Wednesday, December 18

Wednesday, December 18

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪
Woo-woo, woo-woo. How you doin’? Woo-woo, woo-woo.
Now here’s Wendy! (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat dance music) How you doin’, great? Now, hold on now. Woo-woo. Woo-woo. Woo-woo, woo-woo.
♪ How you doin’ ♪ Woo-woo. (cheering and applauding) Thank you for watching, say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. Thanks. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started, it’s time for? Hot Topics! Let’s go. (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) (cheering and applauding) Hello. (shouting off mic) Right, Suzanne? That’s amazing! Look I even–
I don’t know what that is but that is amazing on you!
I didn’t know what it was! It looked horrible on the hanger. It’s gorgeous! Thank you! You’re welcome, wow!
I don’t know what this is but I like it! (cheering and applauding) We got the whole order mixed up, okay? Which means the entire staff is ready for a nap. (audience laughing) Okay, we got lunch for breakfast so that means that we were all eating barbecue chicken, brisket– Mac and cheese. Mac and cheese, collard greens, cabbage, what the hell? I got the itis right now. Oh, oh my gosh, Suzanne, right? I had two pieces of cornbread with that butter, slabs of it. Yeah, it was the sweet butter. Yes, it was amazing. You didn’t eat any chicken or any– Ooh, I had the brisket, and the mac and cheese–
That’s what I’m sayin’! It was unbelievable, I–
Don’t you wanna nap? Yes, I wanna nap. You got a couch, you have two couches in your office. Exactly, I was laying on one ’bout 10 minutes ago. Believe me you.
(audience laughing) Let’s get this show done so we can all go home and take a nap. (cheering and applauding) So there’s a big story that is apparently dividing the country. Why we don’t care? All right, I don’t. (audience laughing) It’s not even our country, it’s Kate Middleton and Prince William. (audience exclaiming)
Oh! Okay, so apparently, they were doing some sort of press and Kate, well, Megan, rather. Wait, no, Kate, that’s Kate, right, the boring one. (audience chuckling) So Kate appeared to shrug him off on the BBC for the Very Royal Christmas. Is that a shrug-off? Do it again. I thought it was a shrug-off too. (audience exclaiming)
Yes, yes. Like normally, when somebody touches you, you either lean into it or touch them back or something, but that was, clap if you think that was a shrug-off. (audience applauding) Okay. They’re boring to me, but he’s gonna be the next king and Prince Harry and Megan, they’re always holding hands, and apparently there’s no particular law with the royals. You are allowed to show public display of affection, it’s just if you wanna show it or not. But to me, all these couples are pushed together except for Megan and Harry, he swooned her, and she spurned him, and then he came back, he kept coming back. So to me, this is the only genuine royal couple that falls in love like the rest of us do, not being put together.
(audience applauding) You know what I mean? I like them, but the way Kate shrugged William, it’s like when Melania– Melania.
Shrugged Donald. President Trump, yeah. Okay, we saw that.
Yep. We saw, okay, look, look, okay, okay, she swatted that hand thick and hard, get away from me.
(audience laughing) (audience applauding)
Mm-hm, mm-hm. Look, and just to make it extra saucy, Willy doesn’t know this, who gets my outfits, but look, I ripped a hole in my fishnet just to make it real dirty.
(audience softly exclaiming) Yeah, just to make it real disgusting. Yes.
(audience laughing) Right? Yeah!
Disgusting. (audience applauding) By any means necessary! (audience laughing) I didn’t ask for this life but I’m gonna ride it till the wheels fall off. (cheering and applauding)
That’s all’s I’m sayin’. Hi, boys. (softly laughs) Oh my gosh, and then I had the open-pit barbecue sauce and my favorite hot sauce, and I turned the heat up in my office to like 90. It’s so warm. Oh my God, right? You were in there right before the show. (softly laughing) And I lay in there with a turban and a robe like I’m really home. Not even realized I have to come out here and bust down. Right.
(audience laughing) Anyway, so, Cuba Gooding Jr., okay, I’ve known about this man since forever, but no one would ever listen. I only liked him from the Fridays movie. And then after that, I knew a little bit more about him and what I found out about him is what’s being alleged these days, like these girls coming out of the closet with all the touching and the disgusting behavior, like he was that guy even back in the ’90s when I was yappin’ on the radio but nobody believed, skirt alert? Oh. (audience softly hooting) (cheering and applauding)
Apparently, um… All right, fine. Apparently the lawyer’s back from maternity. (audience laughing) What, she’s sitting up there in the booth? Who’s doing that talk? Allison. Allison?
