(Weekly Idol EP.288) Please, please sit down. I’m dizzy.

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  1. Pentagon's visuals aren't your usual korean flowerboy visual but still they are handsome their way, every Pentagon members uniqur. 🙂

  2. اللي يعرف رابط موقع او قناة منزلة الحلقة بل عربي يعطيني

  3. I still don't get why momoland had to do it like c'mon and when they fell the first time they should've stopped so they won't hurt themselves

  4. Guys, don't worry. Girls do this and fall over all the time. Don't worry well.. unless you see a bone popping out. Then you should help

  5. I felt bad for Nancy she was to dizzy,she did her best,didin't she??but Nancy and Jane are my Girlz!!

  6. Feels weird watching this again after realizing that Subin almost debuted with pentagon but left the company to debut with Victon at the last moment

  7. Pentagon (Black shirts) are just fearing their lives for MoMoLand and it’s so cute! Do you stan them yet???? And let’s talk about how mini sized Jin Ho is compared to the others- ITS ADORABLE

  8. Do u know Subin wast Trainee From Cube but he Leave CUBE if he doesn't Leave he will be a member of Pentagon😹 They meet Each other in weekly idol again wahh😪

  9. watched the whole episode many times because of pentagon and came back here because of victon!!! Love them all. Please don't sleep on them! 😍😍😍

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