YouTubers React To Celebrity TikToks (Selena Gomez, Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon Best Tik Toks)

YouTubers React To Celebrity TikToks (Selena Gomez, Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon Best Tik Toks)

– ♪ I don’t want a lot for Christmas ♪
– Oh! – I see why he was cast
as the Genie now. It makes perfect sense. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – It’s Will Smith!
– Will Smith on TikTok. – Will Smith, he’s on everything! – Oh.
– I’m down with the song. – ♪ Throw it back ♪
♪ Throw it back ♪ – (laughs) Oh! – ♪ Watch me throw it back ♪
♪ Watch me throw it back ♪ – Prime TikTok. This is what I go to TikTok for. – (Maury) You are the father! (YouTubers laughing) – (Will) Damn. – Wow, that was incredible.
– That was so creative. – Yes! – (Will) Damn. – I’ve seen so many of these. It’s where they pass things along, and people will create videos
to match the one in front, and it’s so good! – Okay, so I’ve heard of TikTok.
I’ve never been on TikTok. But like…
– Now you have! – I’ve been willing
to embrace Will Smith for years, so this, I’m, this is what
I’ve been waiting for, Will! – (Will) Yo man, I need that. – Are these just Will Smith TikToks?
– Yep. – (gasps) That was cool. – Two Smiths? Smith to Smith? Collaborate with me Will,
I mean we got the same last names! – I see why he was cast
as the Genie now. It makes perfect sense. – Oh, alright. – What, Will Smith,
what are you doing on TikTok? – Okay, that’s awesome.
– Yeah. – That’s awesome. – I had no idea Will Smith
had a TikTok. More importantly, I had no idea
he was producing the best content on,
that was great! – He’s doing exactly what
I think we’re gonna see more and more celebrities doing. Obviously he wasn’t
the first celebrity through the door, but as far as
the social media team that he has, he’s probably one of the most
forward thinking. – (FBE) So we have more to show you,
but those were a couple videos of Will Smith’s TikTok.
– Mm-hmm. – (FBE) Will Smith is just one
of the many traditional celebrities who have made their way
onto the TikTok platform and app. So we’re now gonna show you
a few more of them now and see what you think. – Well now I’m feeling
a lot of FOMO. Now that you’re telling me
I’m the only person who doesn’t have one,
and hasn’t even looked on it. – ♪ What, what ♪ – What am I watching?
What is this? – Uh, you’re watching Miley Cyrus,
and I believe her new boyfriend? – Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus? – Miley’s on it? – ♪ Stupid boy think that I need him ♪ ♪ I go cold like changin’ seasons ♪ – I just saw this this morning,
I’m not even joking it was in my recommended. – I assume that was just (laughs)
an average day at Miley Cyrus’s house. – I guess people who follow
Miley Cyrus love this stuff, so she’s very much appealing
to her own fans. – ♪ Rise and shine ♪ – (laughs) gosh. – ♪ Rise and shine ♪ – The Rise and Shine meme
went so viral. – That’s amazing.
– It was crazy. – What am I watching? – It’s Kylie Jenner,
who sang to her baby to wake her up, and then they’ve been
making jokes about how she thinks she’s like
super good at singing, and then they’d put the judges
from The Voice. – Oh okay, wow.
– And cheered for her. – That clarification
is so much more helpful. I, now it’s funny! – There was a period of time
where people were like “oh, I don’t need social media,”
as other people like, just rose to even greater fame thanks to having
that access directly to fans. The relatability is far greater
than kinda the high profile off in the distance nature
of people. – (child’s voice) You think I’m cute? – I’ve seen this one too,
I’ve seen all these. – (child’s voice) You think I’m cute? – Aw, I love Selena. – (child’s voice) Yes! (laughs) – See, it just, it adds
to the relatability of a person. – I think it’s great that
more and more, what you consider general celebrities
are like in it, and having a good time. And yeah, it makes me feel like
they’re like me! – ♪ Oh God when she found out ♪
♪ Trust levels went way down ♪ – This is what I would do
with my dog on TikTok. It would just be me and my dogs
dancing to different videos. – ♪ Took a few years ♪
♪ To soak up the tears ♪ ♪ But look at her now ♪ – Okay, I mean, I feel like
it’s what we’d all do. – ♪ She’s glad she dodged a bullet ♪
– That poor dog! This dog is like
“I’m too old for this.” (laughs) Here we go again, Selena. – It’s really cool to see what these
celebrities do in their free time. – It shows their personality
a lot more. – Everybody could be a TikTok user. I think it’s fun! I think everybody likes to be creative
and have a little fun, and have the little outlet. – ♪ Oh when you walk by every night ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Talking sweet ♪
♪ And looking fine ♪ – It’s the best trend right here. – We need just more
Mariah Carey in general. Just in life. – Woo! – Using your own music?