Uh-huh. Oh, right, the fill-in lawyer with the red hair. Yeah, uh-huh, red, red, uh-huh, get it back. Uh-huh, uh-huh! (laughs) Anywho, so right, once upon a time, there’s a girl named Wendy and she always head stories about this actor named Cuba Gooding Jr. but I only knew him from Fridays until he went on and he said, “The money,” what– Wasn’t Friday. I mean, not Friday– Boyz n the Hood.
Boyz n the Hood! Right.
Sorry. Right.
Another one of my favorite– And Jerry Maguire. Right, and Jerry Maguire but by the time he got to Jerry Maguire, see, that was the Tom Cruise fame. And so all of a sudden, he became somebody that nobody was listening to me really cared about so I just stopped telling the stories but I would be getting the information behind the scenes and the information was always like he’d be the guy to rip his shirt off in the middle of a bar and toss it over his head and grab women by the– (audience softly exclaiming) That, right there, that right there. That’s Cuba since I knew back in the early ’90s but I stopped talking about it ’cause you all didn’t care so, all right, fine. Anyway, fast forward to today, last week, seven more women came out accusing him–
(audience loudly exclaiming) Yes, dear, seven more women came out accusing him. It’s up to 22. (audience loudly exclaiming) Okay? Meanwhile, Harvey Whine-fiend is free and braggin’. (audience laughing) I’m so lost with all these cases. I just say lock them all up. (cheering and applauding) Days later, Cuba, okay, now this is after the seven women came out last week, here’s how stupid he is, right? And his girlfriend, Claudine, who by the way to me is along for the ride. Claudine used to be married to Robert De Niro’s son. Whoa. Exactly! Look, now, now, now, look, I guess the child support alimony wasn’t good enough so she had to get back out here in these streets. (audience laughing) And that’s who she landed on. So, Claudine De Niro, somebody or another, is out with her boyfriend Cuba days after seven more women came out to implicate him, in other words, 22 in total. And according, oh, they were in Miami, by the way, and according to our friends at Page Six… You know what? You’re gonna stop messin’ with me, Boof. (audience laughing) Oh, wait, no, that’s not you, that’s booth. Nevermind, take that camera off him. (audience laughing) I get so confused. He danced behind the DJ booth. Oh! With his girl! And then got on the mic yellin’, “Show me the money!” (audience loudly exclaims) Yes! (audience loudly exclaims) Yes, in the club! (audience softly exclaiming) Oh, he’s dumb. Uh-huh. Put him away, please. Yeah! Put him away.
(cheering and applauding) I gonna tell Suzanne what you just said. (softly laughs) What? Nope, nuh-uh, nothing. In the commercial break. I’ll tell you during commercial. Okay.
And then you guys can fight it out on the side of the stage. Okay, we will.
It’s worth the fight. Yes, you did say something. And I saw exactly what you said. (audience chuckling) Hi, boys. (audience laughing) Anyway, okay, so now here’s another controversy going on. I don’t even understand why there’s a controversy. The Jonas Brothers are being slammed because they were part of the tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire, one of the greatest bands ever in life. They bridged the gap between race and color and all that other, religion. (cheering and applauding) Really? So the EW&F, right, they were at the Kennedy Center Honors that aired on Sunday night. I didn’t see this, did you see it? Clap if you saw it. (audience lightly clapping) Oh, how civilized. (audience laughing) While the rest of us are watching fighting in reality TV, you’re watching that. Earth, Wind & Fire, first of all, they’re the first black group ever to receive this honor. Oh, wow.
