(Weekly Idol EP.319) PRISTIN’s NAYOUNG is SIREN??!!! [임사이렌의 고음 초능력]

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  1. main vocal must take care for their voice, 'cause their schedule music show so many,,
    and their not worry about this game..

    also in year 2015, Baekho(Nu'est) had done vocal cord surgery

  2. I feel like Seungyeon, Nayoung, Woozi (seventeen), Woojin (wannaone), hwiyoung and Dawon (Sf9), Minhyuk (Monsta X) would make a great dolphin family 😂

  3. since pristin disbandment, all pristin's highlight videos are popping up on my youtube… really sad that i'm happy seeing them having a good back then :')

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