(Weekly Idol EP.269) INFINITE Random play dance Full.ver

(Weekly Idol EP.269) INFINITE Random play dance Full.ver

(The Eye-INFINITE) (Dongwoo is confused from the beginning) Hey, Dongwoo (covering his mistake with a smile) Yes, Hoya (We’ll overlook the mistake) You guys are awesome (Yes, this is what we want) (fast forward) (Here come’s Hoya’s part) (Now) Wow, it’s awesome (Destiny-INFINITE) (confused) Dongwoo! (ugh) (Woohyun hit him accidentally) He was hit by Woohyun (smiling, though) (Back-INFINITE) (hurriedly) (so far so good) Sungjong is doing great (something wrong with him) (This is not Dongwoo’s day) Stop No, this is not allowed Dongwoo, this doesn’t work This doesn’t work What were you doing there? Dongwoo doesn’t care about his mistake,
but Sungkyu does Don’t look at us like that I’m so confused – Come here
– It’s so confusing So far, we’ve often overlooked your mistakes You made a mistake, too Did I? Your dance moves were different
from others (It’s obvious) (He thought he was caught) Dongwoo, this doesn’t work This doesn’t work (He’s pretending that he didn’t make any
mistakes) Now, guys, please let him do the splits My body is very stiff You just sit, we’ll take care of
the rest What? Isn’t this too much? (uncomfortable) – Just
– Just sit (Sungkyu, calm down) It’s alright It’s alright, it’s not for us Let’s do it! This is the best I can do Ugh! (Seriously? I don’t think so) (No!) (All members are especially
considerate today) Was it cheering? It hurts! OK, go INFINITE! Woohyun, do it gently (He’s enduring hardship as a
team leader) He’s just pretending Hey, do the splits No, this won’t work, please No, no, no – Yes, just try
– No – Yes, yes
– No, no (so painful) No – Just do it
– I think it’s done (Come on, director, please help) I think it’s enough Wait, wait (leaping) Let’s stop here for the time being (Team leader, a long and arduous way) We still have a good chance left Well, then – Let’s choose the second punishment
– OK No.1, tickling Sungkyu No way (Hey, it’s not written, or is it?) Yes, it’s written here No.2, Sungkyu, enduring tickling No.3, Sungkyu, putting up with tickling Let’s do all those – All three?
– Yes Are these all OK? Hardship as a team leader Let’s do it (persuading him) Choose no.1, it looks easier OK, I’ll take it – OK, let’s do it
– Yes – The formation is so confusing
– Music, please (The Eye-INFINITE) Find your place (set up the formation) (This tall guy is confused) (Sungyeol looks uneasy) (Where should I be?) (fast forward) (INFINITE H and so called Tree-dance) Hey, L, why are you clapping? (cheering other members) (Now it’s showtime) (awesome) What’s going on? (The Chaser-INFINITE) (What’s this?) (It’s your song, man) Hey, Sungyeol (The tall guy is still lost) Why am I here? No, stop (This is enough) Hey, guys It was your song I heard what Sungyeol said – It was also a part of choreography
– Let’s tickle him It’s alright, tickling is not that bad It’s better than the splits – This is better
– It’s all together Tickling while doing the splits All together I found you funny, bro It’s all together, man (teasing Sungkyu) All together Hey, I found it funny, good job (praising him to avoid reality) Tickling while doing the splits We’ll do it gently This is funny Let’s just tickle him For how long? – Hold here
– Hold him – Hold him tight
– 5 seconds? – 10 seconds
– For 10 seconds, without laughing What if I can endure it? Then it’s good Wait, sorry to interrupt, but – Don’t fight
– Applause! (You guys are so mean) Putting up with tickling (Let’s try) – For 5 seconds?
– 5 seconds – It’ll be done in a second
– Start It’ll be 10 He’s good (hahaha) – He was good
– Yes, he was Somebody pinched! (Not me) Let’s choose the next punishment The next punishment When you guys make mistake again, No.1, Sungkyu Indian-Bob Please don’t No.2, Sungkyu Indian-Bobbobbob No.3, Sungkyu Indian-Bobbobtirabob – Which one?
– No, thanks (Hey, bro, please don’t) Look, it’s here How about number 3? The longest one (Other members are making it longer) – Till ‘Bobbob’?
– OK Hey, look The viewers might be angry if you guys
tease me too much No, don’t worry The viewers would think that INFINITE
is the best team with a true leader and good teamwork The person who makes mistake should be
punished as well Why is that? You should be punished as a leader That’s your job You are hilarious, bro – OK, let’s do it
– Let’s do it (Be Mine-INFINITE) (no confidence, somehow) I love this song (reading each other’s face) It’s obvious – Don’t overlook
– Don’t make it obvious (Paradise-INFINITE) You should know this (Where is the formation?) (What’s going on here?) I’d rather go blind Too many mistakes (Where should I be?) (Come Back Again-INFINITE) (good looking L) (The formation is good) They’re back again Hoya is good (happy) (Nothing’s Over-INFINITE) (perfect formation and choreography) (I know this song) (I love this) (Bad-INFINITE) (Something’s going wrong) Hey, Sungkyu Sungkyu He made a mistake Other members were wrong – Is it true?
– No I know exactly what it was So I saw how they did I was worried that they would be
confused Only Sungyeol did it right Do you guys agree? Yes, I agree We were all wrong – Then what Sungkyu said was right?
– Yes Then, what’s the punishment? It’s Indian-Bob (punishment is anyway for him) OK, let’s do this (Sungkyu’s enemies are everywhere) Lean forward, please What was in your mind? Not here, it’ll hurt – Hey, but
– Why is it so warm here? Do it gently, please Three, four Indian-Bob! Indian-Bob! (L is so excited) Indian-Bob! (No mercy) (Sungkyu, it’s the phase of youth) – Are you alright?
– Yes, I guess Then let’s move on to the next stage Let’s go (Let’s go!)

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  1. One of the group I enjoy watching on weekly idol because they are funny and enjoyable. Really miss 7 of them. Sungkyu forever the black hole of the group when it comes to dancing but dongwoo also did some mistake but I can forgive because he is too adorable. Even you want to get mad at him it's impossible because his smile melt your heart. L is my favourite but I also love other members. Nowadays I don't watch weekly idol anymore because it's not the same with the new MC. Love this trio mc, they are the best.

  2. I really miss my seven kings. I wish they will have an interaction or collaboration. Infinite is not infinite without hoya.

  3. Dang I miss them ?
    They were one of Weekly Idols' hallmark group… and Sunggyu to be forever bullied/teased ?

  4. In 0:38 during destiny hoya & L actually in wrong position . Both of them changed each other position that's why hoya looks confused ?

  5. At 0:58 the guy in black shirt gives me Ji Chang Wook's vibe….. I know they both are completely different but… ???

  6. L will not renew his contract hurts. Does this mean we are not anymore going to see them complete when they comeback. ?

  7. Check on the comments… guess im not the only one missing Infinite. Inspirit jjang! Lets wait until they come out in the army 1 by 1.

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