(cheering and applauding) Yeah. John Legend preformed Can’t Hide Love, you know that song. Even if you don’t know the title, you know that song and then, Ne-Yo performed Shining Star. (audience softly exclaiming)
Right? (audience applauding) All right, Boof, make yourself useful during commercial. Can we have an EW&F set? (audience laughing) His head was down like he was sleepy. You got the itis, right? Yeah, I do. (chuckling)
Yeah? And then, so here come the Jonas Brothers, they closed out the night with Boogie Wonderland. Wow. And people were mad because they were like, why isn’t a black group performing? Why are the Jonas Brothers performing? Everything is not black and white, but things are black and white in this world, but I’m just saying,
(audience applauding) the Jonas Brothers are one of the biggest boy bands right now. Earth, Wind & Fire are legendary, something that the Jonas Brothers haven’t even kissed. But it’s an honor for those boys to be able to hit the notes and stuff like that and people were saying they weren’t hitting the right notes. They didn’t even know the words. You don’t have to know all the words, that’s what they got the prompter for, attention, Wendy Staff. (audience laughing)
There’s a particular song, no, no, now, look’it here, we’re about to have our Christmas party where everyone is lit. And it’s gonna be, we’re doing karaoke, by the way. Not everybody, you don’t have to do it. It gets boring after a while. All you wanna hear is DJ music. But there’s a song that I wanna perform and I wanna, and only Boof knows, because yeah, I know you printed the words for me, but you know I know most of the words. I practice everyday, we play it behind the scenes here at the show. And I’m gonna sprawl across the bar, and look, look, look, and so Jayson Bautista who’s our party planner for every party, Suzanne, he goes to me, “All right, Wendy, “I’m gonna have a stick mic for you.” I’m like, “No, I’m not gonna stand up.” I said, “You get me a mic with a string “and I’m gonna lay down with something like this,” uh-huh, all covered up,
(cheering and applauding) but slunk bag.
Yes, yes, yes. Right?
Yes. Push my boobs together.
Yeah, yes, yes. Uh-huh.
Yes, yes! Yes, yes, yes!
(cheering and applauding) Yeah, and even though the song has been out since the ’80s I’m gonna need prompter assist. So where are we going with this? The Jonas Brothers did a great job, I’m sure. The thing about Earth, Wind & Fire, here’s where I get stuck on stupid, right? Do you remember the 24th day of September, or is it the 21st night of September, or the 26th? And so, no, you all already reminded me, for those of you who are like me, you didn’t know ’cause nobody in our Hot Topics meeting knew either. Right. It’s the 21st night of September. Whenever I’m out in public and I’m singing that song, I always go like this (audience laughing)
when the date comes up ’cause I’m like, ah, right. The 21st night of September, anyway, Jonas Brothers, I’m sorry people are so, you know what? Jason Derulo and his anaconda are here. (loudly cheering and applauding) (softly laughing) (loudly cheering and applauding) Okay. And I wanna ask him about the Jonas Brothers, is he offended they performed the Boogie Wonderland. No, I have to keep asking him questions otherwise my eyes’ll slip. (audience laughing) All the way down, nope, not gonna do that, nope, nope, mm-mm. Anyway, so there’s this horrible report out and I immediately, this is what I like about New Life ’cause I can just ring somebody up on the phone, my friend, NeNe, right? So, I’m sittin’ in the office and I’m with my Hot Topics producers before the show and they had a report for this Hot Topics that I’m doing right now that NeNe may be getting fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta. (audience exclaiming) And I said, “What?” Now, I haven’t talked to her in a moment so I have no idea what’s goin’ on. Well, Bravo, minutes before you guys came in the office you found this out, right? Yup, uh-huh.
This is like breaking news. Okay, Bravo is reportedly considering replacing the aging cast members. (audience exclaiming) To attract a younger audience. (audience softly exclaiming) And they say that NeNe is anxiously awaiting her fate. So I called her up on the speaker phone, landline, put her on the speaker, “Neens, everyone can hear you, what’s goin’ on?” As usual, she was doing what? (softly laughs) Shopping. No, she was in hair and makeup, you didn’t hear her. No, I thought she was out, oh, nevermind. No, she was in hair and makeup. Right. Right, so she says, okay, we quoted her, she’s, “not anxiously awaitin’ anything.” (audience laughing) She says, “They can phase,” her, “out anytime they want,” and she, “would not lose sleep, child.” She added the child at the end. (audience applauding) And then she goes on to say, “The Housewives are like soap operas. “People come and go but the fans love the original stars.” Yeah. The way you love Victor Newman. Yeah.
