Types of career advices you get | swz entertainers | latest funny

Types of career advices you get | swz entertainers | latest funny

what are you doing son? programming ! when is your result coming?
what have you thought about your future? in which Medical college are you getting admission? papa ! I don’t want to be a doctor ! My son will be the first doctor of the family ! But papa, I don’t have interest in medicine … Then you should join an academy !
Remember Saleem Uncle’s daughter? She studied from ‘Chips’ academy !
I’ve heard they give good coaching on studies… I’ll get your admission today… But papa listennn !!! Do it quickly, Bashirayyy ! sorry sir I can’t do it.
Do it yourself ! [Car engine starts] wow sir !
why don’t you become an Engineer ? Bro ! you should get admission in Lums !
there will be too much fun… How? Girls Brooo !!! how much marks did you get bro? 926 bro… you will not get admission in MBBS bro ! you should get admission in D-Pharm but everyone is doing this now a days … ssshhhhhhhh I’m telling you, it has great scope … I can’t understand anything listen son ! you should study medicine there should be one atleast one doctor in the house … wow bro !
why don’t you become a crickter? Assalam o Alaikum Uncle !
uncle please give me a bottle of shampoo. Hey bring a bottle of shampoo ! uncle how much? 80 Rs/- but here is written 75 Rs ! and you are costing 80 Rs that is why pakistan is not making progress you have caused the expensiveness in the country… wow wow wow !!! you can make a good speech bro ! I would suggest you should become a lawyer! why don’t you study DVM bro? leave it bro …. why bro? It’s a good job ! Have’nt you heard what Khadim Rizvi says?

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