Tyler Perry’s “The Oval”

Tyler Perry’s “The Oval”

(applause) Welcome back! Our first guests are starring as the President and the First Lady in Tyler Perry’s new drama. It’s called The Oval. It’s quite juicy. Take a look. Mind the door, will you? Yes, sir. Where do you want me? On your knees. Ma’am. Move away from the door. Ma’am I can’t do that. You’re the President. What the hell is this world coming to? Let me in there. (screaming) (dramatic beats) Please welcome Kron Moore and Ed Quinn. (applause) (upbeat music) Woo. Are you all messin’ around in real life? You’re a beautiful couple. (laughter) I want that. For hot topics. We have that. Wendy. Yes, what? How you doin’? How you doin’? Congratulations on your star. Pretty. Thank you. Right? Thank you. You’re welcome. Okay, I wanna give you guys simultaneous shoe cam. Put your feet on those feet. We like to look at the shoes. There you go. Nice. I love the detail at the bottom of your pants. If you don’t mind me asking, I don’t wanna be cheesy, but
No. Was this a fortune? You know what? A designer in Atlanta, his name is Beonbe. Okay. He designed this for me.
It’s beautiful. Yeah, yeah, I love it. It’s beautiful.
Thank you. Ed. Hi. Hi. Are you married? I am. Oh. [Audience] Aw. Get out. (laughter) I love the premise of the show. Please talk about it. I mean, so, he’s cheating on you. Wildly. And he’s the president.
Mm-hmm, a whole hot mess. Well, who was that whore? Exactly. Who is that whore? (laughter) Do you cheat on him? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out. Well, tell… Okay, Ed, is this your first term in office or your second? It is. This is basically us arriving. The pilot is the inauguration and it is us arriving at the White House. And the whole show is sort of the upstairs-downstairs of the White House. The staff that run it, a new first family’s coming in, a wonderful first family is leaving and the new first family coming in is a little volatile. Yeah. Okay, well to start, you’re a mixed couple. So, do we deal with that on the show? You know what? Not really. At all. It’s kind of a beautiful thing, Tyler, I think, just wanted it to just sort of be. And so there’s no bell on it, it’s never really brought up. It’s just, this is just who we are and kind of the… Do you… (applause) Right, yeah. Kron, is it true that… Am I saying it right, by the way? Kron? It’s “Kay-ren.” “Kay-ren,” okay. Where you from? Detroit. Okay, we love the D. I heard that this is your first big acting break. It is. And you’re in your forties. Girl. No, no. (laughter) No, I mean, age is relative. Yes, yes. It is relative to the conversation, because you stuck it out and now you got your first big role. Right, well just barely. Because I quit every other day. Because, you know, there’s so much rejection in this industry. You know, I went and got my real estate license last year. Really? Because I didn’t know if it was gonna happen for me and so, I’m like, I gotta focus on something else and as soon as I got my license, I just started booking and this came around and so, I am elated. (applause) Good, that’s good. And Ed, you started out as a model? I did, yeah. I was… (gasps) I’m sayin’. Hot boy summer, right? That was my first, that was my first photo shoot in Los Angeles, actually. Really?
Yeah, no, I was at Berkeley and a photographer, I was surfing Ocean Beach, San Francisco, a photographer came up to me and I was about to go do a, I was about to start to Caldwell Banker in commercial real estate. And all the sudden I got a phone call, you’ve been booked into the shows in Paris and Milan, can you get there? And I’m like, uh, I think so. And, you know, my parents, the go, how long are you going for? I go, I don’t know? Couple of weeks, maybe? I was there for seven months. Where’re you from? I’m from Berkeley, actually. My father was a professor at Cal and I went to Berkeley and, yeah. Good for you. And now, how long have you been married? 14…No, 11 years. Do you have children? I do, two, yeah. Girls, boys, what? Little boys. Nice, It’s so sweet.
Aww. You? Just to this man, right here. (laughter) Are you wildly single? Well, I don’t know wildly. And now very successful. Gratefully, I’m very successful now. So, excuse me. Were you at the opening of the Tyler Studio? Yes.
Yes. That was absolutely incredible. Yeah, my mom was my date. Aww. She’s had a rough year
Playin’ it safe. Yeah, well, you know. And she’s had a rough year. Oh, my. Yeah, and she was able to fan out and do all the stuff that I wanted to do but I couldn’t because it was kind of a work event. So, you know, she sees these celebrities… You didn’t fan out when you saw Whoopi or the Clintons or anything? A little bit. It’s just like, inside, I’m just like, but my mom, she’s just like, she sees Taraji, she’s like, Cookie! And I’m like, and she sees Oprah, Oprah! And so, it was amazing. We got to meet so many people. How was the food? Oh my god, it was fabulous. Yeah, I ate so much seafood. Yeah, I ate cornbread. It was good. (laughter) So, how is it shooting? ‘Cause I heard Tyler built a White House, there it is right there. He built a White House in the studio. The only one in existence, yeah. When we started,
Really? when I first came and met Kron, it was a dirt lot. And then, you know, he bought Fort McPherson, the army base, 330 acres, and he started building this replica of the White House. And we watched it…
That’s really beautiful. As we started production it just basically, came to fruition and the next thing you know, we were filming in it. And we feel like we’ve been woven into the fabric of the history of his studio, now. Because that’s our home. And Tyler, Tyler comes to the studio seven days a week and on weekends he would come and we would be shooting all week long and he would still be there doing stuff on the weekends. And he would take us to the, as it was being built, and I think he wanted us to feel like we really belonged there and it was part… So once we started filming, it sort of became our home. Yeah, absolutely. Nice. (applause) So, we have a clip of you guys fighting. Ooh. Physically fighting. Like, they’re volatile to each other. Would you look at this. So, now, is that a stunt double from behind and then they just show you from the front, Kron? Or are you actually fighting with Ed. We actually did this, both.
Both. Well, what happened was, it was my first day of shooting. So, imagine your first day on set, and you’re in the Louboutins and a slip nighty and your director turns to you and says, “Okay, we want you to just get down.” And the stunt double, she went for it and he turns to me and says, “Well, how much of that can you recreate?” And I said, “Roughly none of it.” And he’s like, let me see what you can do. And I did it, I went for it. Yeah.
(applause) Well, I have to tell you, the show looks ju-u-u-uicy. Thank you both for being here. Thank you. Tyler Perry’s The Oval premiers tomorrow night at 9 on BET and Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(applause) ♪ Feel, feel ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel ♪ ♪ Feel it, woo ♪