Uh-huh, uh-huh, and Luke and Laura. (audience exclaiming)
Right? And then it was like, okay, girl, bye. “Where are you?” She says, “I’m in your city. “Call me later, bitch.” (audience laughing) Okay, bye. (laughing) So funny, Norman says that he could watch her until she’s 90. When you grow with people and when you see people, you know what I’m, it’s just like a thing. I like Eva Pigford but I hate her storyline. I don’t even like her on the show, like, bye. And she’s a younger cast member and then NeNe goes, “Well, if they’re gonna start phasin’ out aging housewives, “they’re gonna have to phase Cynthia before me,” because Cynthia’s older than her, see? (audience exclaiming) NeNe will give you a good read in 32 seconds flat and you won’t even realize you’ve been read. (audience laughing) Disgusting, I love it. All right, so anyway, ow, and my leg is startin’ to fall asleep, why does this happen? I don’t know… Brisket, the itis, ugh. So, Kevin Hart’s havin’ a really good time right now, you know? (cheering and applauding)
He is. I don’t know whether I put one in or not, but I’m gonna put another, I’ll have a double. He’s now 40 years old and he’s opening up and telling people about his upcoming docuseries. It’s called, Don’t F This Up, well, for me, I almost forget about all the crap Kevin Hart has done that you don’t even wanna be reminded of. Otherwise you go back into, mm, Kevin Hart, mm, what’s really good? But, he’s bringing it up himself. So you forget about his homophobia, and you forget about him cheating on his pregnant wife, and I mean, just take a look. Kevin was forced to come clean about cheating on his wife, who was pregnant by the way. He publicly humiliated me. I just kept saying, how the fuck did you let that happen? (upbeat music) If everything stopped (music drowns out speaker) When you’re truly (bleeps) up. Shut up, bitch. The public perception is that he didn’t wanna apologize, therefore he is homophobic. Do you regret, do you wish you had done something different? Okay, let’s just stop it right here because before people will judge and go, Kevin Hart’s a (bleeping) I want you to understand that there’s a lot that you don’t know. (audience softly exclaiming) To me, this is the worst idea for him to be rehashing all this. You’re in so many family movies right now, you got Jumanji going on, you beat death, careening off a cliff, which is still a sketchy situation in my eyes, but, you know? Like what was really good that night? But okay, but, all right, it’s a six-part, not a one-part. This is a six-part docuseries. It’s gonna be released on Netflix on December 27th. The best part about that is that we’ll still be on vacation for the 28th, so I won’t be back here to talk about it. ‘Cause I feel oily even talking about this. Like, Kev, come on now. Okay, that’s it for Hot Topics. (cheering and applauding) We’ve got more great show for you, everybody. Up next, Jason Derulo is here, and he’s a snack, so come on down.
(cheering and applauding) (upbeat music) Woo-woo. Woo-woo. Woo– (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) Woo-woo. Woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo. Welcome back.
Woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo. Our first guest, he’s a singer, he’s an actor, he recently broke the internet with this photo. (audience loudly cheering) And now he’s starring in the new movie, Cats, please welcome back to our show, a boy who’s really grown up. (audience laughing) Jason Derulo. (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) (cheering and music drowns out speaker) Hi. How ya doin’, huh? You smell really good. Thank you very much. You smell really, what are you wearing, what is that all goin’ on? It’s called Oud. I’m not really sure what it is, but– Oh, we know that! Yeah, you know Oud? Yeah!
Okay. That’s been out for a moment. Has it?
I like it. Yeah.
Yeah! People seem to really, really like Oud. Yeah, I used to know somebody who’d wear that. Oh, yeah?
Well– Is that a positive thing or a negative thing? (softly sighs) Welcome back to the show, Jason. (audience laughing)
(Jason laughing) (audience applauding) So, we wanna give you some shoe cam. Put your feet on those feet and model, there’s the camera.
(cheering and applauding) What are we doing, what are we wearing? How’s it all going, okay, Dolce & Gabbana. Yeah, yeah.
Uh-huh. Just a little vibe.
Yeah. New York vibes. Uh-huh, yeah, ’cause you don’t live here. Nah, I did live here for two years, though. I went to college here. Where’d you go? I went to AMDA, American Music and Dramatic Academy for theater. Oh.
Yeah. (audience applauding) Oh, so you’re built for this. Oh, yeah, so I was a theater kid, and yeah, theater’s always been a main thing that I love. But it’s (softly laughing) Go ahead. It’s been the main thing that I love so acting is really important for me. (softly laughing) I don’t see anything. (woman softly gasps) No, he’s really, I don’t see anything. Did you see anything, Suzanne? No, I looked and I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see anything.
(audience laughing) It went away. I don’t see anything, so you do that real good. Yeah. The photo that you–
It’s in there. (audience laughing) (cheering and applauding)
It’s definitely in there. I like your jewelry. Thank you very much. Does it mean anything? Nah, not really. Yeah.
