(Weekly Idol EP.285) BIGBANG 2X faster version ‘BANG BANG BANG’

(Weekly Idol EP.285) BIGBANG 2X faster version ‘BANG BANG BANG’

(He was ready before) We’ll play the music, just have a feel. Bang Bang Bang music played 2X faster (Oh yeah, excited!) Wait wait, that was just for the music. (He’s reached the point where no one can stop him) Ok ok. One second. We’ll start from the top. Top should be in the middle. It’s the Dance God Dance Top in the centre. Till now, it was BIGBANG! (Finally what everyone’s been waiting for, the 2X dance!) (Gang-G Explosion) (Vips, c’mon c’mon) (2X dance booster in full mode) (Dance Top’s amazing aura) (Scene that we’ve all been waiting for) (ChoiTop c’mon) (2X is my style) (Flap flap) (Meanwhile other members in the back) (Fairy of the killing part appears) (Finally near the highlight of the song) (one-two one-two) (My head will spin and spin and come back) (Everyone freeze, ALL STOP) (Hey you freeze) (Bang bang bang) (LOL) (Changes to funny version of 2X dance) (Stare into my eyes, I will make you laugh) (This person’s out of energy) (We’ll stop the 2X dance to protect GD’s health) (Till now, it was BIG BANG)

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  1. I'm an ELF but this somehow so funny… I can't stop laughing from the 1st scene until end 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Is it me? Or also you? T.O.P and R.M have similarities , T.O.P adn R.M are monster when it comes to rap but looks funny when dancing

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  4. If someone asks why Big Bang is my favorite male Kpop group of all time I’ll show them this video 😂 Their stage presence is unmatched but they’re also funny and dorky. Legends ❤️

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