‘You’ Star Victoria Pedretti Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush and Talks Working With Penn Badgley

– I finally realized that I
could call myself an actor without anybody giving me permission after I graduated college. And you should be able to do
that without a degree too. (gentle music) I’m Victoria Pedretti
and this is On The Rise. Growing up I’ve loved Pride and Prejudice and 500 Days of Summer,
like when I got older, but when I was younger
I have this vivid memory of pulling the tape out of the VHS when I broke my, out of the
VCR, I’m young, (laughing) when I broke my VHS of
Brandy’s Cinderella. Well Whitney Houston’s
Cinderella but, yeah. I watched that until it broke. My parents have always been
supportive of my choice to be an actor, they’re not
shy with criticisms either. They’re both artists themselves,
my mother was a dancer. The definitely see the value in what I do. My first professional
role was playing Nell in The Haunting of Hill House. I guess it was in a phone call, I actually happened to be with the people that I would end up working with when I found out that I got the job. I had not imagined that for myself and I mean I guess I had secretly but I’m very superstitious
so it’s not something I would verbalize a lot. It was just mind-blowing. – Hey, oh, I’ve been meaning to say, I’m so glad you’re a part of this season. – Aw. Coming into a show that already existed and that I already
loved and cared about is in some ways nerve-wrecking
’cause you don’t wanna be like the squeaky wheel (laughing). You don’t wanna be the
thing that makes everything fall apart (laughing). Especially when you want it to be good but that said, I become a
fan of whatever I’m doing, I can’t work on a project
if in that moment, I can’t absolutely love what I’m doing ’cause then I can’t put
all of myself into it. (gentle music) I was reached out to by Greg
Berlanti and Sera Gamble after they saw my work in
The Haunting of Hill House. They told me about the character and I was really excited
about the notion of doing it. I ended up doing a
chemistry read with Pen, and it was like going through a tornado and then coming out and
just being like whoop well, I did my best (laughing). There was some promise in whatever we did. It’s incredible to have the
opportunity to do what I do and then for people to enjoy
it and take an interest, you know you want a story to touch people and if a lot of people watch it, it’s representative of how
much people are taking interest in the work you’re doing. So it’s incredible. I definitely identify as an actor, I definitely claim that very much so and I’m an actor but I like the idea that I might work with other artists and other mediums to keep progressing, make something new and fresh. I mean, I really love these
ideas of New York City or Paris in certain periods of time when people were very cross-disciplinarian and working together to collaborate so anybody’s who’s down really, young people who are you know
hungry to make something. And also I might like
the art somebody makes but I don’t know if we’ll
be good collaborators. That’s something that can’t
be known until you try, so yeah, you know I’d like to try to work with Taika Waititi. I think we could do really well together but I’d also like to maybe help somebody with some music ’cause I have an artistic perspective on that or direct a music video, or, I understand that those
things take skill and time, but I want to believe
that I can take the time and develop the skill. (soft music) On Netflix I am extremely dedicated to The Great British Bake Off. I’m all about positivity and fairness. These people try to be
as fair as they can. It’s incredible what
people create, like yeah. When people really just go off on like a multilayered
cake, it’s insane, you know? And they’re so humble about it, and yet they’re making
these incredible creations. Not that I’m saying being humble is like the best thing ever. Sometimes you should shout
from the mountaintops about how you’ve accomplished something, and sometimes they do and
it makes it even cuter ’cause you know how earnestly and how they’re creating these things. – [Woman] Cut the music. (laughing) Who was your– – It’s serious, man. (laughs) – [Woman] Who was your
first celebrity crush? – My first celebrity crush
was Antonio Banderas, and probably also Catherine
Zeta-Jones in Zorro. I mean, the sword scene… Yeah, I think I understood
something about sexuality when I watched that for the first time. Nothing I post on my Instagram, I don’t think anybody
follows me on Instagram because they appreciate
my Instagram content. I post about things that I care about. I post about my friends. I post about like the art and work that my friends are doing ’cause I’m really proud of them. I don’t like have a blog
or anything so. (laughs) It’s kind of cool ’cause
it seems like people want to know what I might do next, and it’s a real compliment to know that people want to see more
of me as opposed to less. (soft music) (sighs) Man. The idea of making it. Every opportunity I
have to do the work I do feels like a miracle. I remember talking to an actress when I was working on
Haunting, my first job, and being like, well, this might be it. One job, I’m satisfied. I’ve worked professionally as an actor on like a large-scale production, like I can be happy now. (laughs) But I want to work more. I want to grow more, I want to do more. I’ve exceeded my expectations already but that’s only opened up my mind to what more possibilities
might be for me. – [Woman] What do you think your life looks like in five years? – (sighs) What my life would
look like in five years. I have no idea. (laughs) I have no idea. Two years ago you couldn’t have told me I was gonna be in the position I’m in now. I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s really crazy. Life’s (bleep) crazy.

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