Just a vibe. Yeah, a vibe. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you gotta do that sometimes, right? It’s just for the look, it’s not– You know what? And I love Jordan Sparks, and I love Jordan Sparks, you know I do.
Oh, God. No, now you be quiet.
Where we going? You was just asking about my jewelry. All right, I’ll get back
(audience laughing) to you in a moment.
Where you wanna go, wow, and then I walk in, y’all, just so y’all know, I walk in and there’s like a huge photo of her and I’m like, wow, we didn’t even update the photo, okay, cool. You haven’t been here since you were a boy, now you’re a man. And that’s what I was about to say, right? (cheering and applauding)
(Jason softly laughing) And I love Jordan Sparks, but she’s like a daughtery, young sister or something like that, just good as gold. And when you guys were together, I just looked at you guys as, you know that good Disney couple, kind of, sort of? And ever since you haven’t been with her, all a sudden, you’ve just unleashed. (Jason laughing) Like you’re the, how old are you? I’m 30, I just turned 30, yeah. (cheering and applauding) And it feels good, it feels really good to be 30. I feel like my whole world is kinda like, it’s changed, I’ve figured everything out and I feel like I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Aww.
(cheering and applauding) Yeah, yeah, thank you. Well, you’re doing very well. That picture that you did for the internet, that was really the one that they say, what’d they say? Broke the internet, this one right here, and we had to put a W over it because everything was all the way over. It was all the way over.
(audience laughing) Now, what made you do this and did you realize you’d get that reaction? So, I thought I looked good in the photo and that’s why you post to Instagram, right? You’s like, uh, you know, I look– (cheering and applauding) But never in a million years did I think it was gonna be my most-liked photo in the afternoon. (audience laughing) It wasn’t even up–
Girls get bored. For the whole day, yeah, it was– And so do boys. (Jason chuckling) You’re famous, so you take your fans whenever they like ’em. Yeah, so I mean, it’s–
Boys, girls, whatever. It was really a thing, but I didn’t really feel like it was going to take over like that, honestly. What do you do for a workout? What do I do to work out? I mean, I know you’re 30 so you have a good metabolism. Nah, nah, I don’t come from that, I really work out. I work out twice a day. Oh. Yeah. That’s a lot of work. Yeah, yeah, so I separate it so I’m not at the gym for too long. So I do a cardio workout, then I do a weightlifting workout. I don’t really like the skinny vibe so I try to keep mass on. Do you have a trainer? Nah, I work with my family mostly, work with my brother, my cousins. We just have like a– That’s nice, do they live with you? Nah, no, no, everybody has a family, you know? It’s crazy ’cause if you were to ask me five years ago, I woulda thought like I woulda been in that same route. Children? Children, married, the whole thing. But I’m very far removed from that and I think it’s important to know where you are in your life and then you can, whoever you meet, you can be honest with them and tell them and they can make their own decisions whether they wanna hang out or not. Okay, so you’re a hit-it-and-quit-it guy and if a girl–
(audience laughing) Wow, wow.
Yeah, no, yeah, no, no, I’m listening to you and there’s nothing wrong with that. You know, you’re 30–
Wow. You’re 30, you’re hot, you have no kids and a booming career. I mean, anything is hit-it-and-quit-it until you find the right one, right? I mean, that’s what it is.
(audience applauding) (softly chuckles) What, you’re just gonna keep hitting it if you don’t like it? (audience laughing) Then nobody’s happy, it’s like I’m lyin’, you lyin’, it’s just, it’s a bad situation. (audience laughing) (Jason loudly laughing)
(woman hoots) (audience applauding)
Well– I love you all, by the way, y’all are incredible. (cheering and applauding) Do you have a type, maybe like a Megan Thee Stallion, who I understand likes you? I don’t necessarily have a type. I mean, I’m pretty open. Yeah, I keep it– Would you go down in her DM? (Jason loudly laughs)
(woman hoots) Are you asking about Meg particularly? Mm-hm. Um… Be honest. She’s fly, she’s fly, for sure. That means no, you know what I’m sayin’? It’s okay, it’s okay. Yeah, I mean, but you really, really doing crazies right now. What?