– I mean, it makes sense! She’s hitting a whole different demo
by embracing it. – I do personally like it
when celebrities are kind of self aware,
when they are aware of the memes, and they kinda meme themselves. – Love the hair.
– (laughs) Yeah. – Oh, I saw this TikTok. – See, it’s right after Halloween,
and now it’s Christmas. – Oh my God. (laughs) – How dare you.
Mariah, Mariah, how dare you? – ♪ It’s time ♪
♪ Woo ♪ ♪ I don’t want a lot for ♪ ♪ I don’t want a lot for Christmas ♪ ♪ I don’t want a lot for Christmas ♪ – Oh no, there should be more!
– Oh, turn it back on! What happened to it?
– I love it. I actually would like her even better
than I did like 30 seconds ago, knowing that she’s
going to do things like this and jump on the hype too. – I love when artists
play into like a cute joke or a meme. – Megan!
Oh, uh oh! – Why are they throwing
tampons at her? Shouldn’t they be throwing her Midol?
Hello! – Hashtag Relatable. – She got it, yeah.
I was like relatable. – Maybe I don’t understand
how periods work, but I feel like that’s a lot. – I’m just imagining her like
hiring someone or getting one of her friends
or whatever to stand off camera and throw these at her.
– Mm-hmm. (laughs) ♪ (hip hop music) ♪ – (Meghan) Come on. ♪ (hip hop music) ♪ – The shade! – She’s throwing some shade though,
I feel like. Does anyone actually think
he puts a piano in there? Or does he just push
a computer button over and over? – So far, everyone’s using it
exactly how it’s meant to be, silly, not that serious,
just a few seconds of fun. – Yo, what’s that song
that goes like… – I’m interested to see
what happens with Jimmy Fallon when he’s not laughing. – (Jimmy) Desposito.
(both laugh) Yeah, what’s the name? Oh my God, you’re an idiot.
Thank you, okay. Alexa, play Oh My God,
You’re An Idiot. – (Alexa) Okay. (Phillip laughs) – He has like a whole Tonight Show
he could do this kind of stuff on, I’m not really sure why
he feels the need, in his spare time,
to go make this. – I’m just trying to find a spot where I don’t have to
compete with celebrities anymore. So if they’re there,
I have to find a different platform, like Vimeo or something. – (Jimmy) Alright, I’m trying to get
that cat right there. – (woman) You can try one more time.
– (machine) Thank you! – Get it!
Get it! Get!
– He’s not going to. Nobody ever wins these things.
– Get it, get it! – He’d have to be magic. – Oh, oh, oh! – (Jimmy) We have two,
we actually got it! Wow, that never happens.
This is unbelievable! Oh my gosh,
it is so worth $300! (Phillip laughs) Wow, that is insane! – (laughs) That’s how it
really is though, at arcades. – Yes.
– That’s really how it is. You see ’em on the night show,
and you wanna see how he is as a person actually,
and I think this portrays it, so I like watching
stuff like this. – It’s like home videos
mixed with TikTok? – ♪ I used to be so beautiful ♪
♪ Now look at me ♪ – Reese, what you doin’ girl? – ♪ It’s clear to see ♪ – Oh my gosh. – You’ll never know
she’s a real person. You’ll never know she’s a human
until she takes the time, Reese Witherspoon takes the time
to jump on TikTok and make this, and I actually,
that is really cool. – ♪ Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ – This is so cute! – You just know Reese’s kids
are like “mom, stop.” “Mom, please no.” – ♪ Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ – Ah, this one’s got a dog in it. – I think it’s great. I guarantee there’s no one out there
that was like “Alright, Reese, in order to get
back in within people’s good graces, and in order to get this movie deal,
you need to make a TikTok with nine of you and your dog.” – Not to diss celebrities,
but I feel like few of them like really capture the essence
of these kinds of platforms. – I think the smart celebrities
are the ones that are trying to get with the culture.
