(Weekly Idol EP.294) Owner of a crazy sense

So, it’s here~ The first one… Please tell us your thoughts! – Oh my!
– Who is it? The skin is very firm… The skin is firm…? – I need to say it truthfully?
– Okay. He’s Bambam. Bambam…so, the next person! – Just tell us as soon you touched it.
– So… Come here! Next friend… How do you know who? If you right again this time, you’re awesome! Mark! Mark? [Wrong!] [Sheesh!] So, it’s here! So many hairs. So many hairs. [A Hairy Guy] Oh, he seems like didn’t cut his hair for a long time. Who didn’t cut his hair for such a long time…? Who is it? Youngjae? Youngjae…? [Wrong again!] So, the next friend is here! Why his hair is so many? It has so many hairs again this time? [A Hairy Guy 2] It’s Jaebum-hyung! Jaebum~ [They switched among each other]
(My 2Jae ship

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