[Weekly Idol EP.371] NCT DREAM’s ‘WE GO UP’ Rollercoster Dance

[Weekly Idol EP.371] NCT DREAM’s ‘WE GO UP’ Rollercoster Dance

(Roller Coaster Dance ver.
We Go Up- NCT Dream) (It starts with the original tempo) (Calm) (2X serious) (Hesitating) (They control the tempo) (No problem) (They have good sense of rhythm) (Jisung’s facial expression is a jewel) (No fuss) (The original tempo for a short break) This is the original tempo Is it? Please Let’s go (They are amazing) (Perfect) (Even from bird’s eye view,
they have a perfect formation) (Powerful moves even with a slow tempo) (The perfect formation is outstanding) (The main dancer doesn’t care) (Good) (SM has a bright future) Let’s go (It’s obvious that
the challenge is successful) (Hot) (He’s even narrating while dancing) (Thank you for the unexpected live) (We’re curious about making a mistake) Wow, Mark (Dream of NCT Dream) (They don’t care about the tempo) Let’s go (The tempo changes till the end) (But NCT Dream don’t care) (Perfect till the end) (This is NCT Dream) Wow, NCT Dream You were awesome NCT Dream It was better than I expected It was not that hard It was nothing, I’m fine I’m fine

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