That’s gonna be the headline, that’s gonna be that next headline. Everything I’ve been saying has been a headline. I said like, someone asked me, did I think that Cats CGIed my vibe. And I was like, yeah, I didn’t really see my vibe so I think they CGIed it–
Well, I was asking, I thought you had a hard tuck. You know like you tuck it up there real good? ‘Cause I watch the Ru Paul Drag Race. (audience laughing) And I know people can tuck it up real good. So what did they do? They made it so that you couldn’t see anything? Yeah, but I mean, I don’t, I didn’t talk to the guy. I mean, I don’t know who did it, but you can obviously see my vibe wasn’t there. So yeah, they CGIed it, but that shouldn’t be the headline, the headline literally said, I don’t know if I can say this but, it said, “Jason Derulo’s was CGIed (cheering and applauding) “from Cats.” I was like, wow.
Yay, yay, yay! I keep saying things that’s just keeps ending up in headlines, I’m not tryin’, I’m just being honest. What size shoe do you have? 10.5, very, very– That’s small!
Yeah. See, that’s why I tell you all don’t look at that foot thing, you girls who look at the feet, you’re wrong. You gotta look at the thumbs, let me see your thumb. (audience laughing)
(cheering and applauding) Wendy, chill, (laughing) chill. Uh, look-it here. Thumbs are very useful as well. Oh!
Ooh. (audience laughing) (cheering and applauding) Anywho, Jason is a daredevil– If you’re old enough, you know what I’m talking about. Jason is a daredevil
(audience exclaiming) and he gets tired of just traveling ’cause you know, a lot of these people in this business, you spend a lot of time on planes, you spend a lot of times in exotic countries. Yeah. And all you’re looking at are the four walls in your hotel. Uh-huh. So you recently said, “I’m not doing that anymore.” Definitely not. And so tell everybody what you’re up to when you travel. Yeah, so I started this new thing called Derulo Does It. And I love that, by the way. I appreciate it.
It’s a real good title. You like that, right? Derulo Does It.
It kinda happened (laughs) (audience laughing)
Ha-ha. Happened by mistake, but yeah, I started the year, I was like, I can’t keep sitting in these rooms. People keep asking me like, how was New Zealand? How was Korea, how was this place, how was this place? And I’m like, I don’t really know. All you saw was room service in your hotel and a set. Yeah, for sure and I was like, I can’t keep living life like this. So when I say 30 has been like a real revelation in my life, it has. I’m doing crazy things that I never thought I would. I jumped off a building in New Zealand and I swam with sharks, I’m just really, really living. (cheering and applauding) So if you wanna help me figure out what the next thing is, you can hashtag #DeruloDoesIt and tell me what you think I should do next. (cheering and applauding) All right, hashtag #BoredYoungRichMan, #BoredYoungRichMan. I’m not bored at all. So do you have a girl here in New York? (Jason softly laughing) Do you have a girlfriend? I didn’t ask you your current state of love. I’m dating, I’m welcoming? Welcoming a situation if it happens. But I’m not with one person. So you don’t know her yet, you’re sill welcome? Yeah, I don’t know who the one is yet. Nah, definitely no. But I’m not searching for the one, necessarily. Anywho– But if she lands in my lap tomorrow, I mean, that’s a beautiful thing as well. Aw.
(audience applauding) See, they understand me. Cats, everybody, it opens on Friday. So here’s the deal, I have a gift that I wanna give you for Christmas. That’s very sweet, thank you. It’s something very special that only our show would do for you. Uh-huh. And I hope that you hang it in your bachelor pad and think about us. Bring it out.
Oh, wow. (Wendy loudly cackles)
Oh! (cheering and applauding) That’s incredible, thank you very much! That’s Jason’s Derulo! (Jason hooting) Thank you, Jason, for being here. So look, everybody– Thank you for that. Cats hits theaters on Friday, Ask Wendy’s next. (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) Woo-woo. Woo-woo. (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) Woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo. Look, if you love great deals, discover some fantastic products, you’ve gotta check out my friends at They’re really good, they got the cashmere, the diamonds, the electronics, a whole bunch of stuff for you. Go now before everything sells out. Now it’s time for Ask Wendy. (cheering and applauding) Hello. How you doin’? How you doin’, how you doin’, Wendy? Okay, I love your hair. Thank you, it’s real. Okay. So, my name is Noah and my boyfriend’s name is also Noah. No-ah! Yes, yes, yes. No-ah. Yes-ah. Okay.
