(Weekly Idol EP.305)  HYUNA 2X faster version ‘BUBBLE POP’

(Weekly Idol EP.305) HYUNA 2X faster version ‘BUBBLE POP’

Music start (BUBBLE POP-HYUNA) (Looking more nervous than her) (Smooth start) (Starting 2X faster dance with a smile) (Relaxed) She’s awesome (Dancing briskly to the song) (Cute) (Looking natural as if dancing
to the original beats) HYUNA is awesome She remembers the complete choreography (Looking relaxed as if dancing to
the original beats) (This is why she has so many fans) (So excited) (Better than anyone else) (Two thumbs up) (Respect) I don’t this is fast (Highly relaxed) You don’t think this is fast? (Master of 2x faster dance
in 3rd basement) (Admiring) She doesn’t look like dancing to
2X faster song Not challenging (Looking as energetic as the beginning) (Doesn’t appear tired at all) (Can’t be better) She is more than just good (This is who I am) (Relaxed enough to look at audience) Is this really 2 times faster song? (As energetic as the beginning) (Even singing the song live) (Dancing with ease) – You don’t think it’s challenging
– Not at all (We’ll obey her from now on) Is this really 2 times faster song? (A break with fast dancing) (La la la) You have to complete the song (Combination of strength, technique
and lung capacity) (So relaxed to sing live again) She is amazing. No one looked
as relaxed as her at 2X faster dance (Perfect) (Ha Ha Ha) (Relaxed enough to act charming) (Good job, respect) (Her flawless 2X faster dance
nearing the end) This girl is so amazing (Pretty) (Completing 2X faster dance with ease) (Displaying her ability to the fullest) (About to join her fan club) – Awesome
– Thank you – Perfect
– Amazing Aren’t you exhausted? – Not yet
– Not yet? I’m sure no one was more relaxed
than her at 2X faster dance You looked really relaxed while doing it You are awesome You look different now You do look different We are with Triple H today

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  1. No hate but from the actual music video from this her face looks so different ! Her skin tone , hair and face looks different ! Before she was much prettier ! She’s not really pretty now

  2. She is dancing this song like its nothing, but I don't understand why she doesn't remember Trouble maker?

  3. I come here everyday. Because just seeing her smile is enough to make my whole day better.
    Edit 1 : I am here again…

  4. Even though hyuna has been through a lot, eating disorder, fainting on stage, and very strong hate ever since she has stared and being bullied just because she is skinny, she is still one of the best k pop idol i have seen. She is a very strong person and is continuing fighting even though she has all the negativity around her.

  5. ダンス、ヴォーカル、表現力。
    (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ

  6. Shes Actually dancing to 1.75! if you read my other comment remember this is not hate , she is actually dancing to 1.75 again same story as last time but if you dont know the story go check out BTOB Wow 2x Speed Dance , you can even try this trick for yourself

  7. This is exactly why she is a queen, she could still remember the choreography and do it in heels. I love her so much!

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