(Weekly Idol EP.294) MARK,JACK,BAM Korean Battle

– I’m fine
– BamBam, try your best – I really want to eat
– Cheer up, Jackson You should not give them the answer Okay I think this is a hard one You should write down the word
in the brackets What? Brackets. I’ll tell you what they are What? I’ll tell you what they are What? I said I’ll tell you Let me explain I’ll read you a sentence with brackets You should write what’s in the brackets Jackson No, I’ll read you a sentence It’s not a quiz Why? I know the answer – Dictation
– Listen Jaebum living in Ilsan I decided to pay back with Yu Gyeom – Pay back (Anggapeum)?
– Yes, pay back This is a hard one (Jackson knows it?) To put it simply, he decided
to take revenge on him Anga If you can write it in Korean,
your Korean is good I’ve never heard this word before Are you done, Jackson?
One, two, three Paying back Not paying back Anyway, this consonant is a hard one He knows what the word means That’s very close Mark, one, two, three Angapum Mine’s more close to the answer BamBam, one, two, three Anggapum Jackson Youngjae, you try it Of course I can write it Must be funny if Youngjae can not I’m Korean If you can not write this You think I can not? If you can not get it right,
you’ll join in this too – Huh? what?
– What is it? – Wrong?
– Serious? You should join in too – Really?
– What did he write? – Is that the answer?
– Is not it? That’s correct You surprised me Youngjae’s answer was right! Here’s Jaebum again Is today a special day for me? I can expect what it’ll be He’s tired of picking up the other members today – Picking up the others (Dwichidakkeori)?
– Yes What is it again? What?? – Dwichi?
– Dakkeori Hard one Just write it down as it sounds You can write as it sounds Let’s see Jackson’s answer,
one, two, three Hold on Dwichidakkori Dwichidakkori But his answer is very close (Jackson’s remarkable Korean capability) Dwichidakgeori – You almost got it
– BamBam (Puzzled) Can we just do rock-paper-scissors? BamBam One, two, three Dwihidakgeori As this meets with a consonant here,
it makes Chi sound Youngjae, you do it Youngjae show them the right answer I’m not sure You said you’re Korean He does not know Guys, I’m Korean Do not look down on me He is not Korean (Gori? Keori? Dwichidak?) – It’s okay
– You’re Korean I’m not sure – Here’s the answer
– Is it? (A guy from Hong Kong telling Korean
to Korean) Let’s see Korean’s answer Not that. This Dwichidakgeori is not the answer Really? Dwichidakgeori is not the answer Really? Jaebum, your turn You have to get it Only two more Korean’s left Dwitchidakgeori (Another wrong answer) Dwitchidakgeori is not the answer Jinyoung, your turn Actually none of us is Korean What’s this? Your answer is right This is it (Youngjae’s answer) Youngjae is indeed a Korean Korean Mine was so close It is written as it sounds I did not know

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