(Weekly Idol EP.288) MOMOLAND モモランド PENTAGONペンタゴン VICTONビクトーンGood Job!! Good Boy!!!

(Weekly Idol EP.288) MOMOLAND モモランド PENTAGONペンタゴン VICTONビクトーンGood Job!! Good Boy!!!

Music start (Mr. Chu – APINK) (This song is for ours) (Let’s keep our pride as a girl group) (Heated dancing competition, calm Pentagon) Good job guys Get back to your seat if you can’t do it Get back to the seat Get back (Refreshing as a fruit) (Explosion of refreshment) (Boombayah – BLACKPINK) (Do you want me to the stage again?) (Byung Chan dominating the center of the stage) (We can’t lose) (MOMOLAND withdrawing) (Byung Chan’s stage with no rival) VICTON is doing a good job (Greatly satisfied) (TT – TWICE) (Third match between MOMOLAND and VICTON) Jane, go back to your seat Go back to your seat, Jane (Where’s Pentagon?) (Where’s Pentagon? Here he is) (Girl group dance competition among men) You don’t know how I feel. You’re so mean You guys are so great (Sorry, MOMOLAND) Wow, Byung Chan is awesome (Expert of girl group dance) (Kino and Byung Chan, masters of girl group dance) (The two at the center, girls at the side) (Two boys catching the eyes) Byung Chan Did you want to be a girl group? (Sweet enough to be a girl group) Since Seong Yeol showed us a sexy dance, we’ve never been so excited like today Though Pentagon said this show is more important than their concert, they seem to focus more on the concert Yes, they do (Pricked) And MOMOLAND failed to win Choi Byung Chan – Cheer up Byung Chan – Choi Byung Chan Let’s have a final match among one member from each team – One from each team – You go first Byung Chan, you should come out You must join this match, Byung Chan Byung Chan from VICTON What about MOMOLAND? Jane? That’s surprising And Kino from Pentagon Kino knows a lot of dance You should dance in your position not in the center Dance in your spot Try your best (Interested) It’s final match. Music start (MONSTER – EXO) (Solely reacting) (Dancing machine able to do any kinds of dance) (Jane’s dance starting – Not yet starting) (Calm black boy between red and blue monsters) (Am I handsome?) (Blood, Sweat and Tears – BTS) You shouldn’t go to the center (Kino finally joining) (Heated) (I’ll show my real ability from now on) (PICK ME – IOI) Good. Time for me again) (Kino’s dance losing momentum) (Look at me) (Red girl and blue boy’s passionate poking) (Inactive poking) Kino doesn’t seem to know this dance (Cheer up, Jane) (Jane finally taking away the leading position of girl group dance) Good job guys You were so good Apparently

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  1. i’m watching this and crying over the fact that byungchan couldn’t continue in pdx101 with seungwoo 🥺

  2. この動画みたときから印象的だったビョンチャン(;_;)♥


  3. Byungchan is the best here!!!!! i'll support u everywhere u go!!! U r the best, he stand out in this episode.

  4. Watching this after ByongChan withdrew his spot on Produce 101 makes me sad… I hope he had shown this side of him during the program…

  5. please support HAN SEUNGWOO from VICTON that he finally will debut in a new boy group name X1 _with his ranked 3rd in the final line-up PRODUCE X 101 🎉

    Kino:That one BP stan who doesn't know alot of dances
    Jane:My bestie

  7. All Victon members turned to Byungchan a minute Boombayah was played. Byungchan really stole the spotlight in this episode. So proud of him.

  8. Padahal dulu gue nonton nih eps full tapi masih bodoamat sama victon cuma nonton karna pentagon tapi sekarang malah bucin victon😭

  9. ビョンチャンやばい笑笑かわいすぎ

  10. If you came here bcs of Choi Byungchan, i just want to tell you that Byungchan is not only boy who’s in a charge of GG dance in Victon. He’s a natural born genius. He once said that he can copy a dance after watching it only for 4 times. He’s a pure A Class trainee during Produce X 101 (With Seungwoo, Victon’s leader) He managed to stay at A Class even after reevaluation concept when the others A Trainees were falling down & only several A Trainees could make it.
    Too bad he dropped out of the show bcs of the injuries he had 😢
    He’s on recovery now & please show more love for him & his group, Victon 💕

  11. DudES WtF kINO WAS AMAZING, like DUDE he should have had more attention on him. SOOOOO good!! LIKE TF, master of girl groups dude. Perfection. Stan pentagon!!!

  12. Who is here after Produce x 101?

    Omg, Last time I've watched this I didn't realize that Byungchan is thhat good and cute and also talllll!!!
    Seungwoo as expected the man who is here just to encourage his kids

  13. بت عمتي رسبت سنتين وعمرهة ١٤ بالبتدائي بالخامس حمارة 🐃🐃🐂🐂🐂🐗🐗🐗🐼🐸🐽🐫🐋🐒🐨🐜🐠🐛🍶🐭🐭🐢🐤🐴🐴

  14. I only used to know that Jane has beautiful voice, but after watching this video I realized that Jane's also very good at dancing. I stan her

  15. heechul, bambam, jooheon, daehwi and byungchan should be in a girl group now—let me add dongpyo and hyeongjun to that—❤

  16. بالله منو الي يرتدي القبعه السوداء يمه ياخي مز خقيت يهبلل هههه الي يعرفه يقولي😙😢❤

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