Anyway, so it’s the holidays, we go to a lot of holiday parties and the number one question, the number one question, Wendy, that we get asked is, “Is that weird for you in bed?” I don’t wanna talk about my sex life at a Christmas party. How do I get people to stop asking me this question? Get outta my face. Would you date someone named Wendy? No, oh, but I did have a little boyfriend for about two weeks, when I lived in Washington, D.C. and I worked at WOL, and his name was Wendy with a Y like mine. And the weird thing, he was really good looking and really strong, he used to carry me every place we went ’cause he was really big. Wendy! But no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, but he was also like a lumux, you know what I’m sayin’? But I love him, I love my Noah. Now how long have you been with Noah? Five years. Aww!
How old are you? 31. Wow! Yeah.
You look 18. Thank you! But just tell people who ask you, get outta my face, come on. Get outta my face. Yeah.
All right. Don’t say none of your business, ’cause that’s too like there’s business. Just get outta my face, dead everything. Thank you, Wendy. You’re very welcome, Noah. (cheering and applauding) Come on up. Hi, Wendy. How you doin’? Wait, now come on out, you came here to be seen.
Yes, Wendy, yes. (cheering and applauding) All for you, Wendy. Thank you.
For the holiday show. Okay, so Happy Holiday, what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Carrie, how you doin’? Hi, Carrie. And I live in Northern New Jersey. Okay. But my question is, Wendy– What do you do? I’m sorry, I drive for New Jersey Transit. Okay, okay.
Yes. Okay, so Wendy, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year now. Okay. Him and his ex-girlfriend share a dog. I love dogs, however, they– How long were they together? For about five years. Do they have children? No, just the dog.
But they have this dog. Yes.
Mm-hm. Anyway, Wendy, they go to the vets together with this dog. Oh, no the hell they don’t.
They go to the doggy park with this dog.
Oh, no they won’t. And the biggest thing is, Wendy, when he go on business trips, she come over and dog sit. (audience exclaiming) And sleep over and everything till he comes back. So my question to you is, Wendy, the ultimatum is is it me or the dog? One of us has to go. Yeah.
Gotta tell him. You’ve been with him for a year, that’s long enough time, you’ve put in your work. Hello. And you all don’t live together? No, not yet. Yeah, but she’s free to go in there and check on his dog. And she has a key, Wendy. And a key, all right, you know what? How old are you? 54. All right, you know what? As opposed to even giving him an ultimatum, because you know people love their pets, just bounce. You think so? (audience applauding) I’m not competing with a dog and an ex-girlfriend who has a key. Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. Okay, Carrie, good luck. Thank you, Wendy. I’m sorry, Carrie. (audience applauding)
Sorry. The Wendy Show, breaking up couples everyday. Oh, how you doin’? Wendy, how you doin’? Good, what’s your name, where you from, what do you do? I’m Nicolette from Queens, New York and I work in a dental office. Okay. So I have a friend, we’ve been friends since elementary school. Okay. She’s had a lot of boyfriends, her new boyfriend she’s been with for a year, but I’ve only met him twice. And she always has an excuse. He’s working, he’s not around. Do I call her out on it, or do I let her live in her honeymoon fantasy– Wait a minute, hater. What are you saying?
What? You don’t believe that your friend really does have a boyfriend? Oh, no, I absolutely, I met him twice. But this is different. In the past, she’s always brought him around, past relationships this time, it’s always an excuse.
But you’ve known her since elementary school–
Yeah. When women grow up, we keep our boyfriends to ourselves and then–
Yeah, which I– Once we really fall for them, we push you all off to the side, no I’m not, girl. No, no, hold on now. Girls mean everything to me until I meet a man. (audience laughing) Okay.
So just let her be. Yeah, leave her alone.
Absolutely, that’s what I’ve been doing. All right.
All right. Don’t call her out.
No. How old is she?
33. Yup, this is about that time. Do you have a boyfriend? I’m married. You know what? Then remember, she wants to be married one day with children as well.
Mm-hm, absolutely. Leave her alone. That’s what I’ve done. Okay.
I’m gonna let her be. Oh, hold it, Gift Grab is next, don’t go far! (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) Ho, ho, how you doin’? (“Deck the Halls” rendition)
(cheering and applauding) It’s time for our Holiday Gift Grab Nutcrackers, let ’em see what’s first. (music softly chiming) This is so good, this is Aura, everybody. Aura has these beautiful picture frames, they’re digital frames for your pictures. They let you upload the photos right from your phone. Their subscription service delivers five photos a month to your door. Display them in white, the stone frame is beautiful as well. Look, studio audience, ya got this right here, okay?
