(Weekly Idol EP.312) K-pop Randomplay Dance Robot Appeared [K POP 랜덤플레이 댄스봇 탄생!]

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  1. انا جريئة خلاص حنا كل مره نروح مع ابوي للزعيم كل واحد له عشره ريال وانا كل مانروح على طول للشقلاطات 🌚 واختي الكبيره تروح معي وكل مانشوف احد انا امشي واركض في نفس الوقت اما اختي منزله راسها وتمشي يعني ماتعاين في الناس لما نروح عن الناس اختي توقفني وتقول انتي ماتستحين قلت ايه ماستحي طب هدي شوي شوي امشي زي العالم اناس تعاين فينا قلت وجع هذول اناس بيمسكونها علي لا هذول اناس بيصوروني وكتبون هاذي ماتستحي لا انا جريئة انا جريئة من يومي 🌚🌚🌚🙂🙂😐😂

  2. 나는 밴드를 좋아한다 비아이지 💖💋❤💗💓💞💕💝♥🎀💟💛💜💚 🌹🌸🌺💎✨🌷💐💙👑
    وين المعجبين العرب 😂😂 حابة اشوفكم 😭😭

  3. Em chả ưa mấy gì chị biết nhảy nhiều bài mấy bài kia thì tui kh biết có sai hay kh mà bài Fire nhảy sai mà sung vl còn anh áo hồng nhảy đúng nhưng kh sung thì chương trì bảo sai ??

  4. Me: ah dammit there’s no English subtitles
    Also me: clicks on Korean subtitles by accident
    Korean subt: are actually English
    Me: confused pickachu face

  5. Why is everyone getting mad that the boys were acting weird and being funny they're being boys being themselves and the girls got equal attention I feel like.

  6. Can someone please tell me the name of the second song🤣😭🤦 I can't remember the name for the life of me😭😭

  7. อยากให้ลองแข่งกับลิซ่าดู ลิซ่าดูครั้งเดียวจำท่าได้ 55💖💛🇯🇵🇹🇭🇰🇷

  8. Había visto éste video hace 2 años y me gustó el grupo matilda .lástima que ya no estén juntas .se disuelven la mayoría de los grupos que no consiguen fama

  9. B. I. G 💗❣️💕❤️💞💓💖
    Gunmin oppa you are so cute and handsome 😭💜😭💜😭💜😭💜😭

  10. I really loved Matilda after this random play dance but I am sad because they have been disbanded 😪😪 they were literally so talanted best of luck for their future love you girls💕

  11. It makes me so sad that Matilda went out without anyone even knowing their names
    Like they were so fun and had so much energy and potential and they were just completely dismissed by the public

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