What options does Lori Loughlin have?

What options does Lori Loughlin have?

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  1. Just more politically liberal privileged celebrities…not white, not conservative, not Republican, not Trump lover…just privileged political liberal minded valueless people.

  2. Someone once said you made your bed now LIE in it. For this to have gone this far, she must have the most incompetent attorney in the world!

  3. Loughlin must be a conservative Trump supporter!! Typical signature move of the leftist fascist luciferian machine to silence conservatives!!! It's all fabricated to distract and silence!!

  4. Yeah she deserves it, but Andrew McCabe is walking scott-free talkingshit about the present at 24/7 and getting paid to do it he should be in jail, Bill Barr

  5. She don't care.. She know she privilege. She can't comprehend that she live in in the different world. White privilege would be no more..

  6. Huffman was smart and cut a deal immediately. Loughlin held out, though she could beat it. She is already regretting it.

  7. I hope she gets five years solid. She's from hollywood scum always telling us how to live while breaking numerous laws to circumvent the hoops the rest of us have to jump through.

  8. So much for the Hollywood Elite and how they are Morally and Intellectually superior to The Deplorable’s/Irredeemables…..Being from Deviant Central ,Im certain she will find Prison entertaining..

  9. Stop going to movie theaters….stop buying DVDs….and don't watch their movies on TV either (ratings crasher). I've been managing to do that for 10 years and I'm doing just fine, lol.
    For instance…robert deniro has a new movie out…….looks pretty good….never watch it, anywhere, ever. You'll live. Stick to it!

  10. Who TOOK the bribe more importantly? Who is more guilty the briber or the bribee. Why bother with all that study just give your kids ‘Harvard Law Degrees’ . No wonder lawyers these days know nothing of that pesky constitution.


  12. Isn’t it bad enough that all Fox News reporters have children with Down syndrome? You’d think they’d learn from being complete moronic sycophants to realizing their actions have meaning.

  13. She her to jail period sick and tired of the white is always right and white privilege for an excuse she is guilty proven fact so punish her she deserves it anyone else especially someone of color would have been sentenced same day remember the African American woman who changed her child’s address for a better school because she was homeless got 5 years no pity so do her the same

  14. Or, she could plead case law during trial and get off completely. ONLY cowards crumple because of a rogue prosecutor.

  15. Well their small fish,what about these Hollywood A listers getting Honorary Doctorate IF they donate. Didnt Obama receive one as well. Theres a ton more that need to be investigated, rabbit hole is Deep

  16. Look how this strange reporter tilts his head to the left and is always leaning. Bizarre posturing and why has FOX not said something? This guy seems disingenuous and phony! Stepford robot has got to go! 👎

  17. Their defense should be that climate change is a hoax, proven by the fact that not one of the climate predictions has proven true, thus you are suing us on a fallacy perpetuated by climate change activists which it turn has affected the income of the company, the defendant in this case should be the climate activists who affected the bottom line of Exxon and not Exxon who made decisions on reality, not the climate change fallacy!

  18. Lori will get punished more than Hillary, who broke 18 USC 793 by placing classified material on a non-secure private server.

  19. When you don't accept their offer they pile on charges? That is criminal. So you are guilty until proven innocent.

  20. Hahahaha! She thought she could buy her way out!
    Treated it like a big joke signing autographs outside the court house!
    Cry you snotty rich biotch!

  21. What are her options? Plea bargain. She's going to jail for a lot longer than Felicity Huffman did. I'll say she gets 2 years, time off for good behavior. She will do 11 months tops. But it's gonna wipe that big red carpet smile off her face finally eh?

  22. "There is a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution, and a lot of people want to find out about that, So whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great." -Donald J Trump to Ukranian President

  23. Just another Rich liberal Democratic Elite from California thinking the rules don't apply to them and their little brats ! Her two little b** daughter should all should be going to jail too !

  24. was she defiant or taking advice from a bad lawyer? Maybe she does have a case. If what she did is bribery then every big donation to every university where the donors kid was admitted would be bribery too. In any case i think she is innocent until proven guilty.

  25. The grade inflation at Ivy league school is also corrupt cheating when gpas are viewed as equal across the board. When jobs require a 3.5 ivy league education, what it means is are your parents rich enough to buy your grades. Hell Brown doesn't even have Ds and Fs! Their average gpa is a 3.73!

  26. Conclude the case with a LARGE FINE, no jail time. Then fire the prosecutor who is almost certainly wasting taxpayer money on this crap because they have political ambitions.

  27. At Harvard, this kind of encounter wasn’t limited to the humanities and social sciences, where the requirements are sometimes easier to bend. For example, three biochemistry graduate students I knew and trusted all had an identical story. In the introductory course they taught, undergraduates weren’t required to show up at a single lecture or section; they could score in the teens on the final and still pass. The professor’s basis for leniency, they said, was that “they pay too much tuition for us to fail them.”

  28. their Laws for the rich and laws for the rest of us , remember jussie Smollett, that's still pending , its hard to drain the swamp !

  29. Things like this have been going on for a long time, she just happened to be one of the wealthy ones that got caught!

  30. F….k Hollyweed she needs to go to prison. She’s not SPCIAL . They think they can buy and cheat their way with money. F….k Hollyweed

  31. I guess what I don’t understand is what her defense is? She thought it was normal to have her daughters get into college without testing, and onto athletic teams without experience? Anyone in the US should know that isn’t how it works. It tells you what the requirements are on college websites even.

    I like that Huffman took full responsibility. I feel she may come out of jail Monday a better person for it all. Just a hunch. It would be nice to see the others do the same, and admit it was wrong to use wealth to influence their child’s eventual professional credentials.

  32. I say put her away ,no one is above the law! They are criminals. There are kids out there that worked Thier puts off to go to COLLEGE,. Those kids who have a mommy or daddy pull crooked deals to get them in! Those kids should be ashamed of THIER parents and themselves! They are imbezzalers period ,go straight to Prison!

  33. It's called arrogance & they probably figured if they could buy there kids into a college, even though they have plead not guilty, they could buy there way out of a prison sentence through attorneys.. good luck, being sarcastic.. hope orange is your favorite color..

  34. No Matter what the sentence is, it still does not affect rich people like it does poor/average people. I am not passing judgement because I haven't heard her story, but rich people get out of jail and it doesnt matter if they have a court record or not, because they have money and do not have to worry about a job or background check. So they entire thing is BS. An average person's sentence is for life in or out of jail due to court records. Not so for the rich. TRUTH. Treat all Americans equally. The poorest person should be treated as well as the richest. Never happen, so all BS. Court is BS, Fair is BS. All BS. Think I'm lying? Ask Jane Fonda if she cares if she has a court record. She doesn't. In dc to top it off. But regular people have to live with it for rest of their life, even if they were innocent, even if dismissed, still a record. So all BS except for rich. TRUTH is the TRUTH

  35. Scandalous colleges admission's gamings like NBA games of Chinese inside Hong Kongians. Easy admission with a pill and sleeping allowances & medicare allowances which is non-taxable. What about dearness allowances and rent allowances?

    So Exxon oil's maykings oil's productions in college admission's? Oh timber my shivers!

  36. What makes me sick is she can only do this because of her wealth. Average citizen would have to bargain. Pay to play is all too real!

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