesy onion dip, ’cause you always need a good dip for a party. And lobster deviled eggs. And you’re already eating, yes, yes, yes. She’s already eating, all right. So can I get started while you eat? This is very good. Oh, well, she loves it already. So let me show you guys how to make this, right? (audience applauding) So you know the Cuban sandwich has that marinated pork and the ham and the cheese. To cut that time on that pork, that long time roasted pork. I’m using pork chops and I marinated them with lemon juice. And you’re not Cuban. I’m Cuban, I’m from the Caribbean. My family’s from the Caribbean. Where’d you learn how to do this? Well, I am classically trained. I learned how to cook food (laughs). Where’d you study? Well, I studied international cuisine, and I studied in Austria and Italy. So I have been yelled at by every chef across the world. So I know how to really cook some good food. I’ve been training for a lifetime. But, yeah, so we marinated the pork chops in orange juice, lemon juice, garlic, little pepper flakes. And then we just let it cool down and we chop it into little slices, and we’ll build our egg roll. So we’ll layer in some ham, some Swiss cheese. Oh, my gosh, there’s a pork chop and ham? You gotta have the double pork, yes. And we’re using the egg roll wrappers. You can buy this in any grocery store, and you have to have the pickle. You top it off with the pickle there. Yes, it’s gonna have that little briny-ness in there. Yeah, I like a lot of pickle in there. Oh, yes. So then you just seal it up with a little egg wash. You can get the sides in there. But it’s double pork. It’s double pork, what’s wrong with double pork? Life should have double pork, right? So you just tuck the sides in there. And you see how I’m just rolling it in? And you’ll seal these up, and we have some ready to go. We’ll just drop ’em in some hot oil. Be careful there. And we’ll let those go. And I love this recipe because when you’re planning your party, you wanna have time to get your guests in order and get yourself in order. So this, you can make in advance, freeze them, and then right before the guests come, you pop it in the oil, sizzle, sizzle, everybody’s happy. How long are these in? These are gonna go for about three to four minutes until they’re golden brown and start to float to the top. You can’t forget the mustard in the Cuban sandwich, right? So I have a champagne mustard sauce, right? So in this bowl, we’re starting off with a little mayo and mustard. And then we’ll add in some sugar, and then we’re doing champagne vinegar. So that leaves residual amount of alcohol. We don’t have to worry about that. But if it’s a party, you’re popping bottles, throw some real champagne in there. Trust me, everybody will be double dipping in that sauce, right (laughs)? So we’ll mix that all together. And you can just keep going and dipping, and then we’ll keep frying. So, yes, you loving this? I do, Jamika! You’re loving this. I’m taking this all to my office. I don’t wanna fill up now ’cause we have an Ask Wendy or something next. All right, well, let me move onto this one. If she loved this one, she’s gonna lose her mind about this one. So this is what I call a surprise inside hot and cheesy onion dip. I love to do this for like a Halloween party. So I have this pizza dough that you buy in the store. You roll it out in the can. And I cut them into squares. And I put a cheese cube and a jalapeno inside of this, right? And then we’ll just do a cheese cube in the other. So this way, you arrange it so that people don’t know if they’re gonna get the jalapeno and cheese, or just the plain cheese. So that’s the surprise inside. It could be spicy, it could be not. You kind of have a game with it. So then we have in this bowl here, it’s a little mayo in here. This is really good. Reduced fat cream cheese you can put in there. And you can do spinach or kale, whichever you like. So far, you are winning. I’m winning, all right, I’m winning, y’all. I’m winning. (audience applauding) You just stir in a little onion, a little salt and pepper. How long you been married? I like your ring. Oh, thank you. We’ve been married going on nine years. Look at you.
Yes. Now do you cook at home? I do cook at home. But you know, I throw a lot more parties at home. Because, I mean, my husband is a regular kind of guy. But when you say you wanna party, a bring a party. What’s he do?
He’s an engineer. He’s the smart to all my crazy quirky, right? So you’ll stir all of that together. I got one little baby girl, she just turned three. She’s such a little diva, I adore her so much. This is so good. And my baby girl on her birthday. All right, and this is what it’s gonna look like, guys. You bake it off at 400 degrees. This is really good. Pull apart kind of dip, right? Yes, so this is good. You gotta have people congregate. ‘Cause I always say, life is a party. You gotta live it like one. And it starts with good eating, right? So you’re already started with this. Deviled eggs, a piece of lobster. And my secret to my deviled eggs is curry powder, y’all. I love deviled eggs. It gives it that color and it gives it that flavor. It’s like, what is that? While you’re eating. They can never put their finger on it, and you do not tell them. You just say, oh, I don’t know. It’s my secret ingredient. Don’t tell them what it is, all right (laughs). Jamika.
She’s loving it. I love that you love this, oh, my goodness. For more information on these recipes, go to the wendyshow.com. And guess what, we’ll be right back. (energetic music)
(audience cheering) Last thing you were thinking, right. Absolutely. Okay, it’s October. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And today’s Eye Candy is breast cancer survivor. This is Kim. (audience cheering and applauding) Kim is 33 years old. She was diagnosed when she was 27 years old. Tell us about your story. Like, were you taking a shower? You felt a lump, like talk us through. Okay, how you doing, Wendy? How you doing, Kim? Okay, well, at 24, my boyfriend felt the lump on my breast. So immediately, I went to the doctor. Okay. At that time, the doctor felt like it wasn’t breast cancer. About three years later, still had the lump there, but I was having pain now. Immediately, I went back to a doctor. Okay. Now she was concerned, right? She was concerned, we did an ultrasound. We did biopsy right away. About a week, it came back that, yes, indeed, it was breast cancer. But I harvested my eggs right away. After I harvested my eggs, the doctors felt like, you know, I would probably potentially not be able to conceive naturally. But, Wendy, girl, let me tell you something. I’m here seven months pregnant. Hey! (audience cheering) But I’m a six year breast cancer survivor, okay? Six years. Did you have breast cancer in your family? No, no, I don’t. So you’re the first with breast cancer? So this is the last thing you were thinking about? Absolutely, especially at my age. 27, who’s thinking that? Yeah, but now you’re 33. You’re pregnant, you’re all Buddha, here’s a Diva Fan. Yes, yes. You look great.
Thank you. And listen, Kim, we also have a $300 gift card for you to spend wherever you want. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m glad you’re doing well. Thank you so much. We’ll be right back. (energetic music)
(audience whooping) Excuse me. You know what show you’re watching, it’s Wendy. Okay, everything that you love about The Wendy Show is available right now at wendyshow.com. This is Genevieve, she’s from Trinidad. How you doing? She said she bought this costume just for us. Just for you, Wendy. I know you like all this. I love all that. How you doing? After show, interviews, all that stuff is available at wendyshow.com. See it first, see it now. And we’ll be right back. (energetic music)
(audience cheering) ♪ You got me to ♪ ♪ You got me to hold me ♪ ♪ To scold me ♪ ♪ ‘Cause when I’m bad, I’m so so bad ♪ Sorry, look, look, look. Right now, this is about my co-host, okay? If you are in the New York area, like you. She’s from Queens, look at her costume. (audience cheering) She’s from Oakland, California. (audience cheering) A couple behind me are from Georgia. They’re from Bronx. Go to wendyshow.com, the tickets are free. It’s a good time. We’ll be right back. (energetic music)
(audience cheering) (audience laughing) Tomorrow fall’s must have movies, or must see. Whatever, I got you with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today. And I’ll see you next time on this mess. (audience cheering)

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