(cheering and applauding) Thank you, Aura, all right, let’s see what’s next. (music softly chiming) Oh my gosh, I love, well, this time of my life is over, but the boy loved the Legos. They were so good and creative. Okay, this is a Lego set. They spark creativity and encouragement. They encourage kids basically to build the world right here. There’s a whole rescue world going on, including the dolls and everything. There’s two dolls, five sea animals, and working lights. (cheering and applauding) This is so good, studio audience, you’re all getting a set of Legos but that’s not all, hold on now, hold on now. Because back in my day, when young Kevin was young, it was only Lego in San Diego. Now they’re about to build the biggest Lego in our country right here in New York and you’re all going home with four tickets for Legoland. (cheering and applauding)
That’s it, the kids love that. They love that, they love it. Isn’t that great? Thank you, Legoland, now remember, this is the largest Legoland ever built. There are over 50 rides and shows and attractions. It’s perfect for the whole family, believe you me, I know. Studio audience, like I said, you’re all getting four tickets so have fun. (cheering and applauding) For more information on all these gifts, go to, we’ll be right back. (cheering and applauding)
(“Jingle Bells” rendition) (dramatic theatrical music)
(cheering and applauding) Pennsylvania. This is your first time here? No.
You’ve been here before? Oh, yeah.
How many times? One. One time before this? Yeah. (laughs) Well, welcome back. Thank you so much. So what’s your name, where you from, what do you do? I mean, you’re from Pennsylvania, you already said that. How you doin’?
How you doin’? My name’s Ashley, I’m a nurse practitioner, and I love you so much. Thank you, Ashley. Okay, Ashley, we’re gonna play What the Flick. Now, I didn’t know the name of this movie but I can tell you this, it was on regular TV last night. I happened to have grazed past it. Okay, all right, I’m ready.
Okay. Let’s see the photo, I can give you a hint. Well, that’s Reese, obviously.
Oh, yeah. And that’s Vince Vaughn, they look good as a couple. They do. It’s a Christmas movie. It’s about a couple visiting their parents’ home. For Christmas?
Yes! (bell lightly chiming)
(cheering and applauding) Oh my gosh, Ashley– Thank you so much.
Dinner for two, American Whiskey, they got real good burgers and stuff. I’m hungry, perfect.
We’ll be right. Thank you so much.
(cheering and applauding) (upbeat music)
Woo-woo. When is the baby due? February. Oh my God, she’s still pregnant back there. You know what? You know I love a houndstooth, how dare you? You were sitting in the front, you distracted me as soon as the double doors opened. Now what is your name? Divona. And where you from? I’m from New Jersey. And what do you do? I’m a customer service representative. Well, you look fabulous. Thank you.
(cheering and applauding) Talk about your outfit. Okay, well–
And don’t forget the whorey hole in your pantyhose too. Oopsies.
We’re together. So my sweater’s from a thrift store, actually. I just paired it with this button-up that I– It’s really beautiful. Brought together with this houndstooth skirt. Love it. And then, of course I have a hole in my stockings. A whorey hole, it’s okay.
(audience laughing) So a patterned stocking and then I got these boots. The boots are really cute. Thank you. Okay, well, there’s your diva fan. Thank you. She’s my eye candy, and we’ll be right back. (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) (cheering and applauding)
(upbeat music) Suzanne is still trying to figure out how Jason Derulo got all that tucked away. (audience laughing) ‘Cause she said she saw a Nathan. In the meantime, cohost, have a seat. Thank you so much for being here today, you’re so special to the show. (cheering and applauding) Oh my gosh, tomorrow Morris Day is here! Plus we got all the juicy Hot Topics. I love you for watching, see ya next time on Wendy, bye! (cheering and applauding) Nice! (dramatic theatrical music)

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  1. As much as I love Wendy you have to acknowledge the double standard. Imagine if a male host kept making comment about a female guests body parts and asking his staff if they see anything….

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    Kudos for getting the old dollop off the street corner, but she needs to sing for her supper here and do a little research!

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    Your lymphedema combined with your legs dangling in the purple chair is what is making your legs hurt. I suggest lowering your purple chair so your feet don’t dangle or place some type of cute footrest to support your legs while you’re sitting giving hot topics. Can the camera people help with angling this while shooting hot topics?

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