(Weekly Idol EP.280) SECHSKIES Random play dance FULL ver.

But we just did RPD No, just now was a medley What medley? It was a
Random Play Dance Just now was a fanservice, now is the real Weekly Idol corner If you took the recording from just now
and edit it really well, Jaeduk ssi Jaeduk, you just had your comeback after a long time You only did your medley but
you guys already look exhausted Jaejin, are you okay? Yes, I’m fine Even if we fail, it doesn’t matter Jaijin, why did you button your shirt into the buttonhole above it? Style So now, our official test, Random Play Dance Are you confident? To, be honest I’m really worried right now. We don’t have much songs I think we did everything during the medley. But will play them randomly starting now. Ah, using the same songs? We can handle that. It’s possible that the song will not be played from the start. We’re idols who are always prepared for any situation. So, you’re saying prepared for everything. Ths time you should do it without Sunghoon because he’s injured. Can we discuss something first for just five seconds? You mean after listening to each songs you discussed for five seconds? No, no we’ll discuss right now. Right now. Go ahead. Sunghun we have a chair here for you. Jaeduk: Can we look at each other and dance? What will we do when we don’t know each others part? Then that person should sing his part and we will hide behind him. [We can hear you] We’re done discussing. You’re done. You must be confident by now. Okay for the person who gets it wrong We’ll give you a gift. Weekly Idol’s… Is it okay if I hit them? Of Course! Is it okay if I hit them? Of Course! Wait, wait. Why is Sunghun the one hitting us? Because I’m the judge. Sunghun will find whoever gets the dance wrong, and hit that person with the toy hammer. Jaijin, We’re starting. YES Up to what extent we will be hit? Ah. Its up to Sunghun. Up to what extent will you hit them? Is he hitting our bodies? This one is just a practice. He’ll hit your head. Sunghun is really strong. [Aigoo] [Shaking in fear] So when hitting, we’re lying on the floor putting heads down there right? So when hitting, we’re lying on the floor putting heads down there right? N, No, you shouldn’t do it like this No, you can’t hit like that Just stand like this [Oh] Now here comes Random Play Dance Music please! [Couple (2016)] [Enjoying the song] [Giving signal through eye contact] One, two, three, four [Everyone doing choreography] [Hehe] Is this formation correct? Yes, correct. OHHH!!! Doni: The formation doesn’t change? Sunghun: There’s formation changing but since I’m out here… Jiwon: No formation at this part [In charge of dance, quick response] Hey don’t move yet! Don’t move until I count One, Two, Three! Hey don’t move yet! Don’t move until I count One, Two, Three! Ah, wait wait. Koni: don’t move?? [Is something wrong?] Jaeduk, you’re confident right? Yes, I am~ Jiwon: Do it after One, Two, Three Jiwon: Do it after One, Two, Three Suwon: What? Jiwon: Do it after One, Two, Three Doni: So who got it wrong? Jiwon: Huh? It’s him who got wrong Jaeduk is the one? He danced alone Koni: Everyone Doni: Jaeduk, are you the one? Jiwon said don’t move until he counts One, Two, Three So, I’m the one who got it wrong So, I’m the one who got it wrong You see. [Confident] Eyyy! don’t be like that Jiwon hyung said don’t move Honestly who got it wrong, come on Quick, Go! Just go [No mercy] Jaeduk: Put our heads down here? Jaejin: Yeah. NO! NOT LIKE THAT! Put our heads down here? Yeah. NO NOT LIKE THAT We told you NOT like that [Not… like this?] Just like this okay? okay? please stand up [Perfect position] Jaejin: I’ll go first. No! I’ll go first No! Jiwon: Only one person do it, the one who did it wrong Jaeduk: I’ll do it Jaejin: No I’ll do it [What’s wrong with these guys] No no, Koni: why don’t you do it? (to Jiwon) Jiwon: I’ll do it No, it’s okay [ Jang Maknae who’s been observing hyungs ] [ Fearlessly hunting for leader ] I. Should. Do. It. You need to push down the hair a little bit [ Shiver Shiver] [Suddenly talking to Yellow Kies] Please understand, it’s better if I hit them right? [Sunghun, I’m your hyung] [Aigoo] [ becomes Thor with a flower-like face ] [ but evil pigs are not happy with it ] You’re calling this soft?! Sunghun: I hit really hard. Okay here we go, it’s me this time! No more signals from now [ These two are the problem now ] [ furious eyes ] [ waiting for leader’s signal // dancing in fear ] [Start dancing with a signal from leader ] What? What? Why are you stepping in? Do you even know our dance? [ Reality of kids who has been under the shadow of Eun Leader for 19 years] Why don’t you let them dance? Two people are starting to dance but then, we’re supposed to split Two people dance first Oh I forgot about that Ey, honestly… You can’t dance only some parts And Suwon, You’re too afraid [ Admit ] And Jaejin is also too scared I read hyung’s eyes so I didn’t dance [ well done, my baby] This won’t do Don’t be scared [ choreography closed ] [ Hyung when are we gonna dance…] [ Not yet ] [ The magical signal that moves Sechskies ] [ I will close one eye because it was funny ] [ choreography changed to be suitable for 2016 ] It’s freestyle Jiwon! Jiwon danced wrong I didn’t! The part when the members open their arms but Jiwon did like this The part when the members open their arms but Jiwon did like this [ Just…because of that…? ] [ Anger rising from within] No but what is wrong is wrong ! Actually, we’re okay with very small mistakes Okay then pass, pass. Last chance okay! Last chance. [ Domino choreography starting from Eun Leader ] [ copy ] [ paste ] This is also freestyle right? The direction of your hands!! [ HEHE ] They ‘re too much…. (waving hands) (laughing) (laughing) [ Couldn’t hide the truth ] [ Sechskies VS DoniKoni ] NO, there was too much (of just waving your hands)!! Wait, who plays ballad songs in rows at a concert? We all do this when singing ballads You already used it once But this is correct, watch our performances But you laughed, to yourself I laughed because they keep playing ballads Okay let’s not play ballads Should I dance like this while singing a ballad?! Should I dance like this while singing ballad?! You could! Why do you think you can’t? (working hard) Jiwon: abandon this part Even I can see you’re wrong Your arm went out like this!! I could see it from here If you stopped in the middle, I would close one eye but you went straight Why did you do it when other members didn’t? That was the next move It was too early As for wishing Secheskies for Daebak(success), don’t escape Wish Daebak for Couple comeback Suwon…Are…you okay? You were shocked right? (his famous line in the drama Blood) We will be having a break [ sorry ]

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