(Weekly Idol EP.256) Legend of Sport Idol ‘ASTRO’

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  1. ASTRO IS MY LIVE!❤? Love you Binnie….? They're supporting each other, are just like a family, always smile, adorable singers and amazing dancers with extremely difficult and good choreos! That's ASTRO my friends! Aroha for ever!

  2. Just done watching astro aerobatic performance at ISAc competion where they bcame champion..they are really good in timing they really dance together.seems like they move in one time

  3. Moonbin!? OMG he has the most ADORABLE smile and he is so handsomeeee + He is the one who could jump 100 times more lolol!?

  4. We call it " luksong lubid" in the philippines. When i was a kid my freinds and i play that too. Just because of cha eun woo I came on this video. Your so cute,handsome in my id is gangnam beauty. Kdrama fanatic here.from philippines.

  5. Astro is like a family they supporting each other and they r so close so they even can fight(not serious fight)not like a other group(sorry for my bad english)

  6. MyungJun has done 74 jumps cz he starting it's first. So stop blaming bby Myung only bcz he stoped. It's not bcz his age, he just tired and lost his stability. It's hard to jump 74 times no-stop.

  7. I once did the rope thingy in 4th grade and the teacher had a hard time since i was 5'3 lol now i'm 5'7

  8. I would mention about how MJ stop the rope. He really let it hit himself on purpose tho. T.T
    STAN ASTRO!!!!

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