Let’s read DK’s profile. Lee Seokmin. What does DK means? It means doing things in various aspects It has this good meaning C: Doing things in many ways D: You look similar to Jo Sungmo? Dk: I heard a lot of people saying that Doni: Can you imitate this expression? (Jo Sungo Challenge) (Eyes, Nose, Lips Ctrl+C. Slickness Ctrl+V) Doni: The feel is there (Level Up. The 2nd expression challenge) (Charisma) Doni: the feel is there Doni: Dk can peel a tangerine in 4 seconds (Full of confidence) DK: When i was little, there will be a box of it at home when i came back from school J: It’s really fast DK: I don’t know if it is as fast as it was (His fingers is a little different) (Amazed) Coni: You must be really good at it. Look at his fingers. (DK’s First Tangerine Peeling Show) Doni: Start Doni: One is done now (Even if you look a it, it’s still amazing) (Never done before tangerine peeling show. Fingers are focused on peeling) (The peeling tangerine step, a dance I don’t know it existed in my body before) (Lemon hyung, have a piece) (A more fancier step) (Skills) (Entertaining+Record, a personal talent that take cares all of it) C: It’s like a fruit peeling machine (We’ll compliment you fruit-dk) (A talent that successfully make us laugh)

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  1. OMG that's how I peel my smol oranges! I was thinking, maybe that's how fast I could peel mine, I never tried timing myself… but the feet just made it better xDDD

  2. That 'Lemon Hyung'(referring to Woozi) in the captions had me laughing so hard😂

  3. His eyes are so beautiful
    His long perfect nose
    His smile that melts 😍
    And how he manages to make everything funny . Always my UB Bias in Seventeen 😍😍😍🧡🧡💕💕💕💕love this dork

  4. i cant beleve he just shoved the entire orange into joshuas mouth though and Joshua just ate it like a champ lmaooo

  5. I just realised that DK's real name can be a combination of Donghan's (JBJ) and Yugyeom's (GOT7) names😂😂

  6. I love how he was so focused on peeling that when he was giving the fruit to the members, he was just shoving it in their mouths like "HAVE YOUR FREAKIN FRUIT!" 😂

  7. Its Dokyeom not Dogyeom….You expect him to be 😍THE CUTES DOG IN THE WORLD😍 It might be true cause he looks like a wolf or a Dog FOR ME*maybe some people might think he does not look like one…But for me…He looks like a Wolf or Dog*

  8. Did he just shoved the whole orange inside Joshua's mouth?! Oh! And look at how Woozi ate it whole 😂😂😂😂

  9. Lol I love him sm, he can make me smile and laugh on my worst days

    Also, random side note: Dokyeom's skin colour is so gorgeous 😍

  10. Im new to this fandom and is it normal to see DK & wonwoo as twins bc both of them are kinda look alike??? No???

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