– Yeah. – And trying to do
the next big thing. – I think them being
a part of something, right, jumping on it,
there’s a sense of relatability, and there’s a bringing down
of these people that we see far far up in the air and far away. – I like comedy.
I like to laugh, I like funny. So if I see videos that are funny,
it’s comedy, it makes me laugh, I love it! – (FBE) So we’re curious to know
are you on TikTok? Do you use TikTok? – 100%.
– Yeah, every day, for sure. – I actually use it every day, yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – I’m not on TikTok,
and have never been much of a Vine person either. – We’re a little bit on TikTok. – I’m in the process, I guess,
of deciding to make one. – I am on TikTok! I’ve been one of the OGs
from I started like a little late
on, but I have over, I think
11 million followers. – I am far too old for TikTok,
but I’m there in spirit. I watch all the time. – I scrub through it
probably daily. If I could just treat it
as something that’s not serious, I think it would be fine,
but it just, I look at people’s output on it,
and it’s insane, and I just don’t know if I have (laughs) enough brain
left to focus on it. – (FBE) This isn’t the first time
we’ve seen traditional celebrities on various social media platforms, for example, many celebs like
Will Smith, Jack Black, J. Lo and Zac Efron have migrated
over to YouTube. But speaking about TikTok specifically as a creator yourself,
what do you think about these celebrities
using TikTok? – Yeah, I mean, when I watch
celebrity TikToks, I feel like, if it’s funny,
then I’m like, I’m like oh cool, cool. You know, that was funny,
but sometimes it can feel like oh dang, they’re just really,
trying to be in with the kids. – Anyone should be
allowed to use anything as long as they do it well. Celebrities, Hollywood,
don’t phone it in. – I just feel bad for them. They have so little
personal time already, and I know how much of our
personal time goes into YouTube. Now they have to do
all of their regular business and do this other stuff?
When do they have any moment alone? – Whether it be TikTok
or any other social media platform, I think it’s just a further extension of being everywhere,
making yourself more accessible. – I think it’s really cool
for traditional celebrities to have a platform to be themselves
and to have some fun and be creative, because in the past,
there’s a lot of gatekeepers, and they don’t really have control. – (FBE) As someone who
makes their living on the internet, you likely understand
better than anyone, the benefits to having
a strong online presence and adapting to new platforms
like TikTok as they gain traction. How do you typically approach
new apps like TikTok when they start gaining
massive popularity like this? – Yeah, I like to try everything. I don’t wanna judge anything,
because you just never know what’s gonna be big. I think that’s why I was probably
one of the only adults on at the time,
is ’cause I was so open, and it didn’t matter to me,
I just wanted to try it out. – For us, it’s just like
finding a way to use the format and use the trends,
but put it in our own voice, rather than just copying everything
that everyone else is doing. – I use the platforms that suit
the kind of content that I create. I don’t wanna just start up an account
and start posting just for the sake of it,
just because I’m following a trend. – Being on a new platform,
the first thing I do is try to consume
as much as possible so I have a really
clear understanding. – I kinda just analyze the apps,
the feeds, the algorithms of all the social media platforms
and then I see how I can incorporate myself into those. – (FBE) So finally, out of the
celebrities you saw today on TikTok, are there any that you think
you would follow? – Nope!
(bell rings) I’m good. – 100%, I’m gonna follow
all of them now. I had no clue they were
even on TikTok. – Mariah Carey. Anyone who is making things
that were making me laugh, I usually will follow.
– Will Smith for sure. – Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon.
I love Jimmy Fallon. I think all of ’em actually.
I think they’re all great. – Miley Cyrus, queen!
And then Meghan Trainor, I love. – Miley Cyrus, ’cause I don’t know
what I’m gonna get from her, plus sometimes she does stuff
that’s newsworthy. – Will Smith, I’d check his out,
yeah, he’s got some funny stuff. – Will Smith’s videos,
they’re clever. You know, I’ll give him that, so,
I might check more of his stuff out. – If they make regular content
like what we just watched, I might follow all of them. They were actually all
doing a pretty cool job. – Thanks for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – Subscribe to all the creators
in this episode. Links are down below! – Which celebrity TikTok
did you like the best? – Let us know in the comments. – Alright guys, thanks for watching
and peace out. – Peace! – Hi guys, Josecarlos here,
Producer at FBE. Make sure to check out
all the YouTubers who came out to shoot
with us today. All the links are gonna be
down below, check ’em out. Bye guys!

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