(Weekly Idol EP.284) BIGBANG Random play dance FULL ver.

(Weekly Idol EP.284) BIGBANG Random play dance FULL ver.

Have you guys seen Random Play Dance before? Yes, but… Well, we’re holding many concerts right now. Right! But in order to have tours and concerts we end up skipping the choreos. What do you mean? Since we’re enjoying the stage and all we end up not doing it. But there are choreos right? Yes, but we only remember the basics. But first off with the way we perform now it’s still possible to do the choreo 32 times the original speed. 32 times?! You mean stuff like this? The people who attend the concert see us from afar, right? So, rather than doing the choreo we prefer getting closer to them. And connecting with them. Like grabbing their hands? Yes. But you still have it in you, right? Yeah, let’s give it a try. There must be some moves. Yes, of course. We’ll do it like we’re performing. But before we start we do have rules for this… Like, what happens if you make a mistake, etc. What happens? There’s a penalty. What kind? Ah, that one…Why are you laughing? Jiyong turned weird. What do we do? But I heard you hit really hard. No, no. Just a small touch. I’m not mad, just… If you get hit, you start laughing. But I’ve never hit someone with ‘Drag’. It’s dreads! Not ‘Drag’. Ah, so Drag is… Strangely I want to touch your hair. Didn’t Seungri do his hair today? The others look so well-styled… This is the finished product. I got it done. Daesung, let’s kill the air in your hair. If you do that I’ll just end up like a cow. (A play on korean words) The toy hammer is the penalty. We will pick out the individual that fails. Why does that make me nervous? Wow, I can’t believe that BIGBANG are going to do Random Play Dance…! Thank you~That’s right, fxxk it. Looks kinda like freestyle tho.Like this. So there are some moves!(Like. we’re. performing.) You’re just doing anything! This is the choreo, for real.I forgot. This move, of course.Wait, wait! Hold up! You’re all just faking it! Hey, you just made it up cuz we don’t know. One of you three. GD just went like this. So, something must’ve been off. No, but to explain this simply for this song we’re just standing there. One by one, we stand there and go up and down with the LED. Then, do we have to do this? Then why did you fake it? Not that fast, but… Why’d you make me do this? So, it’s this kind of feeling? Yeah. Should we try it again? Should we try it again? No, wait… Let’s try a bit harder! I really have to get a hold of myself. I’ve never seen that choreo before, so… That means Daesung made a mistake. 10 years and no one’s seen that choreo. Ah, that’s right… For this we look straight ahead and sing. This move says ‘Just follow my lead’. It looks like that. Then the guilty one is Daesung. The toy hammer, please. We have #1 and #2. Which one do you choose? But Hyeong-don is too… Both are really strong. I’ll go with Defconn. I’ve been exercising my arms a lot lately. Yeah, since only GD has been hit. No, if you get hit like that… It breaks the neck? That’s right. You can’t move at all. It’s already fluffy here. I wanted to hit there, but I’ll take the other one. Wow, he must hit really hard. Don’t tremble. Okay. No, look down. Are you cutting him slack because it’s BIGBANG? Yeah. I let you off easy. That was honestly a bit weak. Okay, I’ll do it the next time. I’m the one who got hit, how can the others say it’s weak? Because it was. I can show a strong one. About that… What happens if we succeed? Do we get to hit you guys? Sure, that’s fine. But you gotta succeed first. Okay, let’s do that. Music, please!Hyung, that way.Whoa, what’s Taeyang doing? Isn’t he too fast? It seems weird tho! You’re right.My solo? You’re kidding…(Woo! My song) This won’t do. You guys… We were right! There was too much of this move though! Are you saying you do this dance move for other songs as well? Okay, so this gesture is only allowed for this song. (No more thumb dancing) (Lies) (It’s my part, watch carefully) No, really, this is correct (Haru Haru) (This…what’s this again?) I have no idea (We caught you, Bigbang!) We usually only do the acoustic version for this What are you talking about? Seungri was just dancing! But Seungri was wrong We usually just stand still Wait, you’re saying Seungri was wrong? If you dance to this, you’re wrongYour eyebrow just went right up I was thinking of the acoustic version Oh, the 4 of you were right, you were just standing still Wow, these 4 people just betrayed me in one moment. What’s that? There’s choreo to it! No, isn’t that what Heo Kyunghwan does? (Korean comedian) GD, I’m right aren’t I?<...we were unable to help seungri>No, but we really have something like this in the choreography if we have a choreography like that You’re supposed to do it like this, going this way(who wouldn’t?) He must really not want to be hit by the hammer xD No, but what’s important is we show that brotherhood of BIGBANG But it seems like Seungri is wrong They played the sound though TY: It’s fine since he didn’t get his hair done I did! Oh, Hyung don is hitting him? Congratulations on 10 years i hope your vocal office will be succesful I said its not a vocal office its an academy for idols Okay, we hope whatever you do in the future goes well (Excited since it’s not me) TY: That looked kinda weak though? Now it looks like you actually got your hair done it looks like a wifi thought Okay now it’s the last try! WOW TOP is really working hard He must really not wanna get hit pls dont Wait, but we really go this way usually? Yeah, it’s supposed to be this way (But…before you guys said you only do the acoustic version?) But you guys said there was no choreo! No, I got confused! There really was a choreo (Last Farewell) (Woo choreo that I know) (Anxiety Anxiety) barely a guess He’s wrong!! No, no this… I was doing the original choreo… The one that a lot of people will remember But earlier you said to Seungri to stop living in the past The four of us did the current choreo One person got it wrong Okay, I acknowledge I was wrong Who do you want to hit you, Taeyang? You can pick a member too if you want Is there anyone who wants to? Seungri seems like he has a lot of complaints, so I’ll let him Really, me? I don’t have any complaints though His position looks a bit weak though Ah, we should have caught T.O.P out though You guys have to switch This is variety. If it’s gonna be funny, you guys should switchWhat is this?!Oh, you dropped it! You’re not allowed to drop it! Nah, you have to drop it to be funny in variety showsAh, it’s Seungri’s day today I hope you’re academy goes well Hang on a sec, I said that it’s closed down Kirsten Riz Mosquera

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  1. You can actually see Daesung’s natural variety skills here. He is Kang Daesung our original variety king. I miss you yabai kang!

  2. I love how bigbang fans can laugh at how they are bullshitting their way thru this dance and actually have a laugh.
    If u said “they are doing half ass choreos and bullshitting their way thru” in any other fandom u would get attacked like crazy

  3. Seungri: they 4 must betrayed me.
    Me was like "no oppa, you're just wrong they are just correcting you" can apply both in reality and choreography.

  4. i really missed them being like this????? its december 2019 and all i wish is just to see the 5 of them happy and healthy❤❤❤❤❤?????

  5. Ahh.. I really miss ot5… Why did you do that seungri-ah.. Kinda blame YG but you shouldn't have been involved even though you're a business addict.

  6. In summary, this is a video of Bigbang throwing each other under the bus to save their own ass. Hahaha, esp GD pointing out Taeyang's mistake.

  7. I really want to watch this episode but then I seen that rapist face. He completely gave all the big bang a bad name. And they didn't even do anything.

  8. Other Group Leaders: loyal, will take a bullet for his members, keeps the group united, source of strength and light of the group

    GD: HE'S WRONG!!!

  9. مـــين? يــرحب? بـــي? يـــضـــغـــك لايـك?ويـراسـلـنـي خـــاص واشـــترك بقنـاتـــــــي

  10. I can't stop laughing, my laughter filled the room, mygawd it's 10:26 pm, my papa is already asleep, omygawd I miss BIGBANG SO MUCH ♥?

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