(Weekly Idol EP.302) SF9 & CROSS GENE Coverdance Full ver.

(Weekly Idol EP.302) SF9 & CROSS GENE Coverdance Full ver.

Cover Dance! [Come on yo!] [good vibes so far] First off, who are the aces when it comes to girl-group dance? Jaeyoon [in charge of girl group dance] Youngbin [in charge of boy group dance] Taeyang [all-around performance] You guys have a lot. It’s because they have a lot of members [9 vs 5] We have Takuya. [Only Takuya~] Are you confident in doing girl group dance? I may not know the recent songs, but I do know a lot. [I can do it.] We’re going to play songs from all the idols who are currently promoting. Cover Dance Rule: Only come up if you know it. Music, please! Now Playing: BTS’ I NEED U [commotion] [This side makes their move too.] [SF8 advances] [retreats from intimidation] There’s too many of them! If you know, go dance. [Bangtan SF Boys] [Look at that composure.] [It can’t get any better than this.] It looks like they practiced this. Now Playing: BTS’ Fire [Taeyang x Chani] [like fish meeting water] Cross Gene, do you know the dance for this song? We don’t know. [comfortable as if it’s my own song] Now Playing: EXO’s Monster There’s no song that they don’t know. [Entire SF9 take center stage.] [Admiring their cover.] [choreography machine] Wait a minute! SF9 please take a seat. What are we? SF9 has taken over the boy group dance. SF9 are a force of number. That’s why we’re only allowing 5 members at a time for SF9. [What will the change of rules lead to?] Music, please! Now Playing: TWICE’s Knock Knock [Responds fastest] [Move over, it’s my song.] [Jaeyoon enters.] [Pride on the line in this cuteness battle.] [Cross Gene comes alive in the girl group dance.] [I refuse to lose.] [giant 188 cm] [cutie 183 cm] [Now the cover dance battle evens out.] Now Playing: GFRIEND’s Me Gustas Tu [What was this again?] [Body responds first.] [Quick defeat.] [This song is mine now.] [starting to get nervous] Now Playing: Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb Let’s go! [We must dance to this song!!] [killing it] As girl group dance expert, Tak, rests. [As if he’s going to break anything that comes his way.] [Acknowledgement] Now Playing: TWICE’s TT [girl group dance expert appears again] Is this TT? [Takuya’s rival takes his place] [I refuse to lose.] [Acting as one group through TT.] [Takuya vs Jaeyoon] [not missing a beat] [pleased audience] Now Playing: BLACKPINK’s Playing With Fire [Might know it, might not.] [I know this one.] [full of confidence] [scanning the choreography] [ends up doing a cover of Big Bang’s ‘Fxxk It’] [This cover is unacceptable.] Excuse me, you can’t dance like you’re at a club. You can’t just take a turn because you want to dance. I wanted to spice it up a little. [Cross Gene’s girl group hard carry: Takuya] Takuya changed when the girl group music came on. It’s hard to decide who won. Taeyang over there is a great dancer. Who else? Jaeyoon. [Girl group dance leader, Jaeyoon] He danced ‘Dumb Dumb,’ but it looked like he was dancing ‘Monster’ SF9 x Cross Gene are tied. Let’s break the tie with a cover dance battle between the captains. One person from each team. We pick Takuya! I don’t know any more songs. Now playing: BTS’ Blood Sweat Tears Please bring me out… Let’s switch members. [Jaeyoon ->Taeyang] [envious] Now Playing: AOA’s Like a Cat [catwalk] [hip machine] [dance machine] [same dance, different feel] We asked for a cover dance! Get a head start. [Acrobatic match-up] Excuse me, this is not the Olympics. Does this look like the Olympics to you? [I can’t hold it in either.] [takes care of his own screen time] How come no one’s coming for me? [Give me attention too please…] You’re too much… You both did well, but Taeyang Do you only watch television at home? [Translation of his reaction: Yes, I do!] On this side, [Takuya]’s angles are very good. This cover dance battle is a tie!

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  1. I thought Taeyang did better and I don’t Stan either of them I’m just saying this out of talent😂 don’t get me wrong they are both very talented but Taeyang got this round

  2. تشاني كثير كيوت😍😍SF9 فاااأايتنغ 🌷❤❤🇮🇶🇮🇶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Every now and then I come back to this video of cross gene Takuya and Casper I miss them they were so cute and funny I will support them in whatever they do still love cross gene

  4. Did anyone else notice that when Casper danced to fxxk it by bigbang
    Jaeyoon copied him lol !!!!!

  5. I didn’t know Casper was in a group before The Unit… I saw him and I was like “OMG THATS CASPER”

  6. But this is not technically fair because Cross Gene is one of them groups that doesn't do other group dances. I've seen that from older groups they really don't do covers. But I love both groups and sad that 2 of them are no longer with the Cross Gene.

  7. Wahhh TAKUYA is so beautiful and handsome, sexy, funny ,cute
    Gosh I love him.
    It's the 1st time seeing him and I am in love😭🥰🥰🥰🥰❣🥰❣🥰❣🥰❣

  8. Sf9 are one of the most Adorable Boy groups.🔥

    That moment when Chani N Jaeyoon turn BlackPink's song into a Club dancing I burst into Laughter …
    Like these two are no Joke, seriously killed it 😂😂💙

  9. I wish to read the religion of Islam the religion of truth صلو على النبي

  10. Cross gene though silent!!
    Flutters our damn heart🥰 especially I love how Takuya tries to keep a name of Cross gene.He is so sweet.We can't forget you😭😭
    PS:Lots of love for Sangmin's and Casper's dance…

  11. Taeyang's dance moves are so goddamn fluid!!! Like how is it even possible?!?!
    (Sorry if I spelled the name wrong. I'm new here)

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