(Weekly Idol EP.315) WANNA ONE 2X faster version [2배속 댄스 ‘나야나’]

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  1. Well this fucking sucks.. we wont ever ne able to see them perform because they disbanded..???????????????

  2. Nayana dance really hard.. they also spin around 20 too.. Wanna One the best.. ?‍♀️❤?

  3. OMG Park Jihoon was so good. Everyone was very good. Jisung and Guanlin at the back gave me life. Those expressions. XD

  4. 90% of the comments are about Daniel and here I am… laughing my head off with my bia's dancing (its Guanlin)

  5. How is it seong woo exhausted face still looks superb handsome omg or am i crazy? And his dance was so sharp from the beginning to the end srsly. And he still can control his facial expressions even at the last part where they had that sexy dance move along with legs at 3.10 srsly omg ??

  6. Muối già rùi đùng cho nhảy nhiều quá. Sương cốt mệ lắm??

  7. The choreography is good, don't get me wrong but the formation doesn't change after the first 5 seconds… Like choreographer, what?

  8. แสดงว่าคนคิดท่าเต้นเค้าคงไม่รู้ว่าจะให้วันนาวันกระจายตัวยังไง

    ( เมนจีฮุน กับ แดเนียล )

    KIM JAEHWAN ?????
    KANG DANIEL ??????
    PARK JIHOON ???????
    PARK WOOJIN ????????
    BAE JINYONG ?????????
    LEE DAEHWI ???????????
    LAI GUANLIN ???????????
    WANNAONE ?????????????????
    WANNABLE ????????????????????????????????

  10. Daniel looks so stunning with his smile.. And Daehwi looks so cute in that outfit.. Guanlin looks so cute when he's trying his best..

  11. Everyone in this video was focused privately by camera, except Guanlin…?
    OMG Why???
    My heart has broken ????

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