(Weekly Idol EP.275) Girl Crush!!!!! I.O.I ver.2!!!

(Weekly Idol EP.275) Girl Crush!!!!! I.O.I ver.2!!!

Hit it! (CHEER UP-TWICE) (Automatically comes out by the song) (Perfectly following the moves) I want to eat it too (She only knew that part) (Cuteness overload) (I.O.I cheer up) (Me gustas tu-GFRIEND) (Cover dance aces come out again) Can I please eat it too? (Purity overload) They’re good (These two are just watching) (Gustas tu) (Gustas tu Doyeon) Hold on for a second We have our special audiences (We have our special audiences) How do you think about I.O.I? We love them so much – Do you like I.O.I?
– Yes Keep watching them Music, please Let’s do it! (Bang-After School) (Restrained moves) Sohye, don’t you know this? (Audience being pushed to dance) Sohye, do it one-by-one They’re great Sohye, it’s okay (She only sweated) (This is how Nayoung shines) (Catallena-Orange Caramel) (Little Catallena, dance) (Perfect harmony) (Full of confidence) (Trying hard) (Hoi hoi falling for you) (Catallena dance makes audience joyful) (Getting Exciting) (Into The New World-Girl’s Generation) (I must dance) Hey, Sohye! (Cute hamster) Yujeong and Somin They’re doing great (Everyone finishes dancing perfectly) (I.O.I is the best) (Growl-EXO) (Powerful dancing here) (Yujeong is getting wild) (I’m growling) (Growl) (I.O.I is getting wild) (This person is the wildest) (MONSTER-EXO) (Powerful dancing here again) (I want to indulge you) (Staring with sexy eyes) You know this right? Get out there (Just being pretty) (FIRE-BTS) (On fire) Yujeong is good at boy group’s move (Perfectly copying the moves) (She’s making the place on fire) (Stunned) Well done, everyone Kyulkyung does this when she knows (Reaction of Kyulkyung on the song) Yujeong nailed on boy group’s moves Yeah, she came out often It seemed Kyulkyung was killing it But later, Yujeong stand out We can only pick one of them, right? No room for two? Would it be Kyulkyung or Yujeong? Okay, so let’s discuss If there’s a tie between you guys That means you both did great
So we three will share (Pie in the sky) I think Kyulkyung moves were powerful And Yujeong stood out at the last minute Good strategy I feel hot – Hani, you choose
– Yeah – Stand behind them
– Are you passing me the buck? No (Expecting) – Okay, Hani
– So the winner is (Who would be the best dancer in I.O.I) The winner is (Heart beating) (First nominee is Kyulkyung) (Powerful but smooth dance moves) (Second nominee is Yujeong) (Wild dance moves)

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  2. Didnt IOI already perform Into The New world? It was called Girls Present, it was GFriend, IOI, Twice, nad Red Velvet. Or was that later on? Anyway, they dance so well

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