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  1. I was about to say I'm not here for this show based on the clip but after seeing this woman interview, I would definitely support her. And this man is actually beautiful. If the writing is decent I will give it a try.

  2. Kron is a gorgeous woman, but as a gay man; sorry but I am diggin' Ed Quinn!!! At 50, he is super fine!!! I never heard of him or seen him in anything up until this show! Give me some Ed Quinn anytime! What a voice, sexy demeanor and body (Google some shots of him; makes some 20 year old males look like immature fools!).

  3. The actors are gorgeous, as usual with Tyler Perry productions. However that show looks horrible and cringe inducing 😂 I question his ability to write a dynamic and subtle movie, everything is so over the top.

  4. Sometimes Wendy you don’t need to say what’s on your mind all the time. How can ask them from the jump are they messing with each other

  5. Omg! I am in stitches, laughing so hard about the trailer of that show! Would love to watch it! So is it inspired by Bill and Hillary Clinton’s true story? Lol! Except Monica in this instance is a woman of colour

  6. I’m just looking at the white boy 👦🏼 security 👀👌🏽 he kuuteeee🙄😒
    I like this actress . She’s beautiful & humble 💪🏽🙌🏼

  7. When you go to the Wendy show you have to be prepared for her questions and shade.this woman handled Wendy pretty well lol the shade of it all abt her age

  8. My critique of Tyler Perry films/ shows is it feels cheesy everything he films feels like it’s a soap opera and the set feels like a set and also the sound , sounds like it’s on a stage… his stuff comes off as a very expensive high quality filmed stage play even the props at times are underwhelming 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Wendy probably didn't get an invite to Tyler's Perry Studios, but still let them promote on her platform, thanks Wendy!

  10. I remember i used to be an avid 2 Broke Girls fan! Ed was the love interest of Max one of the leads. He is fine! Always shirtless on that show and his abs and looks never fails to amaze me! Mm Mm Mm!

  11. I'm sorry but this show looks super ghetto. I've tried to give it a chance, but EVERY single clip and trailer I see for it looks so CHEAP and bad!!

  12. I see why Wendy had on her breasts out and about with matching sexy lace due to her guest star Edward Quinn. He’s hott! 😜🤪😍🤓

  13. Damn that lady looks like Erica Dixion from Love&Hip Hop Wendy William's are interviewing I had 2 look damn twice.😮

  14. Wendy never mentioned Tyler's studio opening in hot topics…..seems like a little hateration…but she did have the new show on as promotion.

  15. Both Ed and Kron are two very striking people. But being the woman I am, in my Jennifer Lewis voice "damn that Ed is so fine."😘😘😘😂😂

  16. He was guest staring on season 2 of One Day at a Time. Damn he should have stayed on and be Penelope’s BF. Bummer but damn he is still fine all these years.

  17. Ain't nobody watching this bedwenching mess…keep it up Tyler Perry and you will be cancelled next.

  18. For God sake people Tyler Perry just built a super large studio. Already we have negatives comments about the shows or how cheap the shows look. This man just created more jobs for people of color in front of the camera and behind the camera. If some of you have better ideas than make it happen. Stop putting other down.
    Congratulations Tyler Perry for a vision and making it happen. White Hollywood has not always done right by people of color.

  19. When wendy said if them two were together at the start and they laughed and then when he said he was married, why did the woman give him that look? Could be nothing but my mind is going places 😂😂😂 he fine af though and so is she 👀🔥

  20. The disgust on the lady in the multi pattern dress in the audience 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #imdone #imweak 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. It is a shame that Tyler Perry invested so much detail into a garbage idea. The show, unless it's on BET will tank. And, even on BET, who wants to see a Black woman playing a w***e, and this time, her p**p is her own husband.
    We had a Black First Lady!!!! Beautiful and loved and adored by her husband, and two beautiful children! That is for real!!!!!
    Why would I want to watch this trash
    I never wasted my time watching Scandal.

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