(Weekly Idol EP.324) EXID’s English Speed Quiz Start!! [EXID의 빵터지는 영어퀴즈]

(Weekly Idol EP.324) EXID’s English Speed Quiz Start!! [EXID의 빵터지는 영어퀴즈]

(The first player is Hani) Darius, are you ready? Don’t look back, OK? – OK – GO You have 100 seconds, go (Spider man) (worried) (It turns into body language) Please say in English It’s body language (Hani doesn’t speak English) (She gave up) (Iron Man) What kind of hero? (LE’s English is not that bad) -Iron Man -Yes (Cinderella) She lost her shoes (The most important thing, it’s 12 O’clock) (When she goes down the steps) (Oh, boy) (She’s acting now (But it’s not bad) (I understand everything) It’s Cinderella (Lemon) It’s a sour and yellow fruit Lemon LE’s good (Watermelon) (She can’t describe it) Tell him the color (OK, got it) (Her confidence made it possible) (English which doesn’t make sense) Tomato? (It’s close) (It has red, green and black color) (Is it edible?) I’ll give you an extra 100 seconds. Watermelon Correct (Jjajangmyeon) (It’s Chinese food) (slurping) Jjajangmyeon (They have 5 answers to go) (Samgyetang)
It’s about time Hani showed her ability (Darius, please listen) (Have you tried Korean food?) Samgyetang (Why does it sound so familiar?) (Squirrel) (LE speaks the best) (An animal climbing up trees) (It’s close) (He forgot the word) You can speak in Korean – Squirrel? – Correct I forgot the word in English It sounds strange Time’s up It was close 10 questions in 100 seconds Darius got all food names He can speak good Korean He can speak good Korean
(I’m detective Hani) I’ve been living in Korea for 8 years No wonder that your pronunciation sounds perfect Really? Jeonghwa’s Cinderella (Jeonghwa’s narration of the fairy tale) How could you do that? (Let’s watch it again) Watermelon I can make myself understood OK Please give him a big hand (Darius, thanks for coming) (Bye)

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  1. Jeonghwa "she lost her shoes 12'o'clock down the stairs ah shoes take off" that the most FUNNIEST thing I ever heard in my life.
    "Its a fruit red and green mix" lol

  2. 1:29 this is the only reason y I'm here

    I just remembered when I was watching something talking about mixing food

  3. I never knew Exid was this funny! I am watching their weekly idol episodes and I'm literally losing my shit😂😂😂 I'M OBVIOUSLY STANNING THEM
    Edit: Jungwha is my bias and LE is the damn bias wrecker but I love all

  4. Look at Hani from start to 0:26 Omo so cute….
    At 0:20 look at Hani unnie expression adorable
    Then at 0:22 ahahahha so cute.

  5. does anyone know how well solji can speak english? rn she is literally a city away from me she's in california laguna beach right now. if i run into her i don't how much english she knows. But i know how to say hi and i love you in korean and maybe thats all i need lmao

  6. highlights of the video
    0:45 junghwa "she lost her shoes"
    0:54 junghwa acting cinderella
    1:25 junghwa "red and green MIX"
    1:47 junghwa says "ya" in awe lmaoo
    2:08 hani "korean food. korean chicken. korean chicken soup"
    2:17 hani suprised because the guy got it right
    2:33 the guy remembers the word in Korean and not in english
    3:12 the mc (idk his name, but you can tell me in the comments) reenacting junghwa trying to describe cinderella
    3:18 the same mc reenacting 1:25

  7. Is this guy even British he didnt have a British accent and they were pretty good at the game like i could have understood what they were saying!!LOL

  8. 0:19 Hani looks like a Creepy in that Era😂..but even if she looks like Creepy sometimes, I really love the way she is💖.. she's Perfect💖..I really like her personality 💖

  9. A group of Koreans describing things in English to what sounds like a French guy. This was always going to go well. I love this show. (Well, did while it was still Doni Coni. Now we on to their new show)

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