When fans know celebrity’s phone number [Happy Together/2019.12.26]

When fans know celebrity’s phone number [Happy Together/2019.12.26]

At the time, Ilwoo couldn’t handle his popularity. – It’s understandable. / – I am sure. – He was so popular. / – How popular was he? It was my debut work. People really loved it. Thinking about it, I think I got 400 to 500 calls a day at the time. – To your phone? / – Yes. – To my phone. / – What? I was getting too many calls, so I went to the phone shop – to get my number changed. / – Right. After changing the number, I received a message as I was walking out. – What did it say? / – “Congratulations on” “changing your phone number.” – That’s creepy. / – What can you do? I had a lot of extreme fans at the time. – I had extreme fans. / – How do they know? One time, a fan called my grandmother. She thanked my grandmother for raising her grandson well. They found your grandmother’s number? My personal information had been leaked. It felt like I became a star overnight. For the shoot, we shot day and night for 10 straight months. – Right. / – Right. – I couldn’t enjoy the popularity. / – Right. I received too much love at a young age. Ilwoo couldn’t realize his popularity at the time. But he’s still very popular now. He’s still very popular. One of the photos he posted on social media became a massive hit. – What is that? / – That’s – Bangkok, Thailand. / – And? How is that Bangkok? You wrote, “Guess where I am.” Yes. After shooting “Moon Embracing the Sun”, I went on a trip with my middle school friend. It was my first time in Bangkok. We kept swimming, and we got bored. So I posted the photo and asked them to guess where I am. – You provoked them. / – After that, I forgot about it. After the shower, we decided to go for dinner. When I went down, the lobby was filled with fans. – What? / – They figured it out with that? – How can they guess with that? / – They went through all the hotels in Asia that have a rooftop swimming pool. – How did they find that? / – Since then the Thai fans followed us. Making things worse, I left my phone in the taxi. – No way. / – I lost my phone. I couldn’t reach my manager. So I just gave up. The fans followed me to the restaurant. So I paid for their food too. The fans took me to all the tourist destinations. So we took a motorcycle and went to places with them. It was a group tour. They told me how to dress for certain places and what to do. – They told you things. / – Like tour guides. They must’ve told him all the good places to go. – Right. / – Local restaurants are the best. It was towards the end of the trip. I was going to go to the airport. I had to take a night flight. I was about to take a taxi. “Ilwoo! It’s dangerous there. There are a lot of fans.” I thought, “How many can there be?” I went there, and the airport was filled with fans. What can you do? It was my first time in Southeast Asia, so I got really flustered. So the airport staff made me get inside without going – through immigration. / – There was no other way. – It was dangerous. / – It was dangerous. I was so flustered. – That’s amazing. / – Actually, there are many

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  1. Miss you so much, just so you know your very popular in Philippines too. Your known to us as the most handsome "Scheduler " from your role in 49 days, I still remember how my whole university talks about